July 17, 2012

KillerStrands Most Powerful Step : After Every Time You Color Your Hair...

Colour After-Treatment Process 
Throughout these posts you may find my views different from the norm, that would stem from specializing in 3 fields instead of one. More often than not I eliminate useless steps and tasks purely developed for tacking on a few extra bucks to a bill or invoice. That just was never me. I work on the theory: the better the job I do, the more people will flock to me, that theory has worked well in life for me.

No sooner said....I am asking you to add a step to your regimen you most likely have never heard of. I would be surprised if many stylists use this step routinely it adds 'time constraints' to an already overcrowded day usually, it is just as important as a neutralizer is with a perm, in my opinion....basically its the same thing.

This is something every person with $150 - $350. highlights should be aware of. Choose your words carefully when trying to find out if your stylist does the step. Be nice!

An after-treatment is absolutely necessary for oxidative hair colour treatment ( which is any color with peroxide). Only with these after-treatments can residues of hydrogen peroxide, alkali or perusulfate's (bleach) be removed. When you put your hair through the coloring process you are shaking up the pH level. After a color, perm, straightening or any chemical process is complete the hair goes into a type of 'mini-shock' and the single best way to 'un-shock' and restore & relax your hair to its original pH level is to apply one of these 'post'-treatment's for 10-20-30 minutes.Depending on the procedure I would even consider wearing IN-TENSIVE overnight to really keep the hair in a stage of BLISS ....Just try it once, it truly is the most remarkable of all my discoveries I feel.

Its really very simple after your last rinse you apply the product to hair, comb thru, leave on: 10-20-30 minutes and rinse. That's it, you're ready to go and your hair is one happy damn camper!

Effects of an after-treatment:
Removes hydrogen peroxide, alkali, and peroxide residues.
Closes the cuticle layer and give the hair shine
Stabilises colour for longer durability of the colour
Protects from creeping oxidation
Makes the hair easier to comb
The trick here is using the right product..it must have the correct ingredients to accomplish the process. There are hundreds of lines of colour...Matrix, Redken, Clairol, Framesi,  each one makes an after-treatment product. Its just not one of those "glitzy" packages or marketing wonders that drown our universe. But a very necessary part of the process for healthy hair. We now make our own product we call IN.TENSIVE that is our number 1 seller here at Killerstrands. Here is the link, as this product works so many wonders you are going to wonder how you eve survived without it.
Take me to IN.TENSIVE in KS store . . .

Killer Strands is located in the heart of L.A. so we have access to many wonderful sources. But, my goal for this site is ...I'd like this site to work for everyone, across the country.
                                 See The Peek-A-Boo Strands of Light Bronze under the dark midnite color so many things can be done to hair now a days it truly is this giant Canvas with a million different brushes to choose from. . . .

So now we have put this after-treatment product together for you - - so everyone is able to have the most fan-tab-u-lous After-Color Treatment in the world  - -  at their very own home.
This little trick of mine, using a "post-color treatment after every single hair coloring will keep your hair strong shiny and undamaged....it truly is, one of the best kept secrets on the hair planet!
This is an excellent After-Treatment, it deals with the pH level better than anything I have found.

Remember, having your hair at the proper pH level (slightly acidic - 4.5 to 5.5) produces shiny-healthy-happy hair.
Killer Chemist
4 comments on "KillerStrands Most Powerful Step : After Every Time You Color Your Hair..."
  1. Shoot, I just went to the beauty supply today, after having read this post, and I bought the wrong stuff. I remembered it was Wella, but I forgot the product name. The stuff I bought is Kolestra by Wella, do you think that'll work too, or should I go and return it? Man, I have such Mommy brain these days!!

  2. At sally's they have the Wella in depth and then they also have a Wella ph normalizing lotion. The website says the lotion will normalize the ph and the in depth just conditions. Which one should i purchase for an after color treatment?

  3. christy:
    Only purchase the IN DEPTH, the other ones don't work, they certainly don't do anything to the pH Ive tested and re-tested them over the years. ONLY - -> IN:DEPTH

  4. Thanks so much! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow!


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