August 13, 2010

Men & Hair Color – Professional Method For Those of You Interested in DIY

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Eyebrows, Goatee, Hair – the NATURAL Look
Well, knowing that we don’t have a huge male following, BUT . . . I want to  . . . 50% of my clientele in Malibu was men and yes, they were as gorgeous as you imagine.  I waited till I had numerous requests from men for help with their color before writing about it. But, now that I think about it, I bet there are many of you who might like to try this on your self, your bf’s, husbands, fathers, brothers, etc. I don’t know why I have been so selfish . . there are very few men on the planet I don’t like, they are actually my favorite hobby ( hee hee !). Especially those of you who are having a great time in your Crib Colorist ventures yet, want more and more “practice” !  Hopefully many of you will benefit from this unique post.
Part of the problem of coloring men’s hair, once they begin the Gray accumulation is coloring it without having it look like it is shoe polish on the head when you are finished.  For a couple years I taught a class to other hair stylists with this trick, so those of you who have tried it with those results, don’t feel bad….it is definitely a ‘trick’ and one that is not known by a vast majority of Hair Stylists. Being in LA coloring men's hair has always been a HUGE part of my work . . . I LLLLLLLLLove doing men's hair….90% were straight , that’s just how men roll… out here. The precision and art of both a men's crop hair cut and hair color is the most difficult within the two genes. 
People always think the opposite, its much harder to get a man’s haircut precise and perfectly shaped than a woman’s. 
You know how bad the “boxed hair color” has gotten when I’m getting a lot of emails from men wanting to learn the proper way to do their own hair color ! They are as vain as we are and I don’t know why they shouldn’t be? We can all appreciate a drop dead looking man, the same way they appreciate a knock-out rack……er… I mean woman . . . hee hee - - You know what I mean ;-). They have all experienced the crap the ‘boxes’ do . . . and hopefully they are figuring out it can affect their hair loss as well. Something a man is more petrified at than dying !

First off, all the men that have contacted me about learning to color their own hair, have all wanted to do it because of the new and increasing gray. Running a close second is to tint their eyebrows that have recently become super gray. Both excellent reasons if you ask me. Girls want to do it, I hope every one of you support the men in your life ( of all sexualities) in these areas…there is just no reason men shouldn’t be as vain as we are. I don’t have the time to explain right here, right now…’why’ boxed hair color kits don’t work.
But I want you to look at the 2 photos of the back of these 2 men..... this is a coversation I have with men all the time and I would get frustrated because we didn't have the Internet that we have we didn't have thegrand array of album after album of hair photos to choose from... I promise you that the photos on the left can be accomplished at home......IF...... you use 2 things from our store:
  • Level 3N Hair Color Kit and the clippers we now carry I swear in about 3 hours one can repair and produce this well groomed look .
  lousy color at your local SALLY’S Beauty Supply ( largest & lousiest beauty supply in the world) and its horrible results. Just suffice it to say: horrible quality . . . that’s it in a nutshell. For the solution?
First all of you need to learn the LEVEL SYSTEM. Why? Nothing is easier . . . I promise you. It is merely a system that is UNIVERSAL….and coincides with how the tubes of color are marked.The Level System could be taught to a 2nd grader, so please don’t freak about learning it. The Level System is 12 levels of hair color going from DARK to LIGHT. In simple terms – Level 1 is Black hair such as Asian Hair and Level 12 is Platinum Hair such as Gwen Stefani / Marilyn Monroe. The other numbers are the hair colors in between.   
Look in the lists of Posts……………….on the right side-bar - - - - ->>>over there> for any additional posts on the “Level System” . Why you need the system is to help you pick out the proper color, how to achieve the proper color and how to think and talk about hair color.  In painting there are color ‘systems’… In cooking there are ‘systems’ ( called Recipes)…In Driving there is a ‘system’(DMV rules)……in anything SUCCESSFUL, there must be a “System”. I feel the most wonderful example is cooking because both cooking and hair color use chemistry to solve the problem.   Hair Stylists won’t teach you the Level System so you may begin to learn what they are doing to your hair so you learn I have always taught my clients what is going on - - -its just POLITE!
I bet very very few of you have ever heard of it prior to your visits here. That is what most of my readers said at the beginning of Killer Strands – many of our readers speak really in Levels very freely now its so nice to have watched the change. Men, you can do the same thing, if you want your hair color to be correct you will first Learn the Level system. The newest thing we have just added for you is your very own kits. Men's hair color kits.....with this hair color you can tint your hair the same color or you can go darker.... these kits are not designed for anyone wanting to go lighter than your present color. But that is most of I feel good about getting that done for you. The kits give you 2 tubes of is a Neutral or "N" - - and the other is a tone depends on the level chosen.
wella KP 2010 chart140
The first thing everyone must do is determine what “level” your own hair is. I notice many people are very worried about whether its a 5 or 6…..and worry (without needing to) that they are deciding correctly. The very best method? Ask another person. ANYONE. Print out this page. . . even better send a Link to this page to a good friend or two, ask them to tell you what level is YOUR hair color 9 times out of 10 they get it they have seen you in any and every they are looking at the proper lighting.
I mean it is not super critical . . . no matter what hair color says….there is no such thing as “PERMANENT” hair color. They all ‘fade’ – ALL of them. So if a permanent hair color ( which is what you need to ‘cover gray’) starts out a 1/2 level too dark . . . just have some shampoo “with” sulfates handy. . .  shampoo 1-2 times….and you can tone it down 1/2 Level. See? Poof! Answers for everything.
So for the next couple days – everyone needs to do all the reading on the LEVEL System I have done, check out all the hair color charts and photos.
The next post will tell you how to mix and apply the color. But quick decisions on your Level is not a wise idea. Take your time, and the level goes off of the color that is NOT gray remember.
Killer Chemist

NEW! simple men's hair kits available HERE!
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