April 22, 2009

True Words Come From The Trenches

 I love when I receive enthusiastic - educational emails from my Readers, especially ones that do their homework
Thanks,  Lizzy

Hi I would like to order colorissmo 100A, white genie and rencolor toner - moonlight. 
You offer the best highlift color!!!!! Thank you!!!!

When I had a consultation with you in the fall this is what you reccommended for me to use. I had a little scare and was hesitant to try again. Since then I have used redken 10 (at the salon - did not lift at all) with highlights, schwatzkoph 12-1 with color charm white lady toner ( kinda brassy) ( Is what I had at home and appplied to roots only), and matrix high lift with highlights as well(at salon- this was the best of the three). None of these base colors could compare to the great icey tone I achieved from this mixture. You know your stuff
With Regards,
Lizzy C.
5 comments on "True Words Come From The Trenches"
  1. Great to hear! What was the scare that initially turned her off??

  2. Hey! I was looking at the blog of note moderator thing and that's how I found your site. I like it! I gave you a check. ;)

    Here's my question, what do you call that hairstyle that girls do where the bangs are curved away from the forehead in like a bun or a roll or something?


  3. smarte pants:
    I asked her and it had nothing to do with the product, it was something she had done wrong .... I have dozens of people learning the advantages to this High Lift (lavender-based) blond, is is simply.......DROP DEAD! I would challenge any high lift - from ANY LINE around the world - the 4 blond ash's LEVEL 8, 9, 10, & 100 from Renbow are absolutely Amazing. Gorgeous

  4. alain-christian,
    great name. I can't quite picture what you are referring to . . .got a reference photo??

  5. This is an old thread, but could Alain-Christian be asking about a Victory Roll? You know, those 40s hairstyles where they have big rolls of hair on their heads?


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