July 10, 2012

Shhaarroonnn - America's Got Talent Judges' Hair Color Formula . . .

Sharon Osbourne has held a soft place in my heart since she first appeared on what was one of the very first Reality Shows on MTV... 20 years ago. . . . . .

I never knew who Ozzy was and when I found out by watching this show I became a lifelong fan . The whole thing was just a crazy - crack-up, funny - funny show and the best part is .. it truly was Real. That was before they came up with the idea to manufacturer reality shows... But, its nice to see this family remained intact throughout the whole debacle. It seems they have calmed down and now seem soooo non-radical what with Jack developing MS and having a baby all at once it seems.

 I have colored many a woman's hair Sharron's color... it has always been this great Violet Red....in the coloring world we refer to it as VRV or the Violet-Red-Violet Tone. So, without going into too much of the Killerstrands Teaching Song & Dance ... I am going to give you a few simple rules before you tackle this formula on YOUR hair..... that must be followed.

Sharon has the most incredible head of hair - ever - she has enough hair for 6 people ....which I honestly feel makes her hair just look like an illuminated Crown..

She like so many of my former clients has a Salon built right in her home......so 'we' go to them..... she doesn't have to leave the house to have her bi-monthly toners applied to refresh the boldness this particular color demands to look like it does on-camera.

So there is 'what' you need to be aware of...... but nowadays, its easy to get a colored shampoo We make a Red Violet one or a Red or a Violet Tinted Shampoo its called - Bleeding Heart in  BURST  that will keep it fresh and shiny  and they have been super popular hear in California........

Its what we call a Violet Red Violet  VRV.......... So remember what you have on your hair to begin with.....AFFECTS EVERYTHING IN your Hair Color Results.
If your hair color currently is Darker than the below formula - - you MUST VANISH out the color FIRST.
Vanish is the one and only safe - peroxide-free and bleach-free product that truly removes hair color with not one little tiny ounce of damage....which is music to my ears....
Remember, the most important trick in the world for me doing hair the "Killerstrands way".....is to have it end up as healthy "after" the coloring as it was "before" the coloring

Assuming your hair is  a level 5 or "lighter' the following formula will nail it....
with grey:

5.0 + 55/46V + 44/65RV   + 20 Volume

without grey:

5V + 4RV + 20V  ( 30 Volume only if you are a lot darker and have virgin hair)
Killerstrands Store = Koleston perfect has had the reputation for years for having the best RED + the best RED/VIOLETS

Its funny before I saw these photos I would have sworn you should use more of the Violet Tone than the RV tone.... now I take that back, she looks more Red than Violet.... but Reds are a funny thing, they can completely change a full level in either tone or Level with just one shampoo and you have yourself a complete new hair color each & every day.

Or you can work at it like Sharon does and give yourself toners of those same colors.... only with the Translucent Developer or the Demi.... and poof you have it all in a nutshell.
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  2. I think you're right on!


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