November 27, 2011

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall....Please Remove Frizzy Hair from ALL .

 Lookie Lookie ... what the Lord Almighty has bestowed upon us. Now I am sure many of you think how in the world could someone in sunny California possibly need a product like this???

Well, static hair is everyone's problem and the fact they put "Winter RX Solution" as its Title, really has me puzzled. Just today we had one of our notorious SANTA ANA WIND Days that haunt us in  Sept.,Oct.,Nov., & Dec. - 1/4 of the year. The Static here is so horrendous it amazes me that every single person's hair is not sticking straight up towards the SUN ! Its blazing hot AND we have hurricane winds. It truly sucks.

This is the most wonderful little line.... I've always wondered what people saw in the Alterna Line...but  I have picked up some of their wonderful products...You must check up on them all. It is a tiny bit more expensive line, but as I have always found in more expensive lines??? You need to use a much smaller portion size to deliver 2 - 3 times the benefits. If you think about that...that one point actually makes the product less expensive...think about it.

 With the Alterna Spray is a weightless sheer mist that instantly eliminates static. It works its magic by Sealing and soothing the hair cuticle to smooth fly aways.

Anti-Static Spray soothe's stressed-out tresses and eliminates static with two essentials for smooth, hydrated hair during the year.


  • Instantly eliminates static
  • Weightless finishing spray
  • Seals hair cuticle
  • Provides light hold
  • Removes static cling
Shake well. Spray 6-8 inches from dry hair.
Below now is the suggestion I used to advise people on dealing w/ Static...which comes from 6-7 years  ago.
>> The eternal problem of flyaway hairs. Little stubbly hairs sticking up all over the head and if its the winter and hats need to be worn. . . well you can.... for-ged-a-bout-it!
 Most stylists I cavort with use the combo of "STATIC GUARD" bought at any Target, its used for clothing I'm sure there are other brands but this one works wonderfully,and a spray silicone.
  • #1 Version:Take your brush or comb, spray once over with the Guard and smooth the hair with it.
  • #2 Version: the most used combo is using a combination of Static Guard, Gleam  and one of the zillion silicone serums out there, although it must be one that does not have any denatured alcohol in it or you will be adding fuel to the fire.
The Alterna is the ultimate answer and you need hardly any ! ! 

There, you all should be flyaway FREE
 Killer Chemist
November 8, 2011

Hairoin : Grow Baby Grow - Die Baby Die

The Hair Concept that Teaches You How to have Healthier Hair + Hair that Stays ON Your Head
Hair magnetized 400x

Your hairs are considered "Terminal", in other words: they die & shed
Every hair on your head has a 2-5  year life span which means:

Each and every hair grows for 2-5 years ... dies off <> sheds <> then rests, then............. begins to grow all over again.
I feel if you understand that particular concept, you will then understand why some people have very long healthy hair, and others do not. Think about it.

Hair thinning is a result of the hair not re-growing after having been at rest for 3-12 weeks

Killer Chemist

November 1, 2011



There is a term that for some reason brings the hairs on the back of mens heads up.....

That term is : VIRGIN

How we use that term : VIRGIN in the world of hair color and Hair generally is following:
The hair color you were born with > is termed "virgin" hair - within the walls of Hair color & the hair education world.

Becoming familiar with the "Natural Levels Color Chart" will help you in explaining to your stylist what you want and understanding your hair better if you are a home hair colorist
Become familiar with the chart
 will help now and in the future with determining
your hair color , while talking to me for a Consultation....and in determining the colors you will need to use to properly color your hair 
(or to fix your present color.)

Here is a simplified example of how a Colourist calculates
your formula to colour your hair: She is a VIRGIN Level 7 and would like to be lighter - lets say the goal is a Level 9
so....go up the chart - which is 2 levels.......
which peroxide lifts 2-3 Levels ?
30 Volume is the ANSWER !
The end formula will be to mix a tube of Level 10 + plus 30/40 volume peroxide (ash/neutral tone - your choice)
What level are you?
What level would you like to be?
how would you get there?

Now the biggest issue I find with most of my inquiries is...............???? The fact that very few of you have VIRGIN HAIR. And THAT issue presents a completely different problem. 
Color does not lift color. Remember that and PLEASE read my posts on that subject before attempting any sort of "guess" coloring project.