July 23, 2009

KillerStrands Has Grown:1st HairColor Only > Web Store

Come browse the very first hair color /hair health e-commerce site

I'm so sorry I have not kept my Posts up, I am very hopeful with our new store . . . .  it will ease up the amount of emails I must answer and write

Please come visit, shop around. . . .  enjoy yourself. . . .  this is our first attempt. . . be nice.
Most was put together by my very loyal, diligent and sweet staff. . . I am blown away at their kindness. Please, take a minute and thank all 3 of them - there is no way I could have done this alone  . .
All 3 did a whole lot of work - -  for a whole little bit of $$$  ....Andre, Nik and Amber . . . .have been just wonderful in this endeavor.

I never thought I would live to see this day, so this is very enlightening for me

We began with a Blog
Added a Group............(which just passed 1000 members btw)
and finished off with a Store . . . . .

The First  Exclusively HairColor Web store


Shop shop til you drop . . .
You know the email if you have questions - Killerstrands@gmail.com
I am assuming this will be problem-free.....this is a first for me & us . . . so be patient
8 comments on "KillerStrands Has Grown:1st HairColor Only > Web Store"
  1. really interested in buying some color. how long should i wait after dying my hair again?

  2. Thrilled that you decided to go public! Everything looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the site looks so good - i wanna buy one of everything!

  4. Awesome awesome AWESOME! I am so excited!

    Is there any way to apply the 10% discount on haircolor at the end, from a HHCC??

  5. Congrats! The site looks fantastic! I have the same question as Blueyes, actually. Also, KC, I sent you a request for funds on Wednesday, but I'm assuming I should just order it through the store now instead?

    Great job, and a big THANK YOU to KC, Andre, Nik, and Amber!

  6. BIG big thanks to Andre & Amber - the AA team made it happen for KC! And thanks to KC for having the vision and for persisting. Congratulations, KC!

  7. site looks great
    ya same here
    feel like getting everything


  8. The site looks awesome!! Congrats.

    2 Q's.

    Does dry shampoo (like TIGI) fade your color as fast as regular shampoo?

    What thermal heat protector should you use for fine hair?



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