April 26, 2013

Tint On Wet Hair OR Dry Hair & Pulling Thru

A great couple questions asked by a group member, that just had to be make it to the Blog

1. Always Tint Permanent Hair color on DRY hair
2. Always Tint Demi-Permanent Hair Color on Wet hair

4. Always use Bleach on Dry hair
5. Always begin and use Oil Bleach on DRY Hair
6. Always apply bleach highlights on Dry Hair.
7. Always Apply Toner to Wet Hair

When we say wet hair we mean wet hair that is gently and carefully towel dried or air dried for a while so the hair is what I call Wet/Dry. NEVER dripping wet.

 When Pulling Hair Color thru at the end of processing, what do I use?

Pulling thru: always mix up more than you need at the beginning so there is left over....just when you are getting ready to pull thru, squeeze a shot of 20 Volume ( or the developer you just used if that is all you have) into the old color........mix really well and begin putting it on quickly all over the hair NEATLY in quarters, being sure to get it even and using a giant wide tooth comb (we sell plenty great ones) comb that thru quickly

6 comments on "Tint On Wet Hair OR Dry Hair & Pulling Thru"
  1. Just curious; what difference does it make if the colour is applied to hair wet or dry?

  2. Can you explain why in regards to the wet or dry application?

  3. KC your thoughts on dry shampoo.

  4. Dry Shampoo has been around for 50 years, they used to call it PSSSST, back in the day. What its good for? Oily Hair and trying to stretch out the amount of days one needs to shampoo per week. Even with gentle shampoo's color fades, so the less you can shampoo the better. People with Oily hair that work-out every day have a tricky road to navigate...trying to stretch the time out between shampoo's. Dry Shampoo is the maybe the gold medal product for dealing with Oily hair.

    It is also great for making clean hair have texture and giving it "grab" as we call it, to style and make it look like that bedhead style that is everywhere. Dry Shampoo is merely TALC powder...you can mix a little talc with a little cornstarch and you can make your own.

    They have tinted ones for darker hair although I find they absorb and disappear anyway so there is not need for the tinted ones. I really like the KMS Dry spray Wax for grab and you can train oily hair to not be so oily by slowly stretching out days in-between shampoo's. The best way to tone down oily hair is to lighten it, but that is a whole other post now isn't it?
    Most Stylists keep it for Commercial work, as for everyday? Not so much !

  5. Hello KC!

    You once wrote "whatever we have on our hair to begin with AFFECTS EVERYTHING IN our Hair Color Results". I am thinking about buying your TRESSA watercolor shampoo but my hairdresser advised me not to because it is going to interfere with the color she puts next time or prevent it from depositing well. What do you say about it? Is TRESSA safe for future toning jobs (she uses Redken shades eq)?

    Thanks for a great site!


  6. In my opinion, there is not enough color in those to either affect or prevent hair color from working correctly. I would say if you used those cheap models that are dark purple (think old ladies with their blue hair - who use that horrible Shimmer Lights) yes.
    But as always, I have a trick I had my clients use . . . All my clients were required to have Malibu2000 UN.DOO.GOO 'Poo on hand and a couple of the treatment packets....if you haven't tried either you are missing out on one of the most dynamic & effective products in existence. All clients were asked to do one or the other the night before their appointment with me. Why?
    To get any and all gunk out,chlorine, elements,product build-up,tinted hair washes or conditioners, etc...which would leave me with a fresh,clean stripped down hair strands to apply my color.
    Applying color on top of hair that has had that done first both:
    ~ adds vibrancy
    ~ increases shine
    ~ makes color more true to color
    ~ increases Gray coverage and makes it STICK better
    and there are more- those are just the most important features

    I was not referring to colored shampoos like ours
    Again you can regulate the amount of color deposited by how many times you use those shampoos many find using them once maybe twice per week is sufficient.
    go for it, girl !!


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