December 27, 2012

Bleaching 'Platinum' Secret - Its All In The 'Numbers'

 In Order To Achieve This Beautiful Shade of Pink or Powder Blue or Violet or any of the beautiful pastels there are in the world of hair coloring Crazy Colors there is one gigantic secret that I have not released.

 And while there are still many secrets I possess this one seems so very 'LOGICAL' to me
 I am surprised many of you have not figured it out.  

While perusing the Internet lately I came across a Video tutorial of "how to use our Oil Bleach Kit". You know ..... one of those that show you from the minute you get the package.... to applying it on the hair. 
Atrocious...............not her and not her attempt 
the Outcome - I mean.............. 
my God I would hope some of you would not attribute that result to my Beloved  OIL BLEACH KIT

This is a very short & Sweet Tutorial to help you prevent that vivid recollection

You remove old hair color and then you get to bleaching.
You only bleach the lengths FIRST...........
and you bleach them to VERY - VERY - VERY  LIGHT , no one will be... 1 bleaching .
Plus, about only 10% of you will be 2 complete bleachings. 
2 Bleaching's means you apply the product to the lengths of the hair completely -- let it process for 65 minutes, rinse, apply INTENSIVE,  rinse and dry. 
Then apply the 3rd time to the Base ( roots)

Then the majority of you are 3-4-5 complete bleachings with the last one being the base.
Remember, the base comes up very quickly with the heat of the body -- warming up -- the oil bleach -- which makes for fast lifting.

Level 1-2-3 will be 4-5-6 bleachings even
So many of you at a Level 7 will be 3-4 bleaching's. If you have coarse hair, or virgin hair you will be 4-5 bleaching's. Going platinum is why and where (no joke) the term "HIGH MAINTENANCE", came from.

MULTIPLE BLEACHINGS is the trick to achieving Platinum.
The trick is applying INTENSIVE when finished and knowing when to stop !
 While that video tutorial was cute and flattering the outcome was horrifying and I do not want anyone to think that is how it comes out, because it does NOT!

When applied the correct amount of times, and finished off with INTENSIVE -- I REPEAT -- the result is the above photo and every single platinum hair photo in this Blog!

Happy New Year


2 comments on "Bleaching 'Platinum' Secret - Its All In The 'Numbers'"
  1. Wow, in all my Blogging life have I ever been accused of 'not-teaching-enough' -- quite the contrary

    In 6 weeks when the new-growth comes in,
    You go around the head, in the same exact manner as when you applied the product (in quarters....taking 1/2 inch partings...going up the quarter), applying with a Tint Brush on just the 1/2 inch of new growth.

    Just like it shows in the demo of the Oil bleaching Kit, and in numerous POSTS, throughout this Blog. That is how Blogs work, you search for the topics you need additional information on. Everyone is different and in 6 years I have never had 1 person ask that question. If you don't know how to retouch hair color of "ANY KIND" you should not be using the one product that gave the name "high maintenance" its start.
    There are over 20 Posts pertaining to lightening the hair using that Kit.

    What's wrong with this DEMO:

    The beauty of my teachings is that everything I taught 5 years ago is right here for you.....different people want different things and including all of that in that little kit is just not practical. If I get more than one person I almost always will answer the request, again u are the only one who has requested this.

  2. I will re-fresh them, on 2nd thought...I don't like anyone not getting thorough directions...I pride myself on that whole idea.

    They will have to come with links to the Posts, there is just too much to actually put on a piece of paper.
    Stay Tuned



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