May 10, 2009

Celebrity Hair Color + the OMBRE Technique Drips Its Way Around Female Royalty

The process of lightening the bottom or ends of the hair is spreading throughout Hollywood's elite. The Technique is achieved by top LA  & NY Hair Colorists, but can be passed along to your stylist or your own hands fairly easy.  Colorists are not super happy with the technique as it takes a bite out of repeat appointments.
Personally, I feel its the perfect technique for the poor economy - it lasts months and I just love the different look.

We have a great little kit that gives you all the tools to accomplish this "OMBRE" look which used to be called Tip Drips. KS has put together a kit that contains most of the supplies you need to pull it off.

Its called the OMBRE - professional Kit....
On the page where the product is I threw together a quick example of how it works only on a Mannequin (we work on these all the time as funny as it probably seems to you). You should WANT your stylist to practice on mannequins and NOT YOU !!! They have

Happy Mothers Day to all Mom's out there!
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  1. I love PAINT DRIPS ....but isn’t it called Baylage or something..Where you progressive lighten the ends by free-hand ‘painting’ the lightener at strategically chosen places?

    The look that Gisele oh so flawlessly carried???

    I thought this was VERY relevant...its a post about doing this exact same style ...guess what.... the photo in reference is 6 yrs OLD !!!! and was referred to as the "Jen Aniston Look" LOL (circa 2003 !!) AMAZING how long it takes for a trend to pick up !!!!

    LOL :

  2. YIM,
    I don't believe in painting any hair color; lightners, bleach nothing - "freehand". I believe in using foils, for control. You run into danger of the pieces turning out Orange/gold/brassy .
    So I not only don't believe in that ridiculous balyage technique . or whatever its called....I don't know how to pronounce it !
    Yes, I was doing this technique 6 years ago on models and actors that were very fashion-forward...
    It will never completely go away .
    Just be added to the quill of hair color techniques we all use.

    your link didn't work
    but thanks

  3. I really like this. It just frames the face so gently but the face just pops, if that makes sense. It appears that most of the lighter color is applied starting between the middle of the ear and the chin on down. I love how with JG the hair is behind her ear and her face just sparkles. I can't remember her name but in the last pic she has one framing her face from her forehead in the front only. Accentuates her eyes. Very pretty.

    The link above has an "s" after http. Just delete the "s" and the link works.

  4. I have been reading over your blog for about 4 months now....and thank you! I do have a question (sorry not about paint drips....but didn't know where else to post it). I am very clear on getting platinum hair but not so clear on how to get my virgin level 6 hair to a nice level 8/9 honey wheat blonde (Reese Witherspoon, kate hudson look). If I wanted to use bleach (as high lift tint seems to always pull brassy/yellow on my hair) what stage would I lift it to? Thank you....

  5. DH,
    Love that you don't know who Sarah Jessica Parker is . . . if she knew that she would start a month long marketing campaign ! Its been a tough technique to sell to the public, when it first came out and my mentor told me it was the "newest" technique . . . I thought she was crazy. It took me 3 months after thinking about what she had said *( 6 years ago)to actually do it to myself - which is the best way to sell it to others I have discovered.
    My own daughters( who are usually super fashion-forward) hated it and thought I was nuts at first introduction, "new" does not always mean "love" I have discovered with hair trends.
    I have discovered one thing though......... once top celebs don it,
    people WILL pay attention.


  6. anonymous,

    that is a BIG GIANT question, that I cannot answer fully here, but am making note of it to write a POST about it, so watch for that.
    you must remember one sentence,
    " not all hair can be all colors ".

    If a production company calls me and asks me can I make so & so's hair "x" color for the day. I say YES, I can pretty much make anyone's hair ..... any color on the planet for 1 day. As far as making it that one weird color for a couple weeks, that's a whole different story. It will wash out, fade, it simply won't last.

    I have a highlift level 12 Ash Tint that I feel beats any other color on the planet,to date. A highlift tint lifts 3-4 levels - the company tells you 5...I've never found that to be true. Until you try that, I feel you don't really know. If you have Level 6 hair and you apply Level 12 highlift with 40 volume. It should lift 3 levels to a nice level 8-9. I just finished testing a new line of hair color: Compagnia Del Colore, that is supposed to be this new jet set hair color from Europe...doesn't come close to the high-lifts, I swear by.
    "Underlying pigment" is a huge factor and I am adding that to my list as well, to write about. Whatever color your hair holds in it to begin with, also is a HUGE contributing factor as well.

    That's why you can see a certain blond you like . . .yet another you don't like.

    Another point...if you have Gray hair - non of this holds true. Unfortunately Gray hair limits your choices down to a very tiny array.


  7. Hi there! I was reading the directions for thriven and had a quick (hope it's not stupid) question. It says to "hit it with a blow dryer"....does that mean blow dry it for a couple hours to make it dry or just every once in a while heat it up? Do you wait to fall asleep until it is relatively dry on your hair or can you go to sleep with it wet (in the shower cap). I have been told to never fall asleep with wet hair (from someone less knowledgeable that you) so I am just checking. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi,

    I paid for a consult with you (I haven't yet had time to send the pictures yet to get started) but I was wondering if you could point me to the video of the paint drips technique? When I go to the blog post where it's supposed to be I can't find anything.


  9. Ruby,
    its a 2 part DEMO....
    I would suggest checking out all the Demo's...its super helpful. here's the link

    "paint drips" was spelled wrong

  10. does anyone know of a step by step guide for this technique?


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