December 5, 2007

Understanding the Color Wheel is the Backbone of Successful Hair Color

Every talented Hair Colorist fully understands the Color Wheel as well as its off-shoots

 Primary - Secondary - Tertiary color wheels which are just as important

So, Please...
I painted my color Sassoon they make you paint them, at the time I thought it was ridiculous. It is one of the best projects one can do as a hair color teacher..... I guarantee you it will make a lot of the theory of hair color make sense to you.....which is not easy to understand.
Lets look at these projects as a stepping stone to the pot of gold: KNOWLEDGE of hair color that is not available anywhere on the planet , especially not to the public.
Lets get this education out person at a time if we have to.
Sunday will be the instruction of what Color Wheels to color and how to do > Please have your full set of felt pens /crayons or Paints ( the best)...and some thick paper to color on. I know it seems lame, trust me its worth it. It just does not work the same if you just must color the colors to implant the ideas in your brain.
I promise when we are done............ you will say........OH, now I get it.............everyone does
3 comments on "Understanding the Color Wheel is the Backbone of Successful Hair Color"
  1. you mention that you need to use redken bleach. I bought the bleach, oil and the volume 20..
    is that what I need to start?
    or is it just oil and 20 volume?

  2. Redken makes a specific "OIL BLEACH"...which you need to be a Cosmetologist to purchase...I am assuming you are one.. The oil is part of the purchase. The NAME of the bleach is Redkens LEVITATION.
    Which you would get a tub of powder bleach AND a bottle of OIL BLEACH they call it ( its oil with a few potent chemicals in it)....then you purchase some 20 volume CREME developer to complee the mixture....
    You would need some Creme developer to top off the package...

    Does that help?

    Killer chemist


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