November 28, 2014

Most Common Cause of Hair Loss In Women

The most common cause of hair loss in women is “androgenetic alopecia” which basically means Female Pattern Hair Loss. FPHL basically boils down to the women’s version of: aging-hormones & genetics affecting hair loss. It has been fairly well established that the science of hair loss between the sexes is completely different. 

Not only does male pattern baldness reveal differently, scientists believe the solutions are down a different path as well. Men already have a quick-fix pill that works fairly well (Propecia), women have Minoxidil (Rogaine) as the one FDA approved drug to combat loss and there are multiple lasers that have now been approved for improving hair growth. The only issue of the price ( $700.00 ). I believe in the I Grow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System which is an innovative, convenient hands-free hair re-growth system designed for use in the comfort of your own home. 

The safe, effective treatment strengthens hair follicles while re-growing through low-level light therapy. You’ll notice improvement in hair growth and appearance after six months of continual use. It even includes iPod- and MP3-compatible headphones to keep you entertained while your hair grows.
How to use: Use every other day for 20-25 minutes for 6 months, then once per week to maintain treatment results.

 If you include minoxidil 
 & the IGROW

 along with the full 10,000HEADS Protocol

 you could potentially have the hair of a super model. There are any factors that! If you are very worried about the amount of hair loss you are having then you need to hop in your car and get yourself all of these supplies. Use only the "foam" .......all the others just sweat off the scalp !   My initial work & research at killer strands was focused mainly on the issue of Women’s hair loss.

Killer strands would like to introduce to you a new way of understanding the female hair loss plaguing America today. By recent estimates 50 million women are suffering from one form or another of hair loss and the numbers continue to rise. In order for women to understand why the 14 steps of this program work, we found it helps to educate and explain the “HAIR GROWTH CYCLE in a little different method, one that  is clear – simple – and concise . 

When we take the time to explain the whole process at the clinic, we can see the light bulbs going off over clients heads so we know its helps - this explanation ...............................
{ if I've done a good job ! } also explains why some people have longer hair than others. See if you can catch 'why' ? ! 

Each person is born with every single hair follicle they will have for lifetime, on the body. As a tiny baby you are born with 5 million hair follicles spread throughout the entire body , with 1 million on the head and 100,000 on the scalp.

 There are 2 types of hairs within all of those, vellus and terminal…vellus are the short fuzzy, soft ones that do not grow, while the “terminal” hairs are just that, terminal. Think about that, as that is what will help you understand the reason behind alopecia, the hairs on your scalp have a life-span…they sprout, grow, shed – rest, then begin the process all over again. 

Now there are technical names for all of these stages which you can see on the chart , but what is important here, is that  each and every single hair on your head; sprouts, grows, sheds, & rests…shedding is a mandatory part of new hair growth. A hair remains in its GROWTH phase for approx. 4 years (fluctuates by person) – at the end of the growth phase it is shed {hair fall}; three months later another grows in its place. When the hair is shed there is the period of awaiting cell regeneration…which begins another new hair… and ‘that’ is where the diminishing numbers come from.

 As we age the hair that once grew for 4 years – the next time it may only grow for 3 1/2 years, the next time for 3 years and so on . Therefore, if you had 50,000 hairs growing for 4 years when you were 20 years old and then every  4-5 years the amount went down another 2-3,000 . Therefore, you have an EVEN  all-over or “DIFFUSE” pattern of hair loss, you can now see how the thinning begins to happen, which explains WPHL or women’s pattern hair loss . We believe that the hair SHIFT term that we coined is the result of 10 years accumulation of changes within the body (for one reason or another) resulting  in a distinct and noticeable change. 

Every single hair on your head sheds, that is the completely normal process within the normal growth cycle of each and every hair. In order for a new hair to grow in.... the old one has to shed, so the “cycle” can continue along its merry way! Many people panic about hair shedding, 95% of the time it is within the normal range, it has just been combined with a person’s aging & hormones, so it seems more severe, which is understanding. 

So what I am trying to say is...........shedding is normal.....its completely NORMAL. So many of you think you have abnormal shedding. BUT....if all hair sheds. Then eventually every single hair on your head MUST come off your head. Why? For the NEW one to grow the goal and those theories about brushing the hair regularly are valid. You want the hairs to come off the head that are ready to, that makes way for the new hair to be able to grow in.

Many of you do not eat a balanced diet and if that is the case be sure you get yourself some Secret Supplement and just watch your hair flourish! It really does solve the problem of thin or weak hair like nothing I have ever seen in 20 years!

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  2. 8/33 doesn't really 'compute'. There is no 8/33, so I am imagining you just want a super gold color which is the complete opposite of what most ask for.?.?.. I looked that model up and her hair is not gold, so am not sure what you are referring to.
    First u say the hair is Virgin the 2nd paragraph you say the ends are 'toned' -- which means the hair is colored so therefore -- NOT Virgin. ...........sorry - - - am confused.
    What I will say is, don't just use a color because "you have it" , that almost always ends in disaster.
    That model has bleach used in her hair as her Virgin hair is very dark and that is what would be required to achieve her look.
    You can join our group
    to get a complete formula calculated by me as I work with you (using photos, Levels, and the level system to achieve a perfect formula for what you desire).Approx. $1.00/day for month ! !


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