July 1, 2012

The Typical Journey a "BOX" of Haircolor Puts You Through

This week was very heavy with emails from those of you - who are caught up in the cycle of using boxed hair color, you want out....but you claim price and knowledge of  'how-to-become' a Crib Colorist'...seems over your head. You think you can't learn a few rules and make the switch -  you think you might as well just go buy one more box-o-crap as I like to refer to it....

So for fun I drew up a little graphic to show you the cycle of how much chaos & $$ that one little box will cost you in :
  • stress
  • money
  • hair health 
  • oh and did I mention 'stress' ?

I would imagine many of you are laughing right now??
Or crying maybe ... ??
Well I made this so hopefully it will rattle you a little, and get you to spend a little time with us here at Killerstrands, working out your hair color formula with one of our two lines of hair color. I know it may seem over whelming but we are here to help with this. We have the KILLER 9 Questions and if you answer those and send them in with your order I will send you the answer to your hair color solutions - we will soon have some kits up as I iron out the details of how exactly to do that for those of you who don't take my offer up of sending in your Killer 9 with your order - any order....in which I will then return your Consultation results.
I am prepping a series on : 'Simple & Clear Hair Coloring' that will get rid of all the big explanations and will condense it right back down to the basics of the process.

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3 comments on "The Typical Journey a "BOX" of Haircolor Puts You Through"
  1. Yep! Been there, done that! Last time I tried a box color I was swearing. I'll stick to my Manic Panic. It works for my hair (better than anything else I've tried) and I love it.

  2. I recently purchased the xfactor highlift blond 12.20 and I just wanted to tell you how amazing my hair turned out. It is the best haircolor I have ever had. I received several compliments on how pretty it looks. It is so shiny and healthy looking. Thank you so much for all the information you share.

  3. LOL! Story of my life! I just found your blog yesterday night and I'm hooked now. Thanks for giving us this important information. I really need to grow out my hair so I can have virgin hair for your products, LOL (but true).

    I have natural dark brown hair, I don't know the tone of it yet but will find out later and I always dye my hair bright copper red (now more recently with blonde to make it a little lighter but still have that pop of color) back to dark brown. I my hair right now had so much on it from box dyes to sally's colors. UFF!

    When I do grow out my hair to virgin hair I would like to try a platinum blonde color using your products. I can't wait until then.

    I really appreciate all of the information you give out on your blog.

    Thank You,


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