November 15, 2012

Waterfall Braids Need Styling Cream To Help

We are carrying the new innovative line from Australia called O&M . . . the line is completely brilliant in my eyes and it happens to carry a wonderful styling Cream called StyleGuru that works wonderfully for the smoothness and finesse of waterfall braiding. 

 It is formulated with the native to Australia ingredient Banksia extract, rich in amino acids and antioxidants A,C, and E to smooth and soften the hair texture needed for waterfall or Fishtail braiding. Having the little hairs sticking up all over the place would just ruin the look of the lovely cascading waterfall braids.

Aren't those just beautiful works of Art !

                                                                                                                                                                                     Sayonara....................Killer Chemist

1 comment on "Waterfall Braids Need Styling Cream To Help "
  1. Yes, they are works of art! I can't imagine the energy, talent and time that goes into creating a waterfall or fishtail braid!


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