September 16, 2012

Why Wen is Wacky (haircare that is)

Wow, there is not a hair brand more insane and full of shit than the haircare line referred to as Wen. 
His claim is that you shampoo your hair with conditioner ... conditioner that has a little Suds included.  Well, here at Killerstrands we promote not even using conditioner....conditioner is almost the EXACT same formula as hand/body LOTION !!    Can you imagine pouring that on your freshly cleaned hair? Me neither. About 30% of all women with length in their hair, need some sort of de-tangling action and help with brushing through the hair. That is not very many women. A lot of women have short hair, so . . . If you have short hair and are using conditioner of any kind, STOP NOW!

I REFUSE TO PUT A PHOTO OF THIS PRODUCT on my Blog. . .  no promotion here. Sad but True. Many times I worry that my opinions will completely shock the Hell out of my readers, but I'm done worrying about it. Here comes the God's honest truth. Being born/bred in California ... born in Santa Monica, same hospital Tom & Katie had "Suri" in . . .

 I must be bat-shit ... but really I'm not, I'm honest & truthful to a fault, 

and that's it.

I want you to know that I will try any hair product - if I receive enough emails or I have read about it in trade magazines before it hits the streets., or any hype . . . I truthfully ONLY care about the ingredients used and the result they have formed. I have nothing against any brand,

   As long as they make a good product
that will keep your hair on your head + not damage or 
destroy any part of the growth or health of the hair

I only heard of this wing-nut WEN through this blog, so I was a good girl and I ordered it retail and tried it personally about 2 years ago. What a complete crock, my hair never felt yuckier and the amount I had to use was ridiculous. It was a laugh and a half, but I was trying to watch my tongue and not scare the shit out of everyone.

With many requests on my opinion lately, its time to reply with just my 'opinion'.

The answer to this ding-dong and his supposed grand results is ........... 3 words :

                       PROFESSIONAL  BLOW DRY

Every one one of you has had a professional blow-dry at some point in your life.. . . right?
Remember how wonderful that felt? 

 Remember how thick and smooth & glorious your hair felt?

 That is the one and only thing that sells his products. To me that is illegal marketing. I forget the name of the law but we have one in this country. If you market a product and claim it does something remarkable - - it sure as shit -- better do it. I think with the Internet enforcing that is probably impossible anymore.


               Before                                                            After

100 bucks says she has extensions in the AFTER shot, but again can you say: PROFESSIONAL BLOW DRY  ! ! ! ! !

           Before                                                                                                After

Notice the teeth in both photos "AFTER" photos, putting the hair in front sure helps, right?

                                 AGAIN.................PROFESSIONAL  BLOW   DRY  ! ! 

I hope you caught Saturday's Newsletter . . . put that and this message together... I am trying to educate you, so you make better choices for your hair products. It matters, its not just YOU with thinning hair at the age of 18 - 20 - 30 - 40 & 50 . . . truly the NATURAL age hair loss should begin is: 60 not 20 or 30. The products you are using are destroying the hair bulb which is where the hair begins to grow again after it has NATURALLY shed. It is a 4-6 year cycle, if you use grocery store products or this crap, you will destroy that bulb. If you destroy that bulb once that hair strand sheds, it will NOT be able to begin to grow once again AND THAT MY KILLERSTRANDS READERS - - is what causes hair thinning, hair balding and destruction of the hair's health slowly but surelly for those of you with a full head....

Beware, the use of drug store / grocery store / discount department store is going to be the one thing YOU DO NOT WANT IN LIFE :  THINNING & DAMAGED HAIR.

The choice is yours.   

Make it wisely. 

Begin to read this Blog from page 1, no matter how boring you might think it is going to be. I
 bet you will be very surprised !  

I am the one & only person who knows how important your hair is to you...


8 comments on "Why Wen is Wacky (haircare that is)"
  1. i found your blog on Friday 14th and have beeen reading it over the weekend and searching for your thoughts on wen "shampoo". i feel like i have esp since your newest post is exactly what i was looking for! i did get sucked into the infommercial put out by wen. i must say though that i am torn by how i feel about it. it has done some good for my hair and although i do not use regular conditioner after shampoo because it weighs my fine hair down....i don't get the same feeling with wen. i do not use the ridiculous amount it tells you to use and in the summer with sweating i do generally shampoo first and then use the wen. i am shopping in your "store" for a mild sulfate free shampoo to puchase and i am still loving reading your blog....... i do need to start at day one. thanks for all your caring about us diy women and teaching us......

  2. Thank you for posting about this. I saw an informercial and I couldn't believe there was Alyssa Milano shilling this product! So I thought, ok, did she really sell out? and then I did some research and saw that there were complaints from women who were *losing their hair* from this product. Basically, they were getting folliculitis on the scalp - the Wen was clogging the pores and causing the roots to die.

    And then! I see it being sold in Sephora yesterday!!! I used to think Sephora had some integrity but now I see that isn't the case. I will not put anything on my head without doing research.

    thanks again for this blog.

  3. I'm a new member, and I have to say OMG you are frickin hilarious. Thanks for your blunt honesty. Love it!

  4. When are you going to post about achieving darker levels of blond for us at-home colorers? I know all about what I should not do to my hair, but let's see more about what to-do.

    People who do Infomercials get paid big money, and the only people that do them are out-of-work actors. Although to their credit, they receive what most of us make in a year. So-Hell, why not?

    Thank you - you are soooooo kind!

    I write in response to what I am asked now. I cannot answer questions individually anymore there are just too many, therefore whatever is asked the most of me, is what I write on.
    If I just start spouting Formula's - people will buy the color apply it and then come to me upset. KC

  6. You can know why wen is a wacky haircare. Good post

  7. I have to say...WEN is the one product tht has my family and friends LOVING IT! I started using it a year ago....the Sweet Almond Mint uis crazy nourishing an soft on the hair. Some products are not meant for everyone. Plus...WEN is on QVC is its beyond an infomercial. Kerry Washington, the actress is my 1rst cousin who I actually told abt it. Now..her celebrity friends use it. Theconditioner method is called *Co washing...which gently cleanses the hair. Its NOT lotion, trust me. But..I will agree that a lot is used to penetrate the hair. All in all...I Love it! So do others. There may be some if your products thts not liked..its about wht works for you. WEN dies wht it promotes. Ciao!


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