May 2, 2015

Splash-Lights Hair Color Technique Makes Nationwide TV Debut @ Baltimore Riots

Well, I wanted to bring the SPLASH LIGHTS technique
  to the forefront again...I think its a beautiful technique (no it should not be tried at home) - very subtle and easy to get out of.... but the main reason that I bring it to the forefront you will see at the very end and the last photo ! 

So check it out

and here is the very best SPLASHLIGHTS technique of the month..........and maybe of the year . . . .

 The Mom from the Baltimore Riots ! ! ! 
smackin' up her kid . . .   I just loved it and wish things weren't so touchy now-a-days, that's why kids don't respect parents (so much) any longer .... that was the 2nd best thing to come out of that disaster.

1 comment on "Splash-Lights Hair Color Technique Makes Nationwide TV Debut @ Baltimore Riots"
  1. Extra :D . how can i get level 9 hair from level 8 (my hair are colored) . Do i must use bleach powder? Ana


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