May 22, 2016

Creamy Oil Bleach Kit Now Has a Brand New "Violet/Blue" Tinted. . Lightener Base

Creamy-Oil Bleach Kit

Coloring Hair is the single most TRANS-FORMATIVE action that be done to the body that doesn't involve a scalpel ! That says a lot.
Going Platinum is THE single biggest change in Hair Color that one can accomplish or strive for. 
I would imagine (in a much smaller scale) it must be like the thrill a Heart Surgeon gets when transplanting a new heart and giving life to someone who was dying. 
 To watch someone turn from a wall-flower to a wonder-woman - simply by taking her hair from dull mousy brown to dynamic platinum Blonde is the single most rewarding task a Hair Colorist can accomplish. 

The one and ONLY way that thrill is achieved is by achieving a gorgeous - silky - shiny platinum without an ounce of brass.....and only silky/shiny/ strands. I did it for many years, without the help of OLAPLEX or YAHOO or MAGIC PUTTY ! Just because u have figured out how to purchase Olaplex does not mean you need to be using it.

 The Science of Hair Coloring , understanding the Level System of Hair Coloring and using an OIL BLEACH KIT as your tool will completely solve being a brass-free platinum haired beauty !.....ask any top Colorist if they have problems turning hair platinum. Since Marilyn Monroe, we have had the process wired. How do you think Gwen Stefani? Christina Aguillara, have kept their hair so very platinum for the last 20 years? All the magic potions out there are brand new. Just follow the 100 year old science. 

If there are no problems, why are you trying to fix something that is not broken.
 It can (honestly) turn black hair white (see photo right) -- so if the girl to the right can go from black to can you. 

BUT...and this is a giant "BUT" ...... 4 things MUST be followed:  
   - Use Creamy Oil Bleach as the product to lighten.
   - Proper application techniques incl.+ always perform Strand Test
   - Use PLENTY of product (on initial app.)& #1
   - YOU MUST READ EVERY single POST & DEMO in this Blog that pertains the following words (put words in Search Bar atop of this Blog):
  • blonding
  • violet/blue creamy oil base
  • platinum
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This will bring up all the posts that are mandatory to read prior to embarking on this process. It truly will give you the education that Hair Stylists receive the first couple years. I didn't hold anything back nor will I. I was going to try to write a book but that won't work with the deterioration of my health....I still wish I could......... so when I am not around there would be somewhere you all could go. Anyone a ghost writer out there?

There is one common issue a couple people have had lately, but it is covered in many places...they just didn't read about it so I want to remind you all once again..... The Creamy Oil Bleach Kits - have 2 applications in them - which means the product one needs to Re-Touch the hair....monthly or every 5-6 weeks is in 1 Kit and the other Kit is for the next month. BUT IF you have dense hair you may need both Kits.... It varies from person to person.............please try to use common sense in these issues.. When beginning the whole process you will need multiple kits - why? Because you have the lengths to do and that isn't accounted for .  The roots & lengths must be taken into account when calculating total product needed - our kits have 2 applications which is made for monthly Re-Touches -- NOT the initial lightening. The length, thickness, porosity, all have to be accounted into that equation and it is different for each and every person.....please be aware of that, do your reading and be fully informed before embarking on going platinum.
 The one and only product that should be used for an ALL-OVER platinum look is Creamy Oil Bleach ( & even better than that is our Kit where we have BOTH Violet/Blue tinted DEVELOPER & NOW. . . . !)
 You can not get this kit anywhere else in the USA !  

What this Blog Shows you - is all the knowledge that so many of you were not privy to, and I am speaking of non-professional and Pro's just the same !  1

A couple of the large companies (Redken & Wella) used to make an Oil Bleach Kit a few years back............Redken make the professional model and the quality was good although it was a lot harsher than ours. . .  I used to wear a face mask using it. I am not boasting - I am being frank/honest and trying to give you the education you need to be able to both purchase the Kit (especially the NEW MODEL !!! ) and use it. A large majority of people all want to be platinum at some point in their life most everyone can try it ( but redheads and allergy sensitive people) at LEAST ONCE in your life ! ! ! !

I just made this brand new base which I have tinted a Violet/Blue in order to help with fighting brass and gold.. The Kit has 4 Steps. Comes with 2 applications. But everyone needs to understand one very important point. The Kit is made for your monthly Retouch. Therefore 2 re-touches come in 1 Kit. get all over blonde, you MUST purchase multiple Kits. We are thinking of adding a from "SCRATCH to PLATINUM KIT". Which would meanit would be a kit for lightening the lengths. So stay tune for that. For now you will have to purchase multiple Kits. There is an option for purchasing 4 Kits at a discounted rate.

Toners are a useful part of the hair coloring process - some more than others....but if you are a Level 9 thru 12 Blonde most of you either want them or need them. They CAN be one of the most fun aspects of hair coloring because most are Demi-Permanent which means they wash out (somewhat) but they DO leave a line of Demarcation (which comes from using any Volume Developer.  If you do not want that line and you need a Toner.....then it is time to head over to our BOOST & BURST page of truly Semi-Permanent Hair Color Toners as the Pigment is in either a Shampoo or a Conditioner - using ZERO Developer - - - THUS .........NO Line of Demarcation ! Yahoooey !

WE have just added new Creamy-Oil Bleach Base, that with some of my very cool Knowledge of cosmetics have tinted the Creamy Oil Bleach Lightener a fantastic shade of VIOLET/BLUE. . . so that it is just one more step in the never-ending fight against brass/gold & Blorange when lightening hair!

My Next newest Addition will be a bottle of Creamy Oily Violet/Blue Based Bleach for that FIRST TIME APPLICATION ! 

Thank You for making our 10th Birthday such a smash success! Love You All !


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