August 14, 2008

Holy Flat Iron, Batman. . .CRIMPED HAIR ! 70's Influence is Upon Us

Don't Crimp My Style

Guess the time has come to break out those crimping irons and set them to work...

Crimping made its catwalk comeback this summer, and the look lives on for the winter. Will you wear it? Looks as though 2 of the style-setting stars ( Christina and Tyra are giving it the go-ahead).
It's funny they have tried to bring this back many times, apparently it is well liked in the UK, I have never liked it...until now. Its a long ass process, but it looks great.

try this light crimping . . .mix crimping with smooth hair to create hidden volume in the underneath layers - and a cool hair syle . . its called UNDER CRIMPING

About every 2 years in Europe they try to bring the crimp am shocked that its actually on the heads of some of our celebs... the Brits are much more forgiving than we are here in the US.

70's / 80's are on their way back . . .are you ready for the peg-legged jeans, platforms, DISCO'S?

Here's a trick for you if you don't have a crimping Iron . . .
>>even IRON MAN and his IRON WOMAN may be lacking a crimping iron...
Braid your little tiny braids but start "OFF" the scalp maybe 1-1/2 inches down.The braid should be about 1/4 -to 1/2 inch wide --- the size of the braid determines the tightness of the crimped effect.
Go over each braid with the flat iron - being careful on the way down not to OVERLAP to avoid damaging the hair.
>> Very Important ** let cool fully **. . . . before unbraiding <<

{{ For interesting effects, spray braids with various textures of hair spray's - being careful not to spray too much on }}
3 comments on "Holy Flat Iron, Batman. . .CRIMPED HAIR ! 70's Influence is Upon Us"
  1. Hello everyone!!!

    I love this new look!! As some of you may know I have been learning how to style my hair without using any hot tools!!! So far so good!! Since I like this style I wanted to get it with out the heat so I braided my hair while wet and let it air dry !!! Turned out ok I just need to get the hang of it!! Just wanted to drop the idea in case anyone needs to take extra good care of their hair without sacraficing the style part!! Hope this helps someone!!


  2. shaeden
    thank you . . .
    I'm sure it will help someone we have lots of quiet readers. . . .
    thanks you,

  3. btw . . . there are many people who need to stop using the hot tools for GOOD.. . . many we don't hear from, but I hope & pray that we make a difference with a few..
    just keep trying


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