May 12, 2016

VANISH - Our Awesome Hair Color Remover & Exactly How To USE:CORRECTLY !

Color Removal is an art ....a Science and a MUST for most you who visit our site. Over 50 % of you come to Killerstrands when you have exhausted all other choices. Somehow
GOOGLE ends up sending all people to us after they have tried all the big advertisers and companies that pump money into their advertising budgets. I understand that, we cannot afford to advertise so we just go on the good graces that eventually GOOGLE will send all of you who are desperate to my Blog and Store.

Over 100 times a week I receive "THANKS" for "finding" our website. I sure wish everyone of you would tell 1 or 2 people per day about that we could help each other out. Just think if you could help 1 or 2 people prevent having to go through the horrific story you have been through, to finally end up here and to see that my #1 goal is to help you learn how to repair your hair and take control over the color YOURSELF.

IF YOU SPEND THE TIME LEARNING HOW TO APPLY HAIR COLOR IN THE CORRECT METHOD . . . . THEN AND ONLY THEN IF IT IS SCREWED UP AT LEAST IT WAS DONE BY YOUR OWN HANDS, that is what sooooooooooo many of you tell me you would rather have happen. No one cares about your hair LIKE YOU DO< > therefore the reading of the rules and laws of hair coloring 101 will be read by you - (mostly) over and over until you completely understand them. UNLIKE the people who go to a cheap - uncaring - uneducated Hair Academy that spends not one day teaching their students HOW TO FORMULATE HAIR COLOR  ! ! ! !

THEY DON'T CARE  - - - - ->> BUT YOU DO . So read this Blog, read it and keep reading it and if that isn't enough spend the money to get a consultation about your hair color.....because once that is done - -you will have the correct directions on how to color your hair ! ! ! 

Readers Submissions: 

Thank you so much for your blog. I am so depressed about my expensive green (humiliating) highlights. I'm traveling to San Antonio, TX and have a salon I hope can fix them. My question, is it okay if they are Paul Mitchell trained colorists? Is there a big difference between Paul Mitchell and Vidal Sassoon trained? Thanks so much. Posting as anonymous because I don't want to hurt my hairdressers feelings, but when she does three clients at once, this is what happens. The color sat on my hair (not under a dryer) while she styled the other lady's hair. I didn't want her hurrying through the other lady's hair, but the 30 minutes she initially said we would wait for the color to sit came and went two times. :-( ???????????????

--> I have colored my hair for several years, and use Medium Golden Brown (I am totally gray). I also then have my hair highlighted afterwards. I changed beauticians, and the new one was using 20 volume to bleach the highlights. I told her I have always used 40, (I&#39;m not a beautician), and ask her why 20. She told me since I double process my hair that she felt using 20 would be easier on my hair. BUT, I also sat under a dryer for over 1 hr waiting for my hair to lighten. My question is this, if I use 40, and it takes shorter time, isn&#39;t that better on my hair than leaving the 20 volume on for over 1 hr? She fried my bangs, and I&#39;ve never had that problem before. I am using Argon Oil, and will keep it up to get my bangs back in order. Would you please respond back, and let me know? Thank you.....B. ??????????????

--> My mom suggested I dye my hair a light golden brown, BIG MISTAKE. It turned out dark brown with brassy roots. So then a hair dresser told me to dye it a light ash blonde which turned it a medium to light brown with orange/brassy roots. So I went and got a box of L&#39;Oreal 11.21 ultra pearl blonde. Question: Should I apply it to my roots first and if so about how long should I leave it on before doing the rest of my hair or should I do it vise/versa? Thank you in advance????????????

--> Can you please explain this...How do I check with 10 volume that all color has been removed after using the shampoo train and Vanish? VANISH or DE-CAP. Or finally use Vanish or DeCap to remove unwanted color in the fastest/best manner (altho is pricey) this is the number 1 way to remove hair color with ZERO damage to hair ! BE SURE TO CHECK WITH 10Volume - IF ALL COLOR has been REMOVED ???????

--> When using either vanish or Malibu CPR, is ALL of the deposit removed such that a 20 volume developer would be able to provide lift afterward, or would there still be some deposit left which prevents anything other than bleach from being able to provide lift? Basically, I'm aware that color won't lift color and wanted to know if a color remover alleviates that situation????

..............and this just a super small sample of the endless requests for help from poor people who have been led down the wrong road and no matter what these people have not been able to fix, have repaired or solve on their hair color problems - - there is not enough time in a day for me to answer them all.

The reason I am writing this is to tell all of you who write into the Blog and very kindly "ask-for-help" ....again, I just don't have the time to answer them all anymore. But all the answers are ALREADY IN MY BLOG ! ! ! 

So, what I want to do is to nicely encourage you all to take the time to read the Blog. I know it sounds boring and no one reads anymore. But, you are missing out in life by NOT READING. You truly are. I have written an entire -easy-to-relate to............... - EASY-TO UNDERSTAND mini Cosmetology course on the Blog. If you don't want to read it all at once -- read it as the topics come up.

For example: everyone seems to have a question about "how you check to see if all the color is out, AFTER YOU HAVE USED VANISH. " ???

The #1 most asked question this month ( there are more)....! ! ! ! 

If you read the directions it tells you to take the 10 Volume Developer ( that comes in THE KIT, but if you have not bought the kit you MUST purchase or find a 1-4 ounce bottle of 10 Volume developer. So..........
Say you have the Shampoo Train complete.................then you spend a couple hours running your hair through the Vanish Treatment - 2 seperate times. {within one box of VANISH there are 2 APPLICATIONS of Vanish for the hair } . 

It is very important that VANISH be applied in the 2 separate applications, if you want to study how hair color molecules work then you will see and understand 'why'...But the hair needs a break in between both applications in order for the VANISH to work to its utmost potential. 

YES, VANISH is Pricey, BUT.....there is ZERO I can do about that, as it is a miraculous process most things considered miraculous -- simply -- are not cheap. If you don't want to have to pay for something expensive then don't get your hair into predicaments like this. I don't have any miraculous answer for the price of VANISH.....EVERY time I buy it - to sell to you I give the guy 150 miles of SHIT, because I feel the same way. BUT NO ONE has duplicated this process, so its a ONE-OF-A-KIND product.

Do you know 15 years ago when I was doing VANISH treatments in the Salon the price started $500. ......................but most times it would end up in the $700.-$800.00 Range ....the person sits in the Salon for 8 hours 1 day to remopve the color correctly. That is a lot of time to take from 1 Hair Colorist............and up until I brought this product to the INTERNET, no one in public was able to purchase VANISH.  Its a professional product only.....YOU ARE ALL LOOKING AT IT THE COMPLETE WRONG WAY.
You have the directions from someone who has performed thousands of VANISH Color removals over the years and she has taught you every single trick she knows in how to use it correctly....AND
AND.................has even come up with a little trick called the Shampoo Train which eliminates 1 box of VANISH on many people.

But, still.................many many orders leave here with only purchasing 1 box of VANISH....and I shake my head just thinking, ''what a waste''

If you are going to use it.................
  • #1: Search the Blog for "VANISH"  and for "Color Removal" and read every single Post on the subject. BE absolutely sure you have at least a 2 ounce bottle of clear 10 Volume developer to apply to the hair after all your REMOVAL Processes...(just our it on the lengths in the front where you can really see the results. .if the hair darkens................. AT ALL............then you must apply another box of VANISH and the 2 treatments AGAIN. 
  • Remember this should not be something you do more than once, so you must get over the price, its a 1 time deal - so who cares. If you cannot afford it, then change your plans - as there is no other way of OLD HAIR COLOR REMOVAL, that does NOT damage the hair at all.

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