April 15, 2009

Octo-Colorist : Using 8 Colors is Normal for This Colorist

Octo-mom has too many kids. . . I use too many colors, but that's where the similarities END - completely
I've always felt the goal of my foil work in color was to make each clients hair look as close to a childs as possible.
Someday just look at a 10 or an 8 or even a 12 year olds hair ( if it is Level 7 thru 10) they just have so many tones and so many levels in it, I decided long ago that was to be a goal of mine in foils.
Currently the trend is not for multiple colors in hair, but truthfully it is my one true love as far as Color. There would be many times I would use between 6 & 8 colors in foils using the slices technique... one of the reasons for my quick success I believe. . . . in Malibu no one did that. 
Actually at Sassoon.... no one went to that trouble. . .I just loved the results.
The only hard part about it? 
Mixing the bowls up , 
but at the time I had a couple of great assistants
that loved having projects to do.. 
I'm sure they took that trick to their practice as well.
Being an Intern or assistant in any field
is the single best way to advance
5 comments on "Octo-Colorist : Using 8 Colors is Normal for This Colorist"
  1. KC I could not agree more!! In my opinion 6 to 8 colors put together the right way will help the hair color you choose to look much more natural just as in childrens hair!! The look is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!! :)

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  3. Ok so let me know if I have this right... Ribbons and slices are the same thing right?

    Looking at the techniques, they are the same idea, they just vary whether the tinted hair is separated by untinted hair or there are several colors back to back...right?


  4. Hi There KC,

    Is there a stylist that you recommend in LA? I have been following your blog steadily and have some color correction that I need help with. I have been googling Vidal trained stylists, etc but not finding any leads.

  5. Mac Goddess:
    no as a Sassoon trained Hair stylist, ribbons are completely different than slices. Around the country and world there just is not one "universal system" for the naming of hair color or cutting techniques. Ridiculous, but there just isn't. Although, much more so in England and Europe.
    Why not make an appointment at the Vidal Sassoon Salon on little Santa Monica - - Beverly Hills ? ?
    hope that helps


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