August 31, 2016

Battle of the Highlift Blond VERSUS Bleach - Photo Demo: See For Yourself

This an old post from 2008 and I wanted to show you that at one time there existed a highlift that could PROPERLY Lift hair to blonde with ZERO brass from a Level 5-6 ......  which the dollhead came with...... 

I found these old photos and I'm just so very upset that 8 years ago we had a highlift blonde that lifted hair from a Level 5-6 to a Level 11 - virtually

This was a demo displaying how to apply these 

Finally I have the end of the TRIXIE transformation. The battle between the highlift blonds and bleach and how far a highlift blond can really go . I'm sorry my program for writing my posts is screwed up so todays post is going to be very half-assed until I can figure out how to fix it. . .

Proceeding with Trixie to the front quadrants. . . on the right side as you see here I applied Oil Bleach and 20Volume - starting at the bottom of the quadrant and going up in 1/2 inch partings, moving as quickly but as carefully as you can.
Then on the left side of her hair : I used Renbow 100A + White Genie + 40 Volume
the White Genie being the key to this high level of lift. As you will see it equalled the lift of bleach!
Always - Always use INTENSIVE ( changed from IN DEPTH to our INTENSIVE in 2010!) after every single color procedure as you color. . . .Locks in color and equlizes the pH (which locks in color l

On the left BACK quadrant I have used Renbow 100A + 40 Volume = NO White Genie was used. As you can see the result is about a 8NG, which to some is a perfectly fine level to reach, and it does depend on your goals . . . but in this case we were headed towards a level 10 and the result with a High Lift Blonde and 40 Volume does not get there - not on a Level 4-5 Base.

See the result?

Bleach VERSUS High lift and White Genie produces about the same result . . .

as you can now see with your own eyes. The left back quadrant also shows that a straight HIGH LIFT Blond can only lift SO FAR . . . as you can see it gets to about a Level 8 and that's it!

Here I have applied the TONERS on both sides.

Remember it is called a BLEACH and TONE,

ALWAYS - ALWAYS - tone your hair. The best? Color Touch..

 YES - apply INTENSIVE again . . . . you will thank me in the end.



GO........TRIXIE finished . . .Wasn't that hard . . . or that bad . . . do you think?

 See the back left quadrant, is the only one that didn't turn out light enough - although you can't really tell in these photos. . .

Finished TRIXIE

So, what do you think>? excuse the make-up my girlfriends daughter went nuts with markers! ! !  she thought it was beautiful ! ! ! 

What questions do you have?

I mean if you are totally opposed to bleach you can now see that it can be equaled WITH A HAIR COLOR THAT WAS MADE FOR 20 YEARS.
It was first made in Italy and then the USA invited him over here and he made it in Pennsylvania or one of those little states in that area.....until he sold the company to Paul Mitchell......... the chemists were so upset at how Mitchell ran the company {cut their salary} they took the secret to the formula and moved to another company I was told. 

Somewhere out there is a couple of cosmetic chemists with gold in their phones/laptops ! ! ! !

I mean ONLY by using a High-lift Blonde by Renbow --- we could achieve a beautiful brass-free blonde on a doll head no less - (they are harder to lift than regular human hair on a human body)

So in 2008 there was a highlift that lightened Level 5-6 hair color - - - - to a beautiful blonde color color.



You will be a very rich entrepreneur afterwards - just ask any hair colorist. 


.........................IN THIS COUNTRY 

..............ASK FOR THIS VERY THING 





.......................EVERY SINGLE YEAR ? ? ?

10's of Thousands. . . .

If I was well I would take this on . . . 

So I challenge someone  - - -

who is looking for a smart investment


Killer Chemist

21 comments on "Battle of the Highlift Blond VERSUS Bleach - Photo Demo: See For Yourself"
  1. That is one amazing bob! Subtly A-line/tapered in the back but in no way mushroomy or overly stacked. You really do absolutely amazing work. Even though it isn't a pixie, I'm just as happy with the wonderful cut. It makes Trixie look 100% better; she's one stylish lady these days ;).

  2. This is a great learning post! I love your experimentations. :-) There's really very little difference in shade between the bleached and WhiteGenie/High-lift sides, and they both look very soft and healthy after Thrivening. Can you feel any difference in texture yourself?

  3. This is awesome! It's great to finally be able to see the difference. Doesn't make as scared about bleach anymore, that's for sure :)

    I have a question... when you apply bleach you usually do on a doll that has all-over even color. If you're trying to make your highlights disappear and get an all-over blonde, would you all-over bleach? I would imagine it being a little tricky to just apply bleach to the non-highlighted strands. But I can also see that if you apply bleach all over, a lot of hair might be under-pigmented and break off. What do you do?

    Thanks KC :) as always, you're awesome....

  4. I'm with Jane. Can you feel a difference? If not now, would there be one in the long run? Is highlift (+white genie) more damaging because of all the extra ammonia? Are different levels of developer more damaging? Maybe I'm more into chemistry than I though, hmmm...

  5. I wanted to share with previous posters here. I am not killerS and could never be! hahah. Just wanted to comment. I highlift my bottom/nape area (I am Level 2) and bleach my roots up top. It gives me a generally blonde look. Oil bleaches and Wella Blondor with 20 vol. leave my hair in great condition. Fourty volume with highlift colour burns my scalp. I don't notice a texture difference with the two, but highlift can give your hair a nice 'sparkle,' as opposed to bleach which tends to look one-dimensional. Thanks Killer again, for a great lesson!!!

  6. i'm probably asking this in the wrong place, but i'd like some help if you can give it.

    i've been trying for the 'emo swoop fringe' type style for a while, but it never turns out quite right.

    i live in a small town with few good hairstylists, which may have contributed to the problem but i feel like my biggest problem is that i have a high forehead. instead of the fringe covering most of my forehead in a wide section, it just kinda hangs down over one side. i tried parting it over farther but my hair is also very fine so it looks like all my hair is on one side of my head.

    should i give it up and try a new style for my fringe or just try a new hairstylist? (a new salon just opened, maybe that will help)

    thanks, sorry if this is in the wrong place or something.

  7. Trixie looks scrumptious.
    I am a longtime proponent of bleach (I also found the irritation to the scalp made my hair grow twice as fast, definitely a shout for all those who are THAT desperate for growth).

    I've never had any colorist PH balance my hair before though, I guess that's a signal on how behind on everything Canada is, cause I've gone to teh fanciest salons in Calgary.


  8. Gal on a budg:
    Why thank you... although I didn't really give her a full hair cut . . was just trying to clean her up for her REVEAL. She looks presentable now~!

  9. Can I ask the difference between Wella Blondor and Wellite ? Is the Wellite the oiol bleach and blondor a powder bleach?

    Also. does lightning hair affect curl? Will it straighten otherwise long curly hair? Don't want to end up with straight frizzy highlights/ribbons.

  10. Hey! I just wanted to ask what color toner did you use on Trixie, it looks like a beautiful beige/ash color, I want my yellow-ish highlights to be that color!!
    Keep up the amazing work and thank you for everything you do for us
    Bianca :-)

  11. Jane,
    Nope the texture was just the same. . .remember White Genie is straight powdered ammonia, that is pretty powerful . . . so its something you want to be careful with.

  12. Sabrina,
    something you all might think is weird. . . but when you bleach hair, you must EXPECT breaking...its just part of the game. there is no reason to worry about breaking off, I mean its hair and when you change it from Level 3 to Level 10 its going to be pissed off and its going to break off. . . and those little hairs surrounding your hair line??? they are going to break off. . . WHO REALLY CARES? you don't need to care about those little things. as a qualified hair stylist: we don't care when we are bleaching super light...its part of the game.
    Now to bleach when you have highlights and then natural hair you must try to separate the light pieces and foil them up . . . other wise you will have breakage where you don't want it.. Yes, it will be time consuming, but you are only doing it once, so take the time and do it right~! That is how hair turns out the best. Taking your time to do it RIGHT.
    What's the big rush?
    Slow down and do it right.

  13. Hi, Trixie looks great!! What toner #'s did you use on her? Thanks

  14. I have naturally curly hair and am wondering which of these methods would be least damaging on me. I need to nail down a good bleach method so I can touch up the roots on my (already probably damaged, nearly-white-bleached) hair.

  15. Eliza,
    #1. YOU MUST order REDKEN Levitation OIL BLEACH FROM ME, 1 kIT COMES WITH 2 APPLICATIONS and use 20 Volume .....what Level is your VIRGIN HAIR LEVEL?
    Then also order a bottle of 40 Volume for a PATCH on top of the 20 Volume to avoid having to bleach roots twice.

    Then rinse very thoroughly ..........5 minutes longer........ than you would ever rinse before...... I wil finish the rest of the application once you place the order for the bleach and toner...the probably Pearly ASH Toner from COLOR TOUCH.


  16. Don't forget the IN DEPTH AFTER TREATMENT - IMPERATIVE ....after "all Color Treatments"
    and it works phenomenally

    Killer Chemist

  17. Where can you purchase the White Genie? I have searched online and can't find anything about it. Thanks!

  18. Shelley,
    You can purchase it all right here in our underground store! . . . Join our Google Group we have over 600 members, then you have access to shop in the store. . . be sure to answer the 3 questions at the beginning.
    Here is the link or: Google.......>>"Google Groups -Killer Strands".

  19. hello there; first off trixie looks great =) i love the color. secondly, i have a question about hi-lift color. i color my hair a level 9 i think it's called "lightest natural blonde" and it looks good for about a week then toward the top it gets a rusty look. i was thinkin of using a hi-lift all over color then waiting about 2-3 weeks and coloring it my normal color (the level 9) to see if this would prevent the nasty rust look. what would you recommend? any help would be appreciated; thank you!

  20. i LOVE this hair color & style! i have a question, seems like the gist of this is that the high lift is not as damaging as bleach, but it's being use with 40V, which i thought was really bad for your hair. plus, white genie is is this process actually less damaging than bleaching?

  21. Can a high lift tint be used to do highlights over top of a demi permanent color? I talked with someone who uses the Chi high lift that says yes. How do you feel?


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