May 17, 2015

KC's Malibu Summer 2015 Collection : Hair Color + Coloring Tools

 Hair Color can tell a story, 
check out this one. . . . just a little color and cut to depict the beach which  miss so much.......

 a little photo expose of my favorite place, the beach....which is just a few miles down the road here. Can't go there anymore because if skin issues, but I spent so much of my youth there and this is  an Ode to the 'bu..............Malibu that is





I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and Sunday 
I am going to shoot a Demo teaching you how to put a few thermal wraps into your hair to give it a little light later on this week so hang tight....

I just discovered the best little Coloring Tool....the Color Thermal Wraps by Product Club they 
  • have different sizes/quantities/colors & lenths
  • create their own heat ( helps blondes past brass stage)
  • only need one fold, where foils are needed 
  • incredible time saver .
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