July 30, 2009

The Price of Sulfate-Free Shampoo

What Should You Pay For a Properly Formulated SLS-Free Shampoo?

This topic has surfaced more than a half dozen times lately – which brings me to flag it AND to write a POST. After just passing 1000 members in our little HAIR CARE FORUM/GROUP, I guess I will never again run out of subjects to write about. “Sulfate-Free Shampoo” continues to be the number 1 subject queried about on the KillerStrands site, which continues to puzzle me, as soon as I feel like I have written about every single angle there is on the subject, I can now see what writers must battle with who write for newspapers/magazines when they have one subject people want to keep hearing about…..no matter how much is written (and they are talented writers).
Many of you have been on the trail of the “PERFECT” Sulfate- Free Shampoo and although I am
not one that juggles 01-73979715 shampoos around any longer ( I find a great one, buy the king size version– which knocks the cost wwwwway down & I’m set for the year) I can understand how many of you do…. I used to. It wasn’t until I learned cosmetic chemistry that I learned to settle down with 1 great shampoo. Maybe you will one day as well. DA21266
What seems to be a constant sentiment is the disappointment in L’Oreals newest entry into the SLS-Free world, EVERPURE. I have heard disappointing comments across the board, sometimes I wonder if there are happy consumers of it and they just don’t write in. I mean it truly amazes me that I never hear any compliments about L’Oreal Hair products of any kind. They are a HUGE conglomerate……..Huge….they have to be huge for some reason. But I will be perfectly honest here as I always am. . . . L’Oreal is on the bottom rung as long as I can remember as far as the quality of their products, so I would stay away from them, until they do some re-formulating . . . which can very easily be done. wwwaaaaaa
Continually the disappointing news comes from Sulfate-Free Shampoo’s purchased in Drug Stores, Grocery stores and Discount stores I’m sorry to say. I would say about 50% of you are OK with the ORGANIX line http://www.organixhair.com/. So if you absolutely insist you can only spend $6.00 on your shampoo, to date, I would say that is your brand.a0178-000028
Here is my issue . . . for years I would battle my clients in “my chair”. . . yes, even a portion of Malibu clients had this thing for not wanting to spend much on a shampoo (not all – ‘some’- I need to be careful to say)… It “was” and “IS” a puzzle to me, so the fact that I continue to hear this from Killer Strand readers, reminds me of back-in-the-day. My hesitation at believing people can’t afford a shampoo that costs anymore than $6.00 is based on my experiences with all of my clients throughout the years, many of whom were wealthy beyond all of us.
There is some sort of weird stigma – though -- at least 50% of Americans think that shampoo should be the cost of a bar of soap, because basically that is all it does, is clean the hair. Soap is cheap, why not shampoo . . . was the sentiment I would hear most often. Shampoo is completely different than soap, although to be perfectly honest I feel the SLS-based soaps should not be used on the body - IN ANY WAY - and I use SLS-FREE Soaps that I find on ETSY.com. All hand made - Cold process Soaps - which means I think it takes 4-6 weeks for the soap to be fully processed. They are wonderful and so gentle on the skin.
I would always end up asking how much they spend on their face, both in skin and face products, in make-up and make-up supplies. The numbers were always – very VERY high… I would ask why they weren’t willing to take care of their hair nearly as well as their face . . .which would always reveal a puzzled look on faces of all types and ages, with most claiming to never have thought about it that way. Because when asked which was more important their hair or their skin – people have a very hard time choosing one over the other. Both are JUST as Important, which leads me to believe that spending the same amount on both should be the norm, well, it wasn’t.
What I can share with you is the fact that I get
almost - ZERO complaints on any of the Sulfate-free shampoos that sell for $15.00 and up. When a Shampoo is formulated correctly, which means using multiple surfactants ( the cleansing agent), not one – the product then requires you to use ‘HALF” as much of the amount of shampoo PER Wash….what does that mean? 1 bottle will last twice as long. So if you are getting twice the use out of 1 bottle of shampoo – the price therefore is definitely going down – way – way down. Maybe that’s not the best marketing strategy, but with a little research and a little experimentation you can find this out for yourself --- OR……trust me & believe in my facts. Its very hard to –re-train consumers…. once you have been used to using a certain amount of shampoo . . . you keep reaching for that same amount.
BUT…..BUT, I am hoping many of you will listen and learn this time out.
Try it, put a tiny cup ( glad to enclose with purchase of shampoo from http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/collections/sulfate-free-shampoos - just ask) in your Shower – pour the shampoo in the cup to assure yourself you are only using the tiniest of amounts. I am fairly certain the reason for the dislike of the inexpensive Sulfate-free shampoos stems from not using multiple surfactants and not using better ones. I fully understand keeping ‘costs’ down, but what good is any product if people don’t like it and won’t buy it ?
I will bet as soon as P&G steps into the sulfate-free shampoo arena you will find your first “best of ‘ALL’ worlds” product. They are pretty smart with their hair empire….and won’t want it tarnished with the release of a premature sulfate-free shampoo dud….I just cannot see that happening. The requirements as I understand them from all of you are this:
You want a Sulfate-Free Shampoo that:
  • has Lots of bubbles
  • cleans hair sufficiently
  • is a reasonable price
  • you can find easy enough
Is there anything I am missing? From emails I have received, and I promise you I receive a ca-zillion, these are your requirements.
While you wait for that perfect inexpensive SLS-Free Shampoo, please give one of ours a shot. What I am going to offer you my readers a shot at this weekend only – July 30 thru August 2 – which you will only be given if you are reading this is: FREE SHIPPING charges for the shampoo AND 20% OFF ALL KillerStrands SHAMPOOS, place the order- put the code word “WomanInTheMirror” in the box at the end of the checkout process http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/collections/sulfate-free-shampoos . [This Discount pertains to the smaller sizes of all of our shampoos - not King size versions.]When I receive the order I will refund the shipping and the 20 % –> PROMISE ! This can be a huge savings to you available this weekend only July 30 thru August 2, 2009 – so here is your chance to try any of the more expensive shampoos with excellent properties I am fairly certain you will find are exactly the same as the shampoos WITH sulfates. Only without the terrible traits of causing: hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp conditions. A shampoo does not need to create such horrible problems and I have proven over and over that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the stem of those problems in people of all ages,races and sex’s. If you haven’t quit yet . . . please quit today.
There are people’s hair dying all over the world and we need to make it a better place. Make a change. Please, I’m giving you a great deal on getting started
If you want to make the world a better place, take a look in the mirror
Killer Chemist
14 comments on "The Price of Sulfate-Free Shampoo"
  1. Wow...thanks, KC! I am dying to know which one it is that you buy a huge jug of for a year, for yourself. Is it John Master's or Kenra?

  2. I am waiting for my next paycheck to order a large bottle of Kenra, which I have tried in smaller bottles, but in the meantime... I have been using the SamyPure line. And it is much better than the EverPure line or the Vitamin Shampoo (tm) line. They both leave your hair VERY tangled.

  3. I have bought L'Oreal EverPure because I live in Toronto, Ontario and went out to buy SLS free after investing a lot of time reading here on Killerstrands (Thank You!) and I am in my twenties and have a daughter who has long curly hair and is using the everpure too and our hair is better for it. We also purchased shower filters and passed it on to our family members and relatives and they too have bought everpure and seem to have positive comments and are happy. Maybe because it is the first SLS free shampoo we bought so we cannot compare. In my quest to help my mother with her hair loss I will keep reading Killerstrands and thank you for suggestions and sharing!

  4. Lesley,
    Depends on where I am currently placing an order from, last time I was just placing my order for shampoos with John Masters so I bought the GIANT Jug of John MASTERS ORGANICS - LAVENDER-ROSEMARY Shampoo > perfectly yummy. Love it.
    Its 35 ounces for $50.00
    instead of
    8 ounces for $16.00

    I look at this way:

    the small one is $2.00/per ounce
    the large is $1.42/per ounce

    Last time I bought KENRA. Both excellent shampoos. Love and use everything I carry


  5. two things...
    as to L'Oreal hair products in general, I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Vive Pro Nutri-Gloss Conditioner for Medium to Long hair that's Curly/Wavy (mouthful, ain't it?). If you look to the Naturally Curly boards, there are constant raves about it, and for good reason. It's 'cone-free, meaning easy out with SLS-free shampoo or even a conditioner-wash with a cheap thin conditioner like Suave Naturals (also 'cone free). The only thing I would change about the LVPNG, as it's called, is the scent. I hate florals.

    as to cheap SLS-free shampoos, I love, love, love Vitamin Shampoo (http://www.vitaminshampoo.com/). It's $6-$7 for a 13 oz bottle that has lasted me through a bottle and a half of conditioner. I use the yellow one... "hydrating", noni berry and lemongrass-scented.

  6. What are the biggest complaints people have on the L'Oreal sulfate free shampoo?? I use it and I happen to like it.

    It takes very little to get a significant lather and the price is acceptable.

  7. Kathryne & LindaSonia,

    I'm glad to hear from you two, I actually put that sentence in there hoping someone would come forward about the EVERPURE, and it worked...you did.
    so Thank you...
    I have a hard time believing that no one....
    liked it...
    that makes no sense to me. A large company like that is going to have some customers, they have just been very hard to find.

    We have thousands of readers on here every single day...and for no one to come forward was bizarre. So again, thanks.

    Your post shows everyone that shampoo is a "personal" decision, what works for one can be hated by another. Its like that a lot in all hair products not just shampoos, which makes my job a lot harder.

    I cannot write , test and research for every single type of hair the same amount I do . . .there is only one of me. I have had 10,000 Heads in my chairs that mostly had the so-called California girl type of hair....I would say I had 20% that had wavy or curly hair and were very loyal to me as I favor ethnic hair care companies and products - I feel these companies "know their shit about hair". I also spent a month learning about "curly hair and how to cut it properly and color it correctly at Sassoon....they are very thorough there. I took all curlies that came to me as clients and I turned away people for various reasons all the time.

    So for some 'curlies' to come over here from the Naturally Curly Site and get all hostile towards me, is unfounded, but I refuse to get in any sort of conversation with the "angry" ones - for a very specific reason.
    I approached the owners of Naturally Curly when I was about to begin KillerStrands(3 years ago)...thought we could work together and off of each other...I mean they are Real Estate agents that happen to have curly hair...I was offering my education/talent/ & all and they basically told me to go bury my head in the sand.
    They made up some system of rating curly hair...or someone did, but they forgot to inform the Cosmetology community...I offered to help with that...
    Anyway, I never said a word...I just let it go.
    I've never bad mouthed them, I just ignore the fact they exist.

    I hope you understand and I hope you realize that every single hair stylist has curly haired clients...and we know how how to cut their hair properly, color it properly, and condition it properly and STRAIGHTEN it properly....the only thing we don't have is "CURLY HAIR".
    We do not have to "HAVE" a certain type of hair to be able to take care of it properly... that is ludicrous to think so.

    At one point when I was working Salons and photo shoots I was a licensed KeraCare educator... I feel the top company that makes and distributes ONLY curly hair products. I wanted to introduce that line to Naturally Curly as I felt they were really missing out.
    But as I said, they wanted no part of me at the time.

    OH Well, but I want you all to know.......... I tried.

  8. I'm currently using TIGI's Rockaholic. It's the best SLS free shampoo I've tried.

    My hair is left feeling really soft and shiny. Plus, the smell is wonderful. :)

  9. Just wanted to list myself as one of those mysterious consumers that loves the L'Oreal Everpure line of products.

    I rotate the moisturising and volumizing shampoos, do a little moisturizing deep treatment conditioner, and a tiny bit of the leave-in conditioner.

    I absolutely love the smell and how beautiful my hair looks. I'm an older gal growing my locks long and I'm so glad I found this line. I can't fathom why others have problems with it as it does wonderfully with me.

    PS I posted this comment in the wrong place earlier. I apologize for that. Just wanted it to be posted where it should be!

  10. Cheesy-
    That's GGGGGGGreat to hear, as I just bought that shampoo for the store, its got a great ingredient list, smells wonderful and was a great price... thanks for the Feedback... There is another Sulfate-Free POST, that both of your comments would help readers more...
    But thanks so much

  11. Carrie,
    I say it over and over again, shampoo is very personal adn everyone will have to make up their own mind and it may take a couple tries when dealing with SLS-FREE.

    There are lines that I get NO complaints from, is my only point...or very-very few.
    I hesitate to say what they are...as there seems to be people who just STRIVE to prove me wrong, which I will never understand.

    All I am trying to do is help you all.
    When I sell shampoos I lose money on them ......as I have to compete with the BIG BOYS, but have brought them in to satisfy a need for them.
    The bigger you are & the more you buy from Shampoo manufacturers the better your deal...I'm tiny so buy at the highest dollar amount from them.
    but thank you for your post. Please post these types of reviews in the Group....they will be read by at least 1,000 people...

    I will say this ONE MORE TIME:

    I really don't care what brand of shampoo anyone uses... if you want Fantastic hair, with no hair-loss or thinning or color fade....and was as much shine as possible....
    purchase the VERY BEST SLS, ALS, SLES,-FREE SHAMPOO you can afford - & don't shampoo every day. I have written an entire post on very detailed instructions on "how-to-shampoo-correctly" { in the LABELS/TAGS list }
    ...Read it...
    For best ingredient list I have ever seen:
    >>Use the John Masters line
    he has taken everything necessary into account
    > although I am always on the "Look-Out" for the next one or 2 to add to the list


  12. Hi KC! First time on your blog and I'm liking it...alot. I was wondering what effect does sulfate shampoo have on black hair(African-American)? What sulfate-free shampoo would you recommend for my hair? I have long hair (past the bra line) but it is not full. I would say my hair is dry and medium/coarse in texture.

  13. I discovered Everpure the other day and I love it! It's not expensive and I like much better than the organix. My hair is much smoother and combs out much easier. It cleanses (I have oily hair) great and I'm so happy I finally found something that works!

  14. I actually bought the Everpure volume shampoo on a whim because of the scent and I can't believe how amazing my hair looks after using it. I have never been able to see a difference between shampoos before, but granted, this is my first SFS shampoo. I'm surprised at all the negative reviews! I can't wait to try the other shampoos you recommend now...if the Everpure is considered a bad SFS shampoo, I can only imagine how great my hair will look with one of the good ones! Great site, thanks!


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