January 29, 2012

Color Your Hair Correctly: By Answering The Following 'Killer 10' Questions

The TRUTHFUL answers to these questions....will give YOU, the beginnings to a beautiful head of hair !
The Killer 10 Questions
Just today I had one of our newbies ask about the Killer8 and which questions they were to answer. For months I have been wanting to revamp them to the KILLER10 as the last 2 questions truly are imperative for a proper answer. 

We are looking for a New employee here at Killerstrands....if any of you are in the area (I'm always surprised that we have a teeny amount of Californians, for unknown reasons )

The Killer 10:
  1.  Do you have previous haircolor on your hair? Which includes : Crazy Colors, Henna,Temporary or any form of altering to the hair. This is the most important question and all of you need to dig down and be 100% honest to yourself. I had many a person be dishonest, that sat in my chair. If you are not honest the results will be horrendous. I never realized this until I was IN THE SALON and have this happen a LOT! Then they blame you! I finally got enough experience under my belt....to be able to pick out when they were fibbing! It was a terrible position to be put in. Be honest to me & honest to yourself.
  2. The Hair on a persons Head, is one of the most treasured items on a persons body...as a Colorist/Stylist it is your job to care for it truthfully and sometimes it takes a painfully honest method to care for it so they ARE happy, secure, & pleased when you are finished.
  3. (V) What is your VIRGIN (God-given) hair color level & tone ? 
  4. (I)  What IS your present Hair Color level & Tone ? 
  5. (D) What is your DESIRED hair color Level & Tone ? ...when we ask for the VID answers
  6. What is your percentage of Gray? Is it Resistant? ( which means is it stubborn to hold hair color) 
  7. What is your DURP? Slight to Strong....DOMINANT... UNDERLYING.... REMAINING... PIGMENT analyze what each one of those words mean – one-at-a-time. It is an acronym and needs to be analyzed word by word ?? The most common? Is Brass....but there are many other colors..
  8. What is your texture? 
  9. What is the Porosity? Along with the Condition ??, many times the two of them go hand in hand….be clear on both, please 
  10. What is your length and thickness?

#??.) Please point out if you have a darker tint on top of either all-over highlights or all-over bleach & tone blond??? ... an important piece of info that MUST be pointed out when asking for help within Group.- - -  which really goes with Question #1

**** I will try to post this once per month so its easier to find.

But I encourage everyone to begin trial and error on the "SEARCHING" techniques on BLOGGER. They are run by GOOGLE so very "User-Friendly" and find things very well on the BLOG...Remember this BLOG is 4 years old, I used to be healthier so could do DEMO's and would write a lot more frequently, it has become more difficult for me in the last 6 months to write Posts, I want you to know I try my hardest.
At that point you will then know the base color if it is not clearly marked in the Swatch Book as most Swatch Books do not clearly define a hair-color's true base color, which I feel is because the chemists that design the hair color do not truly understand how to properly color human hair strands. What they do understand is how to make hair color. That is the HUGE gap in the world of hair color
Which is why if you stick with me, you will finally have found that person that closes that gap between Chemist and Colorist 
Killer Chemist
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