May 21, 2009

Posting Readers Testimonials; Keeps Me Alive and Kicking


Hello KC.level 10 blond9
I hope this email finds you feeling well.  You, as you must know, were right on with my HHCC - Home Hair Color Consultation.
You have improved my life by helping me feel beautiful everyday with my new color.  You very accurately helped me to achieve what I wanted.   I skipped right to your recommendation of 100A with 40V processing for 45 minutes. I am enjoying Thriven + the Secret  Supplement  = Healthy hair and less daily loss.
KC-don't let others get to you too much.  You are doing something with your gift and your smarts as a chemist.  Others may rush this process by not fully reading and comprehending what they need to know and following instructions to the letter.  Remember the horse and water each saying...can't make him drink.
You are a blessing to us all.. I just happen to know it.
Great news about the upcoming store that Detour will provide us all with. 
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