January 24, 2016

The 1st Step Towards A New Hair Color Formula . . . . the SHAMPOO TRAIN

Well, boys & girls. . . the Number 1 Topic for the entire month of January, so far. I guess, because its a New Year and people want to start over or Start a-New??? ..........is the most talked about subject with just about everyone I speak to - Getting old hair color out of your hair and starting over...........or
in other words: how to begin getting a Hair Color formula that will be healthy and shiny? ?

I want to reiterate how super important it is to REMOVE ( and I mean completely remove the old lousy hair color you presently have) BEFORE starting over again. I swear on my children's lives this is not a ridiculous ploy just to get you to buy stuff from us. I swore when I began this whole parade that I would not "sell-out" like that. MY main mission here is:
To help all of you achieve a proper hair color formula.    

I talk about this method because through the over 10,000 Heads of hair I colored in the Salon ... I tried every trick in the book on my clients and the only way to start over again with top notch hair color is to completely remove the old crappy hair color you presently have on there. Yes, its going to be a bit pricey & Time consuming.....but just THINK, what you are trying to do ! You are trying to remove "PERMANENT HAIR COLOR"  ! ! !                                                         
If its "permanent'' then how in the Hell are we removing it?

 When you put that crappie color "in" all you wanted was for it to COVER your silver hair, remember ? So at the time....it was "whats darker is better"...or what sticks is better........ right?? but I have come up with a trick that helps you cut the color removal process  (almost) in half ! Of course you will need to purchase the boxes of VANISH - there is no getting around those.....what I try to help with is having to use as few as is possible. You may always return any boxes of VANISH ( as long as they are unused - of course).

Yes, its more work
No, its not easy and not quick
Yes, if you want it to be as easy & quick as possible - you may by purchasing 4-8 boxes of VANISH. 

Spend one weekend.......... beginning Friday night ..........and just Apply VANISH Treatment AFTER Treatment to your hair along with using the Travel Bonnet Hair Dryer and applying HEAT for the 30 minutes you have the Liquid concoction on your hair. Then by late Sunday afternoon - if you TEST your color and it pasts the test ...........you may re-color your hair and you are all set!

I want to talk about exactly how to go about the Shampoo TRAIN... so that the theory sinks into everyone's body / mind & Soul  !  !  

Why do people talk about it so much? .............because when new people arrive at the PEARLY GATES of Killerstrands..............
They read 10-15 Posts.....feel like I make sense and decide to change over to our way of hair coloring and doing things.
 THAT is what all you newbies are learning and going through and we love that about Killerstrands. We have a constant stream of new people discovering us. We do not advertise, I happen to not like it when a website I was shopping at all of a sudden starts following me around the Internet as I continue to shop.....so, for 2 reasons.....1) I think that is a rude and an obnoxious way of advertising AND 2) advertising on the web is expensive. So, I am going to hope that all of you will help us by just mentioning our name and if you would like a few business cards we will be happy to send a few with your next order ....just request them in the "notes" section as you check-out!

So for coloring hair with us this begins 1st and foremost by removing the OLD hair color from your present strands of hair. This is super important if you want to really start FRESH. I receive countless questions about this subject, no matter how hard I try to explain it. So, I will never quit explaining it, I will however try different methods of explaining it trying to get into everyone's heads the importance of completely removing the present hair color and how to accomplish it correctly quickly and thoroughly!  
The Bad News :
there is no cheap & fast way to do this.
The GOOD News?
Once you go through this process, & take the time to do it right............you will be one of the happiest people on planet earth. I can tell through emails how ecstatic people are when that old color begins to come out....they start to tell me this:
" KC my hair is starting to feel like real hair again, it no longer feels like straw"....
I have heard this thousands of times, so you need to just trust me.
You only have to do this once, because once you do this and feel the substantial change in the way your hair feels.....you will never look back. 

So, place your order for 1 VANISH Kit (the Kit has all these little weird things you need to complete the applications) and the rest VANISH boxes ( a lot of people purchase all VANISH KITS but its up to you !) while you are waiting for your VANISH to get to you, I have devised another method of old hair color removal that you can begin TODAY ! I used to use this on my hair models....
These were young women who had the best hair on planet earth and we would color it red for a magazine shoot one week, then we would want to use her for a different commercial 3 weeks later for blonde hair...so I would have her hop on the SHAMPOO TRAIN immediately, until the boxes of VANISH got to her. 
So you may start the minute you stop reading this. Go in the bathroom , look under your sink, look for the crappiest oldest - lousiest made shampoo (you want this shampoo to be WITH sulfates - because  sulfates FADE hair color) and this is the most gentle way of removing hair color - next to VANISH ! By using Shampoo WITH sulfates.

People like to fight me on this idea, they want to purchase 1 box of VANISH and think that will be enough to remove the past 5-10-15 years of boxed hair color they have been piling on their head.Think about that....that is silly to think that.....because 1 box will remove 1- 2 applications.......but I bet you applied it about 6-8 times a year. 

You need to be realistic with this. I have watched many a Hair Stylist around me not go to the lengths of trouble that I was taught to do to remove old crappie hair color before re-applying new professional hair color. I do......... to remove old hair color FIRST.....before applying another color....ONLY to get themselves in a GIGANTIC MESS. and have the new color turn out green or some other God awful mess. So, please trust me on this.

It is as important to go through removing your old hair color properly .........

as it is coming up with your new formula.

So. please take the time necessary to remove the old hair color all the way. I came up with the Shampoo Train because many times the models would be on location somewhere and would not be in the same city as me......... and they would ask me, "what can I be doing to work towards removing my hair color while we wait for me to get back to L.A.???
It hit me almost immediately when she asked me that.... as I tried to think of a GENTLE hair color remover.....and realzed that all those shampoo's that I have condemned to the trash or under the sink....could now be put to work. So about 15 years ago I had a hair model start shampooing her hair, scrubbing the lengths of the hair back and forth really hard. Then piling more shampoo on top creating even bigger lather  - apply plastic cap ( with suds still in hair) and she slept with it in. In the morning she called me so thrilled, you'd think I had discovered the cure for cancer. She did this for the next 5-6 days still flew home and I was BLOWN away. 

Just use lousy shampoo, or chlorine pools, the sun, the Malibu DDL packet , CPR (Color Pigment Reducer) and QUICK FIX or Color Correction packets...........they all can be used alternately with Shampoo Train for hair color removal.....but just realize how important this step is.

The SHAMPOO TRAIN..............which btw you can now GOOGLE and it will give you your answer!
 I only tell you this because I want you to only have to go through this whole she-bang once .....and only once !  In all my years of doing hair color less than 20 % could get away with using only 1 box of VANISH (which is 2 applications) .
You really want to rush through this ?....................NNNNNooooooooooooooooo!

Lets try to begin doing procedures correctly NOW and continue doing them correctly, so that from here on forward you are following the
of Healthy Hair + Proper Hair Coloring


If you start out correctly then every time you color your hair the Results will be spectacular ! !  
You simply need to follow the super simple rules for application/formulating and processing times, each and every time and not slip into BAD HABITS then you will have that Runway MODEL Hair Color. Please do not cut corners when learning Crib colorist Techniques. I already have skimmed them as low as you can go and still have high quality - so start reading more as you sit there with a big pile of shampoo suds and a cap on your hair and you are removing hair color molecules as we speak.

Crib Colorist Militia is being formed ...........stay tuned....!

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