November 3, 2014

A is for Autumn Hair - the Road to Health and The Newest Trend to Knock 'Ombre' out of the Hairwaves!

"A" is for Autumn Hair ...... working on making it become healthy by Xmas and the newest  trend to overtake the Ombre color trend ( and I LOVE it!)
We will be going through the alphabet, just for a silly way to keep me 'on point' about writing consistent Posts for you this month. Lots of different facets go into this operation and sometimes The Blog is the last to get attention and I don't like that to happen.

 I apologize for being absent for a while, but am back and ready to go.... I'm just glad to be alive.  I will keep this up as I enjoy educating more than you know and have always felt this is one of the motivating factors that has kept me fighting.

In the Autumn people begin flocking to Salons across the country to get their hair darker, get shorter hair cuts or trims and chose more 'fall' or darker colors for their hair color! 

 Even here in L.A., where one can barely tell one season from another blondes go from light blonde to darker blond. We have a lot of girls strolling around with the new rose Gold Color. I'm not to sure you can call that fall color but in L.A. I suppose it is ;)

Even Crib Colorists begin changing, into the fall colors on hair color swatch charts . . . WHY? everyone becomes inspired by the gorge photos in glossy magazines & social media.  As far as what are smart changes...???  I believe the main project you should work on is the health of your hair. If your hair is not completely healthy & shiny .... it is time to work on that this month before Xmas. I promise you there is time, all you need is 4 products and I can almost will, continue using them for a long time & your hair will be transformed by the Holiday in December.  I am going to share with you a sentiment I receive over and over and maybe this will help you think about whether to try it or not. 

   '' The porosity of your hair is extremely important, in order for your hair to be healthy, strong, shining and hold color properly. If hair can't hold color well, then 6-7 days after its freshly colored ... it will begin to fade. Good porosity = Good Strength. Good Strength = Bold Hair Color for a longer period of time.  Good Porosity = Shiny Hair. Porosity is a very important quality for healthy shiny hair. Here's a blog post on porosity if you're not really sure what yours is:
 " Lastly... this recommendation is coming from me, (April) If you're having problems with your hair feeling awful and looking dry or frizzy, go to KC's store and pick up some Thriven, Intensive, and Gleam.  After you use the Thriven overnight a few times, you will already notice a huge difference.  Intensive is my absolute favorite conditioner on the planet.  You can use it daily and you will definitely want it for after you color your hair because it will put the pH back to normal.  And then Gleam is an oil that I use every day, just a bit on the ends.   I don't go a day without it.  And you will also use that right BEFORE you color your hair so that when your developer is processing your color, the oils will go into the strands right along with the color and make it nice and healthy. Gleam replaces Lipids missing which is what dry, dull hair needs to be repaired. "
I had platinum-white hair when I first found this group and it was fried. Super duper dry and frizzy and unmanageable.  I did all of the above and my hair has NEVER felt better.  I joke that it's as soft as a kitten now. lol.  Also, the shampoo train will help your hair feel soooo much better too.  The Malibu2000 packets are AMAZING.  "

 Because of this I have added a new Kit I call the "Threesome":  Thriven, Gleam & INTENSIVE .  Oh, and for a great price as well!. 

Also, another apology is due... I am trying to work more on the website & add some new lines and fix present mistakes. I discovered that a lot of the kits  of Killerstrands products were priced wayyy too high and am so . . . very. . . .sorry !  I've fixed 2 pages.......... so be sure you check those 2 new pages out so you can take advantage of these  big discounts in many spots + any time something like that happens I encourage you to point them out. You can always call or email 
( .

Also, if you need help with picking out a product, call - if we are on the other line we try to return phone calls within 24 hrs. if not right away. The only thing we won't do over the phone is a hair color consultation as that is more intricate and takes some time and photos need to be exchanged. Join our group for that for a little over a dollar a day.

  A is for Autumn,  the hippest new Color trend that I feel is going to be number 1 this fall ...... its called Splashlight :

Isn't that Amazing? I love it........   Fantastic........ check out our Pinterest page for even more photos!


 Splash Light
 puts a band of light around the head and
 I think it is the bomb and beautiful ! We called it the HALO technique at Sassoon, but whatever you call it, it is awesome.

Blue Skies to one and all....

2 comments on "A is for Autumn Hair - the Road to Health and The Newest Trend to Knock 'Ombre' out of the Hairwaves!"
  1. Beautiful hair. Can you do a post on Olaplex? I'm dying to know your opinion on it?

  2. Well, I have tried very hard to not be one of the Blogs who are sponsored by certain particular hair products. I know that my fans realize if I carry something in our store, I have done my homework and 'back & support' those products automatically.

    Olaplex is owned by a friend of mine out here in Santa Barbara (also the owner of LIQWD products) and I believe in his idea of products and how they should be made. I am no longer doing hair in a tremendous quantity which is what this product is made for. I have not tried it on numerous people, so just don't feel I can give it the review that it is made to be used for.


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