October 16, 2017

A Few of my Favorite Things… From a Crib Colorist

Boost, Burst & Blast, Twink and Twink2, & Twinkle Gleam

The Holidays are fast approaching and I couldn't help but share with you all a few of my favorite Killerstrands Brand Products. I’m so excited about these products because they are absolutely amazing and are so good for your hair while adding some extra fun to your holiday. 

Boost Shampoo and Burst and Blast Conditioners are heavily pigmented temporary hair colors. These temporary colors are perfect for Halloween... which by the way is literally right around the corner... These highly pigmented semi-permanent / direct dye colors are great because you can add a little fun to your costume and be the life of the party by using a little or a lot of this direct dye or semi-permanent color that will wash out in just a few shampoos. My favorite go to direct dye removal is Malibu’s Undoo Goo or Hard Water Shampoo or packets, (for a quicker removal results, you can also try a cheap drugstore brand shampoo).  Here are a few of my favorite colors.
·         Breaking Bad Blue
·         Cosmo
·         Titanium
·         Killercopper2
·         Purple Rain
·         Metallic Silver Bullet
·         Redlight District

This hair gel has a whole lot of sparkle... so why not add a little extra sparkle to your Christmas Holiday or New Year’s Eve this holiday season with Twink? This twinkle of a hair gel isn’t drying and doesn’t leave your hair with that gooey, sticky feel or residue that some gels leave. Twink2 is a version of Twink, only it has both glitter and metallic shapes and would be a great addition to your Halloween costume.... and it is very temporary, all you have to do is comb or brush out the larger metallic pieces of glitter and wash out the rest. Have some fun this season and try out some of these amazing colors!

·         Angel-Rose Gold Microfine Glitter
·         Silver-Bullet Glitter Gel
·         24K Gold Glitter Gel
·         Chrome Chocolate - Silver/Brown Glitter Gel
·         Icey Silver Violet Glitter Gel
·         Rose Gold Parade Pink (Twink2)
·         Academy Award Gold (Twink2)

Last, but definitely not least is Twinkle Gleam. Gleam is a nourishing oil that gives hair ridiculous shine and works miracles for your hair.... and what could be better than Gleam? Twinkle Gleam!!! Twinkle Gleam has the same exact benefits as Gleam, but with a little added sparkle to your locks... so go ahead and start having some fun with your hair!

See you around and remember life is too short for boring hair!

Crib Colorist


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