December 25, 2007

Bitchin Bleached Blondes Accomplished @ Home

Bleach Your Hair Exactly Like Gwen Stefani's .........exactly
This seems to a very hot subject, not only by emails & comments . . but it is also one of the top Searched subjects with GOOGLE which fascinates me.
I would imagine because it is so hard to get perfect.
I see a whole lot of banana heads walking around so that has to be the reason.

I only work with "perfect" always have
Therefore...we will spend however many days it takes to get everyone's questions answered.
I have begun bleaching a mannequin head giving it "roots" . . so I can demonstrate "overlapping"... "touching up" "timing", "toning" and any thing else you can dream up

Let this be the new home of: Bleach your hair like GWEN'S - .........exactly

When I repeat myself it is because I have discovered many of the newer readers have not gone all the way back to the beginning...and expect to be all up-to-date by reading the past 10 posts...which doesn't really work. When the repeats happen its beCAUSE I feel its important enough to say it again > FYI

 For all of you I would suggest purchasing at least one doll head from them. They have about 40 different types and the really top notch ones even are under $25.00 !!... they even have a miniature human hair head for learning that is $16.95 !! The normal sized models have real human hair heads designed so you can practice color, highlights, blow drying, hair cutting ( practice fringe trimming {bangs} ), bleaching, they have some with Grey roots, or with colored roots ...they even have a 4 section head each quadrant has a different learning technique.

The experience is invaluable....the price incredible.....I cannot recommend it enough if you are really interested in learning & perfecting the craft. Remember if you take what I teach you, learn it >> practice it, you can save yourself a carload of cash over your lifetime....besides having the level of hair you see on magazine covers.

It just hit me to spend the next couple weeks or days whatever it takes to thoroughly cover bleaching hair....Level 1 through Level 8/9 so everyone will have every single question answered. So get your pad & pencil ready I want EVERY single question that has ever occured to you about this subject so I can address it, photograph and if necessary video an explanation. {this is terrible but I have still not figured out my camcorder - but I WILL I PROMISE!! }

No one warned me you had to become a techno geek in order to become a blogger !

Don't get me wrong . . . I Love electronics, I don't mind them at all, its just the "TIME" involved

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