June 7, 2011

Blonderexia : Our addiction to lighter hair

Every Month Killerstrands Highlights a Topic - June is LIGHTENERS month
marilyn-monroe 88
I’m sure every colorist would agree with me that the number 1 service we are asked for is lightening some part/to all of the hair. Its an interesting subject as to “why” we feel lightening the hair is more attractive or “sexier’…but what I DO KNOW, is that we definitely do. Women of all ages and types would always tell me that heads would turn and eyes would light up when they would walk into the room with their newly blond hair. Especially when they went from their virgin hair color to all over platinum ( as you see on Marilyn above).
So from years of reports like that I can be 100% positive that going Blond changes a person. Personally I’m a redhead so I cannot ever be blond and will never have the personal experience….but the number one haircolor sold on the Killerstrands Store is blond…….the number 1 color of hair asked for in the Salon is Blond and the number 1 color of hair color purchased in stores in the state of California ( not sure about the rest of the country) is blond.
A very common question in blonding asked of me lately  . . . is……….. how to go to a level 12 Platinum Blond: The one and only method I would ever recommend is to use an Oil-Bleach-Kit, it is the one and only method that is moisturizing enough and will not damage the hair - - do not use straight bleach and highlift blond will not get light enough either ( promise), The link to the one and only oil-bleach kit on the marketplace……http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/oil-bleach-kit
Crown n Glory237
This is the blond that attracts the most attention. Not sure ‘why’, but it does.This is the blond most of you want to be, if you haven’t at some point in your life it really seems as though every person needs to be platinum at least ONCE in their lifetime, if for no other reason than to get it out of your system. I feel everyone should try it - - - once if you are a Level 5 and above. If you’ve never been platinum. and you are darker than a level 5, you need to do a lot of research before you decide to go forward - - read every post I’ve written on going blond, including all the DEMO's on hair color procedures  http://killerstrands.blogspot.com/search/label/Demo%20Hair%20Color%3A%20Step-By-Step  . They will open your eyes to the time and effort that goes into having your hair lightened so many levels lighter than your virgin color.  Going Platinum is what we refer to as the most “high maintenance” hair color. But again, it also can be life changing.
human hair
Turning someone platinum as opposed to applying blond “slices” as you see in this photo. .
. . was probably my favorite procedure to do. Why??? Because it is changing the hair SOOOOO much….. and it is an ‘art’ getting the hair platinum and not brassy or yellow-y at all. My clients never EVER left my chair without being completely brass-free! I also adored giving them a wide range of platinum toners . . . from lightest soft pink  . .  . to lightest soft coral, to lightest soft silver to lightest soft platinum. Just so much fun . . . truly. . .You, too  - - can go platinum and not be brassy, it just takes a little more work.
But, what we do offer is the one and only OIL BLEACH KIT . . as every company discontinued theirs - -  so I “HAD” to come up with one.  Each kit contains the complete ingredients for 2 applications. Once you are platinum  - -  1 Kit should last you about 3 months . The hardest part is the first time becoming platinum all over. There is plenty written about how to do in previous posts, so be sure to review them FIRST, to make sure you want to take the project on. I will say there is a reason they call it the most “high maintenance” hair color there is.
Platinum comes in all looks and works for every age and type of person as you see here…….from Marilyn Monroe to Punk rockers and everything in-between …  as you can see by these photos…

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