May 17, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle : Stars with No Make-up ?

Now if we can just get them to drop the fake hair

2010-04-07-SIMPSon 2010

TV & Movie Stars are exposing themselves to the public with no make-up, and proving what they really look like. In first noticing this trend earlier this week w/ Jessica Simpson on the cover of Marie Claire {completely bare} – I found a trace of hope

Now here is the most wonderful and inspiring trend, I just had to Post about – in the middle of my “Hair Color Correction Series { I promise we will return quickly}
Simpson not only was the first to do the above bold move, she also completed a new series on VH1, that I encourage everyone to watch. A show on Beauty habits from around the world. . . completely unique and groundbreaking. Worth the 30 minutes, I promise.
There is a specific reason I don’t pepper KillerStrands Blog with Celebrity Hair, receiving requests for it all the time, its hard to “Not Do”. My reason is purely for all of you. You should see what the trailer or dressing room of any one celebrity looks like in preparation for a hair shoot or a day of shooting: rows and rows of hair strips, weaves of every type and length of hair style imaginable. The figure is: about 80% of all hair you see on TV/Film is manufactured hair.Wigs,009
Wigs, extensions, clip-in’s, glue-in’s, they have really gone insane with the whole manufactured hair thing. So many people look up to Celebrities, with knowing so many personally, I truly feel it is a 100% disadvantage to YOU – the public to use them as a guide for what to “strive-for”. We all must work with what we have been given. Majority of the photo shots I use on Killer Strands are real women with their own REAL hair, growing out of their own head! Just like you and me!wendyAB
Now what they need to do is to send Simpson, Kardashians,Wendy etc., etc…to the photo sessions without all their extensions, pieces, weaves, and wigs. Some of the wigs they use today are from $5,000. - $50,000. with the average one checking out around $25,000.!
Cher was the pilot of this program, in the 80’s she was wearing wigs 95% of the time. Know why? Cherr999
PURELY to protect her own hair from lights, make-up, heat, sweat, elements, you know all the bad things out there. I still remember thinking…”wow she must be paranoid”. Turns out she had it nailed and the rest of us hadn’t a clue - - She has always had a wig room in her homes . . . which is the size of a master bedroom to you and me. But I commend her for knowing what truly affects hair and in taking control of her own body and protecting it. She still wears wigs to this day, (her own locks have been tinted a special Black/Violet for years & she only has about 3% gray – she too, knows the advantage of great color), and her own hair is as glorious and magnificent as it was in her youth. Smart woman my dear Cher.
So rejoice in the new trends, and demand to see real(unmanufactured hair), I know for an absolute fact that most of you have just as healthy of hair as most Celebrities out there. They all cheat, a LOT with their wig rooms and personal hairstylists they cart with them from city to city . But when I saw some of the photos of the celeb’s this morning on the news with their absolutely unmanufactured face, I was very disappointed they forgot the most important part  < the hair ! >…make them take their fake hair off too, I was yelling at the TV. NOT FAIR!
Cherr99 Cherr8888
Great hair can make up for a lot  misfortunes, one has to endure in any given day. I have heard that every single woman on planet earth has copped to having at least 1 bad Hair Day. . . but I have never heard them complain of having a “bad skin day”.
I sure hope someone will be brave enough to step forward with the Glamour shot of any ( or all ) of these women with their 100% own real hair, so the public may truly see what they look like bare and La Naturele as most of us end up being a majority of the time.
2 comments on "Twinkle, Twinkle : Stars with No Make-up ?"
  1. Not fair! Celebrities looks more beautiful with their own hairs rather then using wigs

  2. Do you know when the J.S. show starts airing on VH1?


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