August 2, 2008

Shower Up With New Strands of Hair : Step 4 of 10,000 HEADS =- FIX Your Water

& the Shower Filter
...its affect on your hair

Step 4 Shower Water Filter

Water is extremely important within the 10,000 HEADS System; it is the subject of 2 steps because of the time it spends ‘on’ and ‘in’ your body and scalp. The water used on your hair when you shampoo and rinse is extremely important and alters both the length of your hair color and the overall condition and health of your hair. Any process or product that results in damage to the hair strand and hair follicle needs to be analyzed and re-evaluatede as we continue our quest for Killer Strands.
This step is also made on the assumption that your tap water is as pathetic as it is in this area, if you have wonderful water–count your blessings, and you may also skip this step. For the remainder of you, it is the chlorine, most likely that you taste, chlorine is used to disinfect water, but at certain levels is not safe for drinking, showering or bathing. That water is as bad for your hair strands as it is for your taste buds.

The chlorine that is in today’s water is at dangerous levels within the bathroom, when you take a hot shower the chlorine vaporizes in the air, combines with other organic compounds in the air and forms chloroform gas, which is a strong irritant to the lungs and causes fatigue. Besides the lungs the chlorine wrecks havoc on the hair and it appears as dried out, frazzled and depleted, it is one of the worst types of damage and very difficult to recover from. Young water polo players and swimmers come through the clinic, and with the chlorine levels in competitive swimming pools super high, the damage in these 16, 17, 18 year olds hair comes very close to some of the worst we’ve seen, it is almost the same as oxidation from peroxide burning where you will also see a lot of breakage and splitting. (If you have someone experiencing this problem please email the clinic for the proper treatment suggestion, we have this solved with a fairly easy protocol).

To solve this problem of lousy water there are 3 levels of solutions, which depend on the amount of money you can spend and the type of living arrangement you have.

MALIBU 2000 WELL WATER SHAMPOO: Cheapest, easiest and works for traveling…a good clarifying shampoo. Now this can be tricky and the only brand that I have ever found (the Head Colorist at Vidal Sassoon turned me on to) is MALIBU2000. They have a number of different shampoos and protein packs, the one you want is the shampoo that says “WELL WATER ACTION shampoo” Sulfate-free. They have done the impossible, created a gentle for your color/ hair follicle shampoo that cleanses the chlorine and other grime out of the water so it is not sitting on the hair, day in and day out. This works when you cannot afford the shower filter, but our number 1 choice for this step is the:
SHOWER WATER FILTER: There are dozens of them out there, and everyone claims to be better than the next. The plan is to get a list of “KILLER – Shower Filters”, to help distinguish the good from the bad. The Aquasana brand seems to be the one many of you end up with, I would say you are safe with that one. Use for a nice selection and good service. Keep track of when you bought the filter and buy enough filters for the year (great gift idea for someone to get you). You save $$ if you buy filters when you purchase the shower head, but it is imperative to change the filter when recommended or it becomes useless. Another advantage to the filter: helps with the pH balance of your hair; imperative for soft, shiny hair.

I know filters are a pain but they make a significant difference and are worth the hassle for the health of your hair.....You have to take all these issues into account to turn around the health of your hair I"m afraid. Not every person needs all of them.....but you must try all of  my tricks to see which work for you and YOUR HAIR!.
WHOLE-HOUSE SYSTEMS: There are even more companies that do this than the other 2 combined. The issue regarding the chlorine in the water and the chloroform bomb the hot water creates has become well known, as it is dangerous for asthmatics and bothersome to those with lung problems, so the water industry has grown a lot in the last 10 years to help take care of the demand. Call 4 or 5 water treatment companies in your area, with Kenmore(Sears) being one of them, get estimates and tell them you are looking for water that will be as nice as Reverse Osmosis treated water and your concerns with your hair. Pick one and let us know how they do so we can start up a list of, “KILLER – water treatment companies”.

Using either of the last 2 methods will do wonders for your skin and the shower stall as well. Having that change in the water will give you softer, smoother skin and will keep your shower stall much cleaner so the purchase actually solves 3 problems, not bad for a single purchase.

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  2. How do you know when to change the shower head filter?


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