November 8, 2014

B is for BURST & BOOST Your Way to Brass-free & Blorange-free Hair

Color Depositing Shampoos & Conditioners are the latest /hottest trend in hair & hair color categories. 
They have been around for decades and began in Great Britain where most of the best/brightest trends in hair & hair color originate.

But a fact that many of you may not know is that a good Colorist has been offering these all along to their 'jet set' clientele. Whether they travel for work or for fun .......there just is this huge trend to travel. When doing that no one wants to get their hair touched up in a foreign city. When Color enhancing conditioners are the solution. They help everyone get an extra 1-2 sometimes even 3 extra weeks out of their new color !

For redheads it is almost mandatory.... it is a well known fact that redheads fade quicker, and being one, I know it all too well. I have never colored for the gray I have always colored for the body it gives my hair. If you have never colored you just HAVE to try it for that reason alone. ( I would suggest either Schwarzkopf's Igora's Vibrance or Wella's Color Touch as a great beginning hair color).        

About a year ago the trend toward color depositing shampoos began to hit the bigger market places, and now its rockin and rollin I decided to bring my own twist out of the closet and sell it to the market place and that is so all of YOU can have a custom version of what soon will be in Target ! I'm sorry I say that sarcastically and then realize, oh shit, I bet that doesn't come through on the other side of this page. Please know I am just kidding half the time....and being California-tastically

Let me try to explain a little bit about them to everyone.
They really they have been around since I was in Beauty Academy, a very long time ago, in the age of the dinosaurs (! !)

It was developed initially for actresses going on location! Many times we would Color an actors hair a unique Color or they would just have the worst DURP in the world so at that time. . . there were no "purple/violet or lavender" shampoos one could purchase - the only way we could do it was to make them one ourselves. These actors could take these with them when they would go to outer Mongolia and shoot a movie for 7-8 months.  In those days we would simply: send clients home with their own custom colored conditioners.

 As far as Killerstrands own, BURST and BOOST  the Shampoo is a color safe, hydrating, sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben and gluten free formula that gently repairs and restores integrity of the hair as well as deposits a color of tint that you desire. We do offer a "custom" color for those of you that have something different in mind.

I've thought of T-shirts, if there is any interest let me know in the comments section


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