January 20, 2012

America's Newest Haircare Lines Chosen Exclusively by KC for Killerstranders!

Well, its a new year and I am on a mission now.....I got a tad lazy and now that I have more help... I can go back to searching out 'new' products to bring to you. When I look for new lines, I always comb the "ingredient list" of every product to be sure they pass "my" requirements for a product to be carried by Killerstrands. I was so busy with keeping up with employees, I lost sight of caring for the KS product lines. We have gotten some new help that is assisting me so wonderfully ... that now I can get back to carrying a 100% properly formulated quality line of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and conditioners. To date....we have found a minimum of 12 entirely NEW product lines that we will be bringing into the store, over the next couple months. We all are very excited at Killerstrands home office for this new and innovative update we are making to our Store & Blog.

For our very 1st ""NEW" line we are introducing the Sojourn line - a Hi Quality line of hair products that we sought out because of their commitment to using only hi quality, and SLS-free ingredients. You cannot imagine the surprise when I discovered this line was created by Elan Sassoon, son of hair legend Vidal Sassoon and many others that were involved in the Creative whirl-wind of Sassoon. This entire line boasts what they are most proud of is ... what is "NOT IN" the products !  NO: sulfates, alcohol, gluten...etc...etc...

 Also - - FINALLY a line that states its pH Level right on the bottle, its something SOOO easy (yet important), "if" you have the proper pH stated inside that bottle . Why does pH of a hair product matter? Your hair reacts and acts correctly if the pH of any hair products is within the 4.5 - 5.5 level area( natural)... The entire line is right there. It really is not that tricky to make a dynamite line of hair products "if" you follow a some simple rules. SOJOURN has accomplished that and we are thrilled to introduce the 1st of our 12 new lines.

You will NOT be disappointed......

 Thank you soooo much for being a Killerstrander and following our Blog, Store and Group.....

Killer Chemist

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