March 10, 2015

Wella Introduces the Very First Demi-Permanent Pastel Hair Color - Instamatics Are Here and are Gorgeous

To keep up on what is coming up and what is new and cool, I watch the European markets for what is coming down the pipeline as far hair and hair color. I have been creating pastels from hair color my entire career but to finally have the actual product here, I am just thrilled to no end. I know this won't be a lot of yours "thing" .....BUT, think of this.. . . .

Do you have some Blonde pieces, chunks, ribbons, slices with Ash brown hair or any of the many techniques going on now-a-days? Consider applying on top of the blonde pieces or having your Colorist apply.......... some mint green over the blonde and by the next time you go in for a Re-touch the mint green will be washed out. USE the pastels as an accessory which is what they are designed for. For Fun, to be used as an accessory to your clothes and outfit for a few weeks.. I have Copper hair and I plan on applying some of the pink to some of my blonde slices and I'm old ! I think it will be cool for a few weeks and I don't really care what anyone thinks.

In conjunction the FREELIGHTS line has come out, which is merely a white bleach to be used for Balayage .... a technique I don't find much use for but a lot of Colorists do. I was highly trained in foils and can do anything in foils they can do Freehand but we carry the Balayage Painting paddle so if that is your cup of tea you are welcome to the products you need to perform it with. The reason I like foils? I was trained on them and they do generate warmth and natural warmth like that helps the color develop better than when just hanging out in the air. (My personal sentiments are going to cause a giant hub-bub in the Comments section, but please just relax everyone!)  I get so much flak for my feelings in this area, I actually took a Post down I was so tired of responding to -- from the people that feel the opposite. 

When it comes down to really is:.."different strokes for different folks" its not a competition, which is why I have ALWAYS sold Balayage paddles - 2 of them even - you can't find these anywhere else, so relax !

But Anyway lets look at what Wella is calling Color Touch INSTAMATICS

Create natural-looking highlights with Wella's new foil-free Blondor Freelights.

Use it for Ombre or Balayage hair







As you can see by these photos 3 colors have been weaved through the blonde hair, see how beautiful it looks?


Mauve + Amethyst

Now here are the 6 colors:

Ocean Storm

Muted Mauve

Pink Dream

Smokey Amethyst

Jaded Mint

Clear Dust

 These are Color Touch Colors so you would be using 6 & 13 Volume Developer and processing for 35-45 minutes. They quote 25 minutes as they do with all Color Touch colors but I have always found processing 40-50 minutes makes the color last longer

Here are the 2 balayage spatula's 


 you apply the spatula underneath the hair, then use the tint brush and paint on lightener in little strips that look like this:

 that work something like above, choice is foils but I am going to try this for fun next time the chance arises itself !

We have a kit that has a complete photo tutorial that shows you how to do this with foils. I call it the Ribbons of light Kit or the Victoria's Secret model hair !!!!  ha ha

Once you lighten the little strips to blond, you then can apply any of the new and very cool Instamatics by Wella 's Color Touch line.

 The hair above has slices of  blonde first then Pink Dream and Mauve applied to them, see how subtle it can be, I just think it is beautiful, how about you?

6 comments on "Wella Introduces the Very First Demi-Permanent Pastel Hair Color - Instamatics Are Here and are Gorgeous"
  1. I love these colors! Might try a few streaks on my all white almost 74-year old head! Thank you for sharing ..

  2. Helen, if you will take the plunge I will offer you 20% off your color if you promise me photos, I can post !!!. Email us: I just think that would be beautiful and it would shampoo out in a while depending on how long you leave it in, I bet you will get lots of complements. I plan on putting it in my hair as well. I think that is a wonderful attitude. for the week of 3/10/15 thru 3/17/15 I offer this to anyone who apply and take photos so we can POST, if worried I will BLUR your face. KC

  3. Promise photos! I am leaving home this Saturday, out of the country until the 24th .. expect an email after my return. How fun! Now I must choose my color!

  4. So the product is already available in your shop? Cool :) I prefer brighter colors generally but demi permanent is definitely tempting

  5. These examples are gorgeous! I am particularly smitten with the last picture posted here! I have been a LONG-TIME admirer of the use of color to highlight the face, or to set-off the defining features of a style. My love for the look goes way back to the days when Crazy-Color was the only (?) product available, and long before it was as popular as it is now. Over the years that I have been faithfully following KC, I have purchased everything required (the Blondor, the developer, the foils, and a variety of "creative colors" she doesn't even carry anymore!) to add some color to my life... But, as a 50-something woman working in a conservative profession (clinical psychology), I've always been too afraid to try it. In fact, I've never even lightened my hair. Not even highlights. But, the gorgeous subtlety of these colors is PERFECT, and SO accessible! I am in with both feet and without hesitation! I am going to foil some ribbons into my hair tonight (!), and place my order for a few Instamatic colors (and some Burst conditioners, as well) immediately! As always, KC, thank you so very much for all that you give us --- access to cutting edge products, and the carefully presented education we require to use them properly. You are irreplaceable!

  6. how are you doing? I think of you often?


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