January 6, 2016

The Start of the Crib Colorist Militia ! The Killer 18 Questions!

If you would like to joinGET ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS REGARDE   - begin using our products and I will give you my formula to the answers you give ... to the following "Killer18 Questionnaire!"

The Killer 18 ...........Questions for hair color formula for me to use to analyze your hair and future formula Selection when you have previous hair color on, I need to know the answers to these questions in order to give you a better formula

    Texture ?
    Length of hair ?
    Ethnicity ?
    Is Hair VIRGIN?
    Hair Bleached ?
    Porosity ?
    Boxed Color?

    How many?
    Percentage of Gray?
    What Type of Color is on ...Box?
    Professional?  Straightener? Ever?
    D.U.R.P. - Dominant-Underlying-Remaining-Pigment ?
    Your opinion ...Resistant? or Not?
    Used HENNA/NATURAL claim' products that don't work??
    Virgin Color - Level & Tone ?
    Current Color - Level & Tone?
    Desired Color - Level & Tone ?

    For the best help... PLEASE send me 3-4 photos of hair profile/back/roots/long distance
    in "NATURAL Light ! " 


Questions for Hair Color Killers,

 lets conquer solving our hair color formula's !

Send your answers ( no longer than 6-8 words per answer) writing a book does NOT help me, I promise . . . 

I only need the basics.,

5 comments on "The Start of the Crib Colorist Militia ! The Killer 18 Questions!"
  1. Hi, I would like to order your purple developers from your site. They sound amazing, thank you

  2. Please help with hair color?
    Texture Medium
    Length of hair - shoulders long
    Ethnicity Caucasian european?
    Is Hair VIRGIN ombre on virgin?
    Hair Bleached ombre?
    Porosity medium?
    Boxed Color? No
    How many? No
    Percentage of Gray? No
    What Type of Color is on ...Box?
    Professional? Straightener? Yes Ever? Always
    D.U.R.P. - Dominant-Underlying-Remaining-Pigment ? Red- orange
    Your opinion ...Resistant? or Not? Yes
    Used HENNA/NATURAL claim' products that don't work?? No
    Virgin Color - Level & Tone ? 5-6
    Current Color - Level & Tone? 5-6
    Desired Color - Level & Tone ? 8-9

  3. Oh my dear I am so very very sorry, but there are always exceptions to the rules..and ..........unfortunately your hair color issue is the biggest one of ALL. They used to tell us when we were in hair academy when we were just starting out,
    All of our formula's and education prepare us to work on any hair - virgin or not, but HENNA is the only one we cannot help you with, I'm afraid ! ! I have seen so much damaged hair as a result of HENNA. Yes Cleopatra used it to make her hair black but that was way before "oxidative hair color was invented. Which is the miracle we have today. It makes color lines like Wella have over 50 different colors.

    So.......my suggestion is to SEARCH the BLOG : put in the term "Shampoo Train", I suggest you read all posts on that subject - then hop on the train yourself and begin shampooing the living daylights out of your hair as it explains in all of the Shampoo Train Posts.

    Just keep doing that because if you try to put oxidative color on top it will become a God-awful mess I promise you. Vanish, De-Cap etc will not work on your hair - so your main mission is to take 4-8 weeks of being diligent as far as getting lousy crappie shampoo and leaving it on.

    You can try Color Correction packet ( from Malibu) & I'm sure it cannot hurt to used that....

    Keep us updated -
    I would be interested to hear how long it takes to remove it completely !
    so sorry about the news
    I'm sure that is not what you wanted to hear....
    -- KC

  4. She answered "no" to henna? Did I miss a post possibly?

  5. Nice article and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I really appropriate your views.



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