May 6, 2009

10,000 HEADS : A Possible New Step ?

The theory makes sense . . .

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10,000Heads is Killer Strands own 13 Step regimen for hair thinning & loss in females. It runs about an 80-84% success rate with all women religiously following as many steps as possible for a period of 90 days. 10,000 Heads began with 3 Steps - 15 years ago, and it certainly wasn't called 10,000 HEADS - - more like 500 HEADS ! It was 3 Steps and it was given to each client on the back of their next appointment card. This is how the whole thing began:
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after color service
  • Watch Hot Tool use
  • Eat a well balanced diet
I knew then that things were all screwed up in the world of hair care, just not to the extreme they were.595779-001
I also am not big on talking and promoting a product I have not run through a number of different tests on my own. BUT. . . there is a new product that actually is one of my own ideas from about 9-10 years ago, that makes just all the sense in the world. At this point I guess I won't be testing this type of thing anymore, but its a relevant product being as 10,000HEADS is Killer Strands most successful protocol.
In the world of women's hair loss, there are only 2 FDA approved treatments, one is the Laser Brush which sells for about $600. and I have yet to hear of anyone it has truly worked for ( If anyone is out there with successful results we would love to hear from you). The other is 2% Minoxidil (Rogaine).
Way, way back when the beginnings of the female hair thinning & loss problems began on an unusual segment of my female clientele . . . I came up with a very archaic version of what you see today as the 10,000HEADS Hair Strengthen System, everyone has to start somewhere. The unusual segment was way-to-young, healthy women, its fairly well noted that hair thinning after the age of 50 is pretty much considered "normal", I hate to say. I was starting to get many complaints and was starting to notice it on my regular clients that were of high school and college age - unusual thinning & hair loss. . .so I really started to pay attention to the issue.
One of the first steps I tried on clients was the 2% minoxidil, I even tried it myself when I went through my medical treatments. The product is this watery substance that had more alcohol in the mix than minoxidil. . .so it had this piercing smell as well. I happen to have a dry scalp, dry hair, dry skin . . . so anything that contributes to that I like to stay far far away from... alcohol is that "thing". But for the sake of testing and my clients I gave it 3 months.
What I noticed was why a company, that could potentially be making hundreds of millions of dollars, couldn't understand that making the delivery vessel of the minoxidil out of a "watery-alcohol-ey" based substance, was completely wrong and ineffective. In 3 months it did absolutely nothing to my hair growth, I felt the main reason was because the watery substance never really stayed in the area of where you put it, it would drip. It was horrible to work with and it would make your scalp and skin flake after a week or so from the alcohol. One of the dumber products of the 20th century in my mind.
After about a year of many people trying it, every one complaining about . . . I stopped recommending it and using it. I made notes back then that say, needs a moisturizing "base" for the minoxidil or use in a styling product such as a mousse or texturizer so the product is solving 2 birds. When Pureology was introduced to the marketplace and I studied up on Nanotechnology, the first thing I thought of was: that's what they need to 'deliver' minoxidil to the hair.
Well, guess what has been developed? A new system of delivery of minoxidil to the female scalp, via nanotechnology! You can imagine my little secret pleasure and delight.lanadilkit_lrg
The product is called Lanadil, which is a hair care line that utilizes a water soluble, time-released nanotechnology system designed to restore hair quality and stimulate new hair growth. The minoxidil-based, alcohol-free line includes SULFATE-FREE (!!!) shampoo, conditioner and serum.
Lanadil is available exclusively online, but get ready for a hefty price tag!
If we have anyone give it a try, let us know. I still feel nothing will give you the success of Thriven ad the secret supplement, but maybe there are some that feel you need even another Step.....have at it!
They will soon figure out they are going to have to split up the trio. I give them a year!

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