August 27, 2009

The Case Against Hair Conditioner

Why your Hair is Better off without it

This means the "Daily Hair Conditioner" The 10,000 HEADS daily hair care regimen is this:
  • Shampoo 3-4 times per week w/ Sulfate-Free Shampoo with 2 ways to follow:
  • #1) 60% of you will be able to go 'without' any thing at all after your shampoo. Your hair doesn't tangle, you just have been conditioned to 'think' you need conditioner (ha ha ) just give it a 2 week try. OR
  • #2) If your hair tangles as much as mine does & step 1 scares you, a good lightweight Spray De-tangler is your answer,I found this a very long time ago, its amazing - plain & simple it detangles, & it does not build-up on the hair, its the consistency of water.
  • #3) Deep condition 1-2 nights per week with Thriven
  • #4) Gleam - 1-2 squirts daily
and that's it.
The 10,000 HEADS Hair Strengthen System is a strange regimen to new members of our system of hair care, but to look at our Sales the numbers have spoken. SLS-Free Shampoo with NO conditioner, seems to be a hot idea this summer, and many are wondering even how this theory - came to be. I mean haven't you been using the 1-2 step of Shampoo - - Conditioner for most of your life? What gives with getting rid of trusty Step 2 they want to know -- why should we?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The answer I am pretty sure you will see, was another of my accidental "discoveries". . . which Killer Strands is full of. As soon as I made this discovery I never used a daily conditioner again & stopped using them on my clients which was instrumental in the birth of 10,000HEADS and its STEPS. 0005med561033
You need to understand Cosmetic Chemistry in order to make the Formula for a shampoo, the formula for a lip gloss, a perfume, a body lotion or cream and yes, also to make all hair products. Cosmetic Chemistry knowledge and experience is necessary to understand the rights and wrongs of making these products.
I began my cosmetic chemistry experience focusing mainly on what I thought were 2 categories, Hair Conditioners and Body Lotions. Hair conditioners for work and body lotions for myself. I had never been able to find a decent Conditioner for my clients that I wasn't continually having to clarify their hair from (I'm talking Pre-Thriven, Pre- 10,000HEADS, remember) and wanted a very moisturizing body cream/Lotion for my horrific painful dry skin, I just could not seem to find. 0009moom
Those were my initial 2 goals to seek - - - and conquer - - - 1 personal & 1 professional.
First you start learning some solid elementary examples that workbooks give you. Purchase the ingredients & make a product that is already a proven success. Learning along the way... many little weird things about the formula and how exactly to make it.... was a Trip at first I was so afraid I was going to end up as the "MAD SCIENTIST" with bubbles and things blowing up right and left {didn't happen} - things ended up just fine. To be honest, Cosmetic Chemistry is not near as difficult as I imagined. Looking at a formulation at the beginning was daunting - I was sure this was going to be impossible for me to learn. But it wasn't and ended up being just the most fun and rewarding of any sport/hobby/job I have ever taken up - I love it - I wish I had more time to be developing new and cool products. I remembered being terrified of Chemistry in High School & College....doing this, I LOVED IT. It was so satisfying to develop a product that worked so perfectly... I would continue to 'make' products that were wonderful AND "effective' finally to could compare it to buying a cake in the grocery store compared to making a home baked cake from scratch. There simply is no comparison. That was, and remains, the difference in home made products versus manufactured products to me. a0178-000036
Now the interesting part of this experimenting that I'm hoping will show many of you "WHY" Hair conditioners are a horrible product to put on your hair, I did not realize it at first. It took a couple months, and only had to do with the manner in which I work and what my 1 -- 2 interests, were.
I want to show you a Formula to make a Body Lotion, its one of the very first ones I made and tweaked to my liking. I have made well over 70 Hair Conditioners, and still am making them. I love it and it is "fun" for me now.
Now check out this formula for a good body lotion. Its not greasy, AT ALL, it lasts all day or night.
Body LOTION #13
Part A
  • Distilled Water ………………….81%
  • Glycerin …………………………. 1.5%
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein ……...... 2.0%
Part B
  • BTMS................ .....………...… 5.0%
  • Jojoba Oil ……….......……….... 4.0%
  • Shea Butter ………………….….6.0%
Part C
  • Optiphen ………………………. .04%
Fragrance or Essential Oil (optional)
Directions: Heat Part A to 75C/170F . Carefully heat Part B until melted. Add Part A to B with mixing. Continue to mix until cool. At 50C/122F (or less), add Part C with mixing
The directions are pretty simple, the only hard part? . . . is the mixing part. It has to be mixed with a high power STICK BLENDER, for a couple hours and stopped and started at just the right temperature. But that isn't difficult, just boring.
All these exact same procedures ( temperatures & mixing) go into making a Hair Conditioner
This is a bare bones formula for a body lotion, but what I discovered is, it's wonderful - better than any Lotion I had ever used, and look how simple it is. I hope you see why I get so upset when there are 55 ingredients in a list when one of the big manufacturing companies make shampoos. 7/8 of them are totally unnecessary . They think they are making a better product - - this is a better product!
Here is the formula to a
Hair Conditioner:
Part A
  • Distilled Water …………………………83%
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein ….........…. 2.4%
  • Panthenol ………………………… …. 2.0%
Part B
  • BTMS………………………………..… 5.5%
  • Abyssinian Oil .……………………….. 2.0%
  • Rose Hips Seed Oil ….......……......... 2.0%
  • Shea Butter....................................... 2.0%
Part C
  • Optiphen ………....................……… 0.3%
The Directions are EXACTLY the same as the above directions.
>This is called is an Emulsion. > Both Body Lotions and Hair Conditioners are the exact same Class in the cosmetic chemistry industry. >Both are emulsions. >That is what I realized that really shook me up as I hope it will you as well.
0001 jergens00001 lube
Would you take that bottle of Lubriderm body lotion, and pour it all over your hair right after your shampoo? Or that bottle of Nivea, Jergens, Aveeno, even Philosophy (a higher priced) lotion on your newly washed strands? I will never forget the day I figured this out, I was lying by the pool reading my notes of the newest formulations and a cosmetic chemist reference manual together. It felt like a ton of bricks fell on my chest - it was that jarring to me.
Well, they are made the exact same way, with the exact same water & oil Emulsion formulation. Mixing water + oil with an emulsifier and coming up with an Emulsion, no matter whether it has a Label plastered on the bottle that says it is HAIR CONDITIONER or BODY LOTION - - - - IT'S THE EXACT SAME THING!
Of course there are modifications made to make one thinner and one thicker but that is only a matter of adjusting the water to oil ratio, and does nothing to the fact that the way they are made is exactly the same and Lotion is not how your hair will flourish. So, besides the fact that Sulfate based Shampoos are causing hair-loss and thinning. Crappie emulsions the huge manufacturers make are clogging up the pores in your scalp which is restricting "new" hair growth. HHHHHHelp.
Please think about this, please give this method a try . . . see what your hair feels like without that goopy daily Conditioner on your hair, it has to do with shampoo manufacturers and the neverending cycle they want you on. Apply their sulfate Shampoos that can scrub the grease off of Garage floors, then apply their Lotion-like Daily Conditioners, which then require their sulfate shampoo's to get the Goop out again, I mean what a living nightmare. None of these steps are good for your hair's health or shine and on the opposite side they really promote hair thinning & loss, which I would say most of you don't want.
That is why everyone gets so excited when they switch to 10,000HEADS, even before they get to the part of THRIVEN & the Secret Supplement, and GLEAM. Just getting rid of that cycle has helped many many people - which I discovered in the Salon when I would rinse people's hair ( no matter how good you are, no matter how many Assistants you have - -you always end up at the shampoo bowl for some reason). That is where I came up with , "OMG - this person doesn't even need a hair conditioner - their hair rinses simply clean out and there are NO tangles. As I've repeatedly said, my own hair is a tangled web of knots after a simple shampoo - - has been since a very early age, color or not. The only thing that helps? Tri-Wheat Spray Detangler . . . and applying Color Touch on my lengths . If you are not a Licensed Hair Stylist, you really have no cause to learn about various hair "types". You concentrate on your own hair and all its little trademarks, but as a Stylist - you must learn about ALL types of hair and trademarks on everyone's hair. Stylists kind of snicker when clients want to go to a Stylist that has their own hair type/texture. That is silly to think we only know how to take care of our own hair type.
We noticed a number of orders going out with the exact same 4-6 ingredients in them, and decided to come up with Killer Kits that would give the purchasers a bit of a discount. We want to reward you for getting what is needed to fully realize the 10,000HEADS method of Hair Care. To start off with this is our newest Kit
Its called the "Go BIG or Go HOME Kit"
Killer Chemist
19 comments on "The Case Against Hair Conditioner"
  1. Would you recommend using Un Do GOO 1x/week with the Go Big or Go Home kit?

  2. Anonymous,
    What a Trip, boy - do you know me.

    At the very last second last night I took UN DOO GOO out of the Kit.I didn't want the kit to be so expensive no one would purchase it, the idea is to get people switched over to this new regimen.
    Making Kits that are $150. Limits a lot of people, I have been enclosing UN DOO GOO shampoo samples with these Kits,it pretty much speaks for itself!

    I mean Personally I have used UN DOO GOO every Sunday for 15 years. I find that hilarious that you mention that.
    I still have 2 more Kits to add to that category and UN-DOO-GOO will be with one.

    Brilliant observation.

  3. You always stress the importance of reading the ingredients in products before purchasing them, why don't you list them for the products on your online store?

  4. wow
    thats a nice kit
    i'd give the no conditoner thing a try
    but my hair is really curly plus tangly
    so i'll probably need a detangler


  5. Anonymous,
    2 Reasons........

    #1) It took me 2 months to load the products on to begin with... and input all the information - so I not only was presenting the product, I was teaching and using my experiences with it as well.

    Something no one else does.

    but that time took away from shipping and from consultations, something everyone got very upset at me with.

    Remember there is only 1 of me and 60,000 of you every month.

    #2) I have told everyone numerous times that I review every ingredient on every product I sell, I am as precise as is possible considering all factors.I don't bring in any products I wouldn't approve and use myself.

    Most trust my judgement.

    If you don't and you really want to check out the ingredients, you can do a SEARCH and look them up so very very easily. I just don't have the time right now, when things calm down which I don't see happening in the near future I will tackle that.


  6. P.S.
    If it was me, I would be VERY glad there was someone else reviewing every ingredient , so I didn't have to all those tiny words, that if I was anyone else, wouldn't know what in the Hell they all were anyway!


  7. Anonymous 2,

    The detangler is in the kit, its the Tri-wheat product...that was the whole idea.

  8. Killer,
    My hair is always tangled and breaks off or falls out from brushing and pulling...what products on the market, besides the ones you've listed, would you recommend to detangle that doesnt wiegh it down. ?

  9. KC please make a sort of "gift card" available for the KS store. it would be so great, since i have many things i want, and my birthday is coming and people keeping asking me what i want and i would be so great and easy to just ask KS gift cards

  10. Anonymous,
    Because of my own personal problems with tangles in my hair, I try every new product I can get my hands on. Right now I am testing 2 new lines. It may sound weird, and the day I change I will announce it, but I only carry products in the store that I have reviewed - tested and approve of.
    There are a lot of products I could carry to boost my sales..but don't.

    The best de-tangler I have found is the ECOLY Tri-Wheat + it is so light. Also the KeraCare Humecto Creme conditioner is worth a try.

    Lastly,the newest entry to the store called IN-TENSIVE - that is the lightest detangler cream - you apply after shampoo in the shower. Leave it on 3-4-5 minutes and rinse..
    Those are the only other de-tanglers I honestly know of that work.
    There should be no brushing or pulling, that all sounds so harsh. Be gentle with your hair, treat it like the crowned glory it is.


  11. Adem,
    Gift cards will be available shortly . . . Good Idea!


  12. honestly.. when I use a conditioner my hair always seems to get oilier a lot quicker.

  13. hey killer,
    so im 17 years old and ive been losing my hair extensively for a year and a half now...and I know you said that sodium lauryl sulphate and ammonium lauryl sulphate ingredients in shampoos are bad for you...well iam also anemic so i need my iron supplements which could exlpain my hair loss...but recently ive been taking these iron supplements called Palafer and they contain inside the pill sodium lauryl sulphate. I thought that was really it safe to take sls? I mean i find it to be really wierd that such a huge iron supplement brand would include this. any thoughts?? p.s ive been taking this iron supplement for soo long and ive not noticed a difference in my hair loss.

  14. Hey Killer Strands,

    I swim 4-5X week. It's hard to tell which is worse, the chlorine or the shampoos designed to remove the chlorine. Both the chlorine and the shampoo dry out my hair to point where I seem to need increasing amounts of conditioner to avoid Barbie doll hair.
    I have medium textured wavy hair.

    Any suggestions on products that might help.


  15. How do you feel about the no-shampoo movement? I've heard it can be great but have yet to find an appropriate replacement product or someone who actually discussed the whole experience. I tried to quit and the greasiness was overwhelming.

  16. Anonymous,
    I am also very anemic, have a severe thyroid problem and "had" severe hair loss and thinning. So did my poor little 15(!!!) year old daughter. That is when I started this mission of trying to solve the case of thinning hair for the female population.

    If you are a man and have any hair thinning - you must get the prescription: PROPECIA, it works really well for about 60-70% of all men...which made me upset that all the research on HIGH.

    Follow 10,000 HEADS, I know I sound like a broken record but it really works. Start reading all the Posts since the beginning....every single person I tell to do that, Thanks me.

    Try it.

  17. Martha,
    Sounds like you have not heard of the most wonderful shampoo called UN DOO GOO , by Malibu2000. They also have a Swimmers shampoo.
    The trick?
    Wet, lather...leave suds on hair for a few minutes..then sure to get a Water filter for your SHOWER as well.


  18. I just wanted to say that I *WAS* a total non-believer in this. I thought KC was out of her mind, or she just didn't know MY hair. I couldn't even fathom not using a conditioner... Sounded like torture. My hair was ONLY manageable with condtioner, if that. Well, I thought I'd give it a go with a *GOOD* SLS free shampoo and the ecoly tri-wheat detangler. UNBELIEVABLE. My hair doesn't get greasy after a day, my hair feels and looks so much thicker and bouncier, shinier, and holds style better. Night and day. I will NEVER go back to those cheap ass goopy icky conditioners ever again. I've made the switch.

    P.S. Gleam is THE most amazing product I have ever used in my life.

    Thank you so much KC! Thanks to you I love my hair again! MUAH!

  19. THANKYOU. Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou, I've been trying to convince all my friends/family about this inconvenient truth, the crap in our shampoos, the useless conditioners, and now you have given me the proof I need to convince them !
    Thankyou !!


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