October 10, 2014

Long Lasting Eye Brow Tinting Kit by Killerstrands

One of the most coveted trix of the trade is
the formula for tinting eyebrows....
I cannot claim the original formula....but I can claim the one for thousands walking around the streets of LA for the past 15 years...
The human female and male face just does not look right without a full eyebrow...many can't figure out "what' it is  when their face doesn't look gorgeous. Check out every celebrity you admire - - - they all spend $ 500./month on their brows - monthly. Look at their brows.....they are all spectacular - always perfectly shaped and always ALWAYS tinted as well as their hair. Oprah - Anniston, J-Lo, everyone just stunning brows. It is so easy for you to fix - - with us at your side.

I have never colored a client's hair without doing their brows. Now, don't take this wrong I would not tint them the color the client always wanted....you don't want the brows sticking out....you don't want to tint them JUST TO TINT THEM ! When you go platinum ....you do not tint your eyebrows platinum .... nothing would sillier .There are guidelines when tinting them , but all you have to do is worry about your own - as a Colorist I have to master the brow color of all colors of hair.

Our store supplies an eyebrow kit, in which all you have to do is either supply the Level and tone of your hair color if you want me to pick (yep I will do the picking, not to worry ! )
If you have blonde eyebrows and want them to be a soft Beige-Brown.... then
 be sure to input: I would like a Level 8 Soft beige brown , currently they are a Level 5.
We need to know how much the brow needs to change color to give you the proper developer  and we include directions and application brushes as well.
see how odd the human head look without brows they are a very necessary part of balance and symmetry for your face!

We include the instructions, all the little tools needed to apply and mix, all you will need to add is some q-tips! .. you only need a 1/2 inch long strip amount in the bowl, of each color.
These tubes will last you years and color has a shelf life of about 18 months - so its a great investment.

Have grays ? Tell us that too!

We have a trick for that as well !
Wait til you try this once you will be hooked like all my clientele !

Thank you for your support,


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