December 22, 2012

The Only Hair Color Remover ANYONE Ever Needs

Rarely Does a Product Work As Well As It Claims

"VANISH" Works Even Better

To understand how to get old miserable hair color out of your hair, let me tell you a little story of how hair color actually it changes the color of the strands and how it remains changed into another color other than its own ! ! Then you will be able to understand how to remove hair color.
You must understand how hair color goes into the hair in order to understand how it comes OUT.
When you apply hair color to the hair (that is ANY hair color that comes with developer) it goes INTO the hair strand (it doesn't sit on top of it).  It doesn't matter if it is called demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or whatever the hair color companies have made up. Hair color is a chemical process and the one and only way it works is when you put the hair color in the bowl and THEN add the developer..... and... POOF... the magic happens!!  The mixture of those 2 chemicals creates this process that shrinks the hair color molecules very miniscule . . . so small that they can get inside the shaft of the hair and turn that hair strand a different color. THEN...the molecules enlarge so that they are STUCK inside all the hair strands. So those color molecules are bigger and another color now.

Many of you get frustrated with your hair color or decide to do something different to your body or looks -- to shake things up -  so you drive down to Target or the grocery store -- buy a box-o-haircolor'-- and apply. Through this Blog I am convinced it happens umpteen times each and every day, but 'why' is the question!?!?

I am trying to figure out why people do this..... go to a drugstore  to get hair color is like driving to the Beauty Salon to buy steaks to cook for dinner. You wouldn't do that, because the Salon doesn't cater to things 'food' related does it? They probably wouldn't know what to do with the meat .... how to keep it fresh .... how to package it....just everything. So that, is truly the same thing as driving to the Supermarket and picking out a hair color to apply. Who at the supermarket could answer questions about hair color? The Butcher? The Pharmacist?  You don't know if it is a bogus product or not, you can't even ask anyone for help. If you asked a manager at a grocery store for help with either choosing your hair color or how to apply it, he truly would look at you as though you were crazy - - - wouldn't he/she??  Please, there isn't a person alive...that doesn't cherish their hair - - . If that is truly the case then why start the process by purchasing the product somewhere they know nothing about it ??? The whole idea is as puzzling to me as it should be to YOU !
Your hair is important to you.
Don't disrespect it by purchasing the hair color you are going to use to change its color at the supermarket! PLEASE!

Now, let's just say you have done this. You have driven to the wrong store to purchase the wrong hair color, and you have applied it to that hair you love so much and it has become a God-awful hair color. . . .
What would you do?
Where would you go? 
How would you fix it ?
I hope you would head the Killerstrands Blog for help of 3 methods of yucky hair color removal.

The 3 standard items I believe remove hair color all in varying strengths are:
  1. Shampoo 'with' sulfates (most gentle method)
  2. Malibu2000 Packets - Color Correction (med. strength)
  3. VANISH Treatments - (strongest - can do multiple applications)
I want to explain how VANISH works and why. The reason I want to do this is because there is not one other product like it on Planet Earth, it uses NO peroxide/developer, NO bleach, no ammonia.
You have read how hair color goes into the hair strands, now you must picture how it comes out with VANISH.

Remember how the hair color molecules shrink really small which makes them tiny enough to go INSIDE the strands of hair ? ?

When you mix Bottle #1 ... with Bottle #2 from the Vanish box into a bowl....the liquid looks exactly like water..... water with a funny smell. But it is now ready to apply with the sponge. Once you apply the liquid  - it begins working by REVERSING those molecules that went "IN" the hair strands by SHRINKING them again which allows those color molecules to COME OUT OF THE HAIR STRANDS ! ! ! 
That is why Vanish is the supreme product, no damage, no destruction of the hair strands AT ALL.

There is no better way to remove that color you no longer want.
I hope that story explains it a little bit (and remember if you want).

A link to see our color removing products

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3 comments on "The Only Hair Color Remover ANYONE Ever Needs"
  1. This article is great- thank you! Question though

    Used a Clairol "radiance" Demi permanent and it is darker than I was expecting. Ugh. I tried using your wash/scrub method with Malibu Undo Goo and it hasn't pulled out enough of the color.

    If I useVanish- will it lighten it up just a touch? Or will it pull out all the color? Will I be left with my virgin haircolor or a version of my DURP?

    HELP! You're my only hope!

  2. Every boxed hair color out there is terrible they all ruin your hair, you must figure out a way to become a Crib Colorist, by joining our group and learning the basics, which I am going over again right now.. The group is for customers of the store exclusively, did you buy your Malibu through us?...if you did then you are eligible.
    There is a way to apply the Vanish so that it just lifts a little.
    The thing about that brand is like glue and sticks to the hair, like there is no tomorrow
    I would suggest 1 VANISH Kit the VAMOOSE edition
    we can never predict what will happen in these cases, we can get close if we get the answers to the Killer14 questions (which I don't have right now for you) -- which is why if you purchase the Complimentary Consultation ++ color - it would be the perfect choice, in my opinion.

  3. I am new to this site, and have spent the 3 hours reading articles. But I have a question and am hoping that someone will be able to help me. In December, for Christmas I bleached my hair (head and beard) (natural color is black) several times and achieved white hair because I wanted to look like Santa for SantaCon. I am aware that I could have bleached to a blond orange and used a purple toner or a plain blue or red to mix, but none of the local beauty supply stores had any; and none of the sales persons could agree on how to get my hair white.

    Bleached hair photo

    St Patrick ’s Day came along and I decided to be a leprechaun so I did 1 session of bleach on my roots which I haven’t touched since December. Of course the beauty supply store did not have temporary orange color so I had to get the semi-permanent orange (Beyond the Zone Brand – I Think). So it took several sessions of coloring (no developer was used) and I achieved a lighter version of what I wanted but it got a seal of approval at all the bars in the city that day. Later I found out about pre-pigmentation which I will keep in mind before I color again.

    Orange hair photo

    So my actual question is - How do I get the orange color out of my hair and achieve the white I had before? It is not naturally washing out like the claim on the bottle.

    I have read about
    Lemon and baking soda paste – tried but didn’t notice any change
    Hot oil treatment – yet to try
    Mixing bleach in shampoo
    Mixing peroxide in shampoo (if peroxide is only a catalyst I don’t know if this will work)

    I went to the local beauty supply store to get a semi-permanent hair color remover and a professional’s opinion. The Professional, after insisting that nothing in the store would work and I should just try to neutralize the color, ended up selling me Satin Color Revere. I have not used the Satin Color Reverse yet because I have lost faith in the sales person at this particular store. I don’t want to neutralize my color with more color because I want to be able to color my hair again if needed from white without any unexpected side effect from the orange and the neutralizing color.

    Will the product Vanish help me even though the color I used was without developer?
    Any suggestions from hair professional will be appreciated.

    Sorry about the long post but I figured having a better history of how I got my hair to this point will affect which method is best to use. Thanks is advance!!!


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