September 26, 2012

If You Want Your Children to Be Intelligent : Read Them Fairy Tales...(Albert Einstein)

If you want them to be MORE Intelligent : read them MORE Fairy Tales.

I read both of my daughters Fairy Tales from the minute they were born until as long as they would listen - - I think it worked. 

One of the biggest trends that continues to grow is the trend toward waves in every length of hair. Usually trends like this come and go ... but this one has jumped out of the "trend category'' and looks to be a permanent fixture in the world of hair styles. My 1 daughter has a wonderful little Blog that points to her upcoming choices in various corners of Fashion/Hair/Make-Up & Beauty. Today, she pointed out a wonderful little 'waving' tool that I think everyone should take a look at,so instead of go into too much about it I would love for everyone to visit her site Sessions of my Obsessions Blog . Its worth signing up for in my humble opinion - especially if you are a mother, homemaker, professional, fashionista, and lastly are Hair hungry & Beauty obsessed! (This is Tawny Ellis)

My other daughter slid into the world of photography......she really has blossomed into her own woman. Check out her site that is pretty much self well as newly designed and fun to explore. Many of your favorite celebrities are here so be sure to bop around... and this is Cheyenne Ellis.  

Love to both my girls . . .  they have done so well . . .  they are so sweet & cool 

  ....... Love, KC  Killer Chemist /  & Mom - the most important work I ever took on

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