November 8, 2012

Platinum Power : Hair Color Your Salon Would be Furious You Knew About

                                                                                                                                         While many people will head to the Salon for Platinum Hair 
                                       - there is no application as safe
as an Oil Bleach Kit - and no where else to get one but here. Killerstrands is the one and only source for Oil Lightening (bleach) Kits as both Redken and Wella discontinued them in the same month about 2 years ago. I am positive neither company knew of the others move as they are fierce competitors, regardless, after months of work in my home lab I mastered an even more conditioning formula by using Cream Lightener as my base. There are numerous Posts regarding the application of the entire process so for those of you new to Killerstrands here is a link to them:
                   Road to Platinum Hair    

 Remember, the number one restriction to proceeding with this procedure? If your hair is damaged, please do not proceed. Purchase Gleam and Thriven....using the Secret Supplement & these 2 products will bring most peoples hair back in about 60-90 days. But, you must be vigilant.

 Many are choosing the Color-brick Road to Platinum Hair lately and to be honest I can hear the delight . . . in your words . . .as more questions come in. I know from performing this application hundreds of times on clients - - no hair color change - - is nearly as liberating. People float out of the Salon after becoming platinum for the first time in life. But, you may now acquire this look at home with our super conditioning Kit & after you read all the posts !


 I can see from a couple comments, I need to explain a couple facets of the process:
"How many Applications should be applied" 
"in what specific parts of the hair should you apply"
and the cutest question of all
" What is Oil Bleach?"

If you are beginning with Virgin haircolor, your rules are a lot easier than everyone else that walks the planet ... be sure to read those directions precisely.

What is ''Oil Bleach'' or as it should be referred to: "Oil-Lightener" ? 

Oil Bleach was developed back in the days of Marilyn Monroe. They had figured out how to Super Lighten hair, they were ecstatic with that. But before they had learned how to apply it properly they decided they need to add some sort of moisturizer to it. After a long series of tests / testing they chemists figured out if they added oil to the mixture of powder lightener and developer the condition of the hair was not so damaged. Hair is strong but if certain rules and guidelines are not followed then the damage can be breakage and no one wants that. Please do not proceed without reading every single Post I have written, a few times. When you do, you will have a handle on it and it will result in the most fun hair color you have ever sported.  What I have done with our Kits ( just to add one more precautionary step for all you beginners) is to add Cream Bleach instead of powder which I highly advise you never use anything 'but' ! 

 So to summarize: Oil Bleach is a Kit in which you mix specific Lightening Cream ( and ours even comes in Violet/blue tint to battle that brass)  with Oil and developer in order to achieve super blond hair - usually referred to as Platinum- ala Marilyn Monroe or Gwen Stefani.

If you are darker than a Level 7-8 you will need more than 1 application to achieve platinum hair. This has been misunderstood by a few of you. This is one of the reasons we put 2 applications in one of the Oil bleach Kits. If you are a Level 2-3-4 you most likely will need at least 4 separate applications. Remember if your hair has not reached the color of frozen butter, your platinum won't be platinum. I'm finding many of you apply only once or twice and can't figure out why the toner won't get rid of the brass. ....  You cannot Tone hair that is too dark. It simply will not work. You MUST get the hair light enough before the Toners will work. Think about coloring a brown marks a lot on a white piece of paper.....then what would happen if you were to color a violet maker on top of it ?? Nothing the base brown color is too dark.....same theory. As long as you do not begin this

Next: when applying the lightener the very first time to dark hair you should ALWAYS :
>apply to the lengths FIRST & ONLY. 
Now, as you begin in the back/quarter on the bottom : you should begin applying to 1"+ from the scalp  - down the lengths to about an inch from the ends.  This is very very important for the health of the hair. Why? Why do you not apply directly to the scalp at first? If you do, the heat from the head.... speeds the action of the bleach up, and makes the roots (or base) lighter than the rest of the hair. (some may refer to this as 'hot' roots - which can happen in this situation if you do not follow the proper method. Remember the goal at all times is to have the lightened hair <> all the same tone as you go down the lengths of the hair. If you don't, you will have 'bands' of various tones of blonds as you go down the hair. It is so easy to prevent by following the following -- further directions...

After you get the lengths of the hair 1 Level darker than your goal apply the next and last application to the lengths, including the roots/lengths and ends. So, the very first application you make with the Oil bleach is what?Apply from 1inch off the scalp til 1 inch from the ends, I use to call it the hot-dog application when I would teach it to my assistants !
Even curly hair can be platinum when Oil bleach is used.

4 comments on "Platinum Power : Hair Color Your Salon Would be Furious You Knew About"
  1. Hi KC!
    I am in love with your blog! I live in Australia and I'm an apprentice hairdresser and I'm trying to get everyone to read it! I became a hairdresser because of you- your enthusiasm really jumps off the posts :) your words spoke to me and I feel you really share my passion for healthy platinum blonde hair!

    I certainly do have a question for you too- it's a long and bothersome one. And I'd love if you helped me. I've been trying for years to bleach my hair to a lvl 12 platinum but keep growing it long and healthy. It's my dream! That's why I've read and re-read all of your posts concerning bleaching hair and I've compiled a PERFECT routine to bleaching hair but keeping it in the best-ever condition! Would you mind terribly looking over it and giving me advice? I want you to be as strict as possible! No matter how much time/effort I will make it happen! This is my dream hair!!

    I'll also post my killer10 up too, so you'll know what I'm working with. Thank you!

    Alysha xoxo

  2. Hi, Im having trouble finding your google group. When I click on the links google tells me I dont have permission to access that group but gives me no link to join. I also cannot find it doing a search for "killerstrands" on google groups. What am I missing?

  3. Hello, i am having a bit of trouble when i keep rereading 1inch off the scalp til 1 inch from the end, do you mean not to apply on the ends. I understand not to 1inch off the scalp just a little questionable about the ends part.

  4. That is the "by the book" method of the Bleach and Tone method .You leave it off the scalp because the heat from the body warms the bleach up and makes it work twice as fast. Then the ends are thinner than anywhere else so they take color faster - so the color should be left off till the last 10 minutes or so
    ...this method is very difficult to do if the hair is not at least chin/shoulder length.
    Yes its tricky... but not if you are a stylist working on a client.
    Everyone MUST remember that is what they are talking about when they say "for Professional use only" Color treatments like this example, can be applied easily when you are applying it to someone else! !
    That is the DISTINCTION that should be advertised and spoken about.



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