July 6, 2009

Happy FN 4th of July - Celeb Hair KillerStrands Style

This Rocks <> her name.........Amber Rose
apparently Kanye's &/or Chris' new squeeze
How many people can
pull that off?
I love people that have the b__s
she's famous for doing nothing.........which seems to be the new celebrity....??????
2 comments on "Happy FN 4th of July - Celeb Hair KillerStrands Style"
  1. Famous for doing nothing? She models.

  2. Kelly,
    When this was brought to my attention by another reader, THAT was what she told me... I did a tiny bit of research on her and all I could find was that she was Kanye's gf... and everyone was puzzled as to what she did...

    more power to her...
    I love it, when people can rattle the Press - with who they are.
    I used to live in that world, and have been in the Enquirer myself a number of times, back in the day.

    I put her in her because I love her boldness AND her confidence with her hair. Please don't take it any other way.

    Everything in here is "POSITIVE"- read right up above here...I don't waste my time with anything else, I don't have the time.

    She is showing the "opposite of extensions" so I LOVE her example.


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