August 31, 2009

Becoming a Blond Bombshell Lives On . . .

 Wella's Koleston Perfect Line of Permanent Hair Color has gone through an entire revamp of the pretty Peacock feather boxes, and a new science they refer to as:  TRILUXIV TECHNOLOGY, which separates the hair color process into 3 stages of the way the color works and imparts 69% MORE shine than hair without Wella hair color. Something I have been trying to impress on you all from Day 1 of the Blog. Wella reigns for imparting shine into the strands of many a bombshell . . .

What’s new?

  • Koleston Perfect's new and improved formula for even more expressive color result
  • More intensive, vibrant colors, with now even better color balance!
  • The big selection of color with exciting new nuances, where you surely can find the exact right nuance to fit you.
  • Long-lasting. Especially in the reds range. Koleston Perfect Vibrant Reds now last even longer – up to 15%!
  • Remarkable shine! What would you say to up to 69% more shine when compared with untreated hair?
  • Unbelievably! Not just better, but also more gentle! New Koleston Perfect is now even more gentle for a worry-free color with no regrets
Also there are 2 completely new Tonal Categories :  /17  and   /38. 
The following Testimonial is the third positive response + PLUS my own,  I have had to this new tone line by Wella in their brand new /38 Line of Permanent Hair Color :

"Just wanted to thank you for the /38 series color suggestion.  I get more compliments on my hair color now.  The guy that just cut my hair even said he liked it and I did a great job.  Thanks again.  Heidi  "

The 2 new Tonal Categories are /38 - Gold Pearl  and  /17-Ash Brown
Hopefully we will be able to get our newly MIA; IT guy Andre to "bring-in" Color Samplers for you...they both are nothing short of scrumptious - in my humble opinion....I love them both and they are what the line was missing.

In /17 Ash Brown
there are only two:


which means for most Colorists they are trying to save money & space for us. Why...You ask?
Because if you mix 1 ounce of 9/17 with 1 ounce of 7/17 you have created 2 ounces of 8/17.
Much easier than carrying 3 Colors in the cupboard, takes up less space to carry 2 colors than it does 3.
This way we have access to all 3 Colors now, don't we?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now we have in the brand new /38 Tonal Family called: Gold Pearl, a beautiful color - although normally I would stay very far away from anything with the word "gold" in it. Hair already has too much brass and gold undertones in it, we do not need to be adding more. Although this is an exception, I can see some sort of violet undertone in this color although they have not stated anywhere what the undertones are.. I mean a /3 is a Neutral Gold and an /8 is a Pearl...yet I still can see a very mild violet undertone which is the undertone you want. All 4 colors are beautiful I hope they add them to Color Touch, what a nice present that would be.

 I spent an hour trying to find a photo of a hair color that was EXACTLY depicting the /38 Tonal Family and finally found the perfect one - to me its a beigey-pearl . . . . which is a very hard color to find and an even harder color to achieve with hair color. Remember a lot of it (unfortunately) has to do with the existing pigment in your hair as to whether you will achieve the proper color.

As Hair Color technology improves with each and every new year, they will come closer and closer to matching the beautiful shades, no matter what your existing pigment is. I sure hope to be around for those days.....

 How Totally Unique are these Drips of Copper at the ends of Platinum - H..E..A..V..E..N..L..Y
11 comments on "Becoming a Blond Bombshell Lives On . . ."
  1. I'm so glad you posted this picture KC. We are in the middle of an HHCC and I've had a terrible time trying to find this ashy beigy pearl look and this pic is perfect. Thanks :)

  2. sounds wonderful - even more reason for me to get some, my aunt would totally love this new series of colors. i have to get some for her this Christmas

  3. KC-

    Have you not heard that Wella has revamped their Color Touch line??? I assumed that your next post would focus on this... they have added a ton of colors and a new category to retouch highlights... check it out on their website... its out now!!!!


  4. Brandon,
    I don't know where you live but here in L.A. we get dribbles of the new colors. I mean, Wella Coporate is around the corner and down the driveway, yet the ColorTouch Shelves have been bare for months. "gotta sell through the old - before we bring in the new" is the news I get.
    ..can't wait, as I always love when they go thru this
    ..where ya been? highlights are history ;-) KC

  5. this is regarding your last post...

    you said to use 1 - 2 squirts of gleam you mean to start using it as styling product, in addition to using it during hair coloring and as a deep conditioner?

    also, i have always wondered this. when using the slumber method, should gleam/thriven/fluff be applied all of, roots and all, or only to the lengths of the hair?

    THANKS! and congrats on the new store -- it's awesome! i could spend all of my money there and then some! OH -- and i can't wait for the gift cards to come out!!!

    -- lyndsay

  6. KC,

    I know highlights are history :)... but Wella refers to the new aspect of the Color Touch line as "relights"... so they should still be extremely useful in retouching any of the blonds... I'm so excited for them to fully hit the shelves...

    Down here in Atlanta they are stocking it but also trying to sell out all of the old packaging... I spoke with my distributor and they said that it should all be out within the next week :)


  7. lyndsay,

    yes, I had some of our trusty members tell me they were applying GLEAM to their hair a little in the AM and a little in the PM very minimally of course...and they said they were thinking......... they might like Gleam MORE than THRIVEN for repairing their hair. I nearly dropped my scissors.... so I started using it myself and have been instructing my clients,on using it in this manner.
    LLLLLLLLove the results.
    Love what its doing for my ends, fly-a-ways - yada yada.
    Try it...
    Thanks so much for everything

  8. Ok, I've been reading the blog and trying to get caught up and I love the color of the 38 family in the pic you posted. Can I get this look on hair that is a natural level 7, but has been highlighted (I know, the shame!). I have about 2 inches of regrowth at the roots and don't want to go back to highlighting, but I've never tried all-over coloring. Thanks!

  9. Holly,
    Its a lot bigger issue, than being "one color"....

    Most of it has to do with DURP

    A "Strand Test" will give you lots of information.


  10. Love the new /38 tone. I know you are a big proponent of using more than one color when coloring. In you experience with /38 tone what other tones would mix well with /38? OR do you think it looks nice on it's own??

  11. Dear killer chemist,
    I just wanted to say your site has been a real blessing to me. Reading your lessons and advice has stopped me from rushing in and hurting my hair like always... I've been learning so much and I am sending of to get a consulation with you soon! Thank you so much! Emilee denver, co
    Write me on blog {first time blogger} or at


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