May 7, 2007

Healthy-Thick Hair is By-Product of YOGA

The Practice of YOGA cures more than most realize. . . . .

The practice of Yoga has shown to radically improve all 4 of the hair loss issues; hair loss/hair thinning/hair fall and hair damage.

In the last year the amount of calls to the clinic for FEMALE hair loss consultations more than quadrupled.

The amount of women complaining about the hair loss4 is at an all time record high and is multiplying - daily. The issue of hair loss with women is a completely different animal than for men.

Men lose hair first in two places: at the top of the head and at the hairline (receding hairline) and as it advances the two eventually meet, that does not happen to women.

Women have diffuse hair loss.
Meaning a gradual - even - overall loss, the entire head of hair 'lessens'.

The 'way' in which the hair is lost on women is different... so the solutions are different.

The entire head of hair has lost hair strands so the overall 'thickness' is less. The size of the ponytail is smaller, the amount of hairs found in the brush drastically increase.

The # 2 Solution to healthy thick hair ?

the amount of time you spend "upside down" is the reason for the improvement in clients hair that practice YOGA. Many of the postures and stances have the body in an inversion. We require Yoga, as a condition of signing up with Killer Strands for female hair loss issues, the 3rd Step of the program is "STRESS" and relief of it. We have run a couple Clinical Trials and YOGA has proven to be one of the best solutions to hair health problems.

There are many reasons YOGA works for the health of your hair, but the number 1 reason is the amount of time you spend upside down. With your blood being forced to the head, it gives the follicle and hair bulb much needed nourishment. For your entire life you are in the upright position...your blood has to work much harder going up to the head. I have run tests on clients follicles before starting YOGA and after....when observed under a microscope the difference in the health of the hair strand, follicle and bulb is truly remarkable. The bulb appears pink and healthy after 6 months of YOGA practice....before the practice the follicle was starting to wither away and appeared as though the hair was diminishing away... 6 months of YOGA changed the entire look of the follicle and bulb.

This is one of the easier solutions to having healthy thick hair, although women still want a pill or plastic surgery, I'm convinced it's human nature to want a 'quick-fix'.

Personally, I find YOGA the single best and most brilliant answer to female hair loss. Its not only good for the hair, its good for the body, mind and spirit .

Yoga relaxes and can be life-changing for many people. Just this month I had one of my tougher cases of thinning hair on a 52 year old female client. She was given the 10,000HEADS Healthy Hair Program a year ago, and was following 8 out of the 10 steps (its rare to get someone to actually commit to all 10 steps - the more the better). She was not following Steps 3 and 10 which are "Stress" and the "Secret Weapon Supplement". Under the category of stress it is required that a yoga practice a minimum of 3 days per week be started. This woman's work is extremely stressful ... the step she needed most, was the one she was not doing. Following just the 8 steps had stopped her from losing anymore hair, so she was pretty happy with just those results. About 10 weeks ago she took her first yoga class....3 weeks ago - I was dumbfounded when she came in. Her hair (finally) did a complete 180... not only is it a completely different texture, she has at least twice the amount of hair she used to have, YOGA was her 'trigger-point' .You have never seen a more happy hair client than this woman, thanking me a million and one times she is thrilled with YOGA. Everyone has a 'trigger-point'...which is the trigger to what started that particular person's hair health decline. There is no way to actually know what a person's is, 85% of female trigger points are covered by the 10 Steps of 10,000HEADS HEALTHY HAIR PROTOCOL.
More on this will follow, but for now find your local yoga studio....look up one of the many DVD's...or for more info on YOGA there is a terrific magazine/website:

you do not need to be limber, young or skinny to practice YOGA...Yoga teaches acceptance and encourages leaving any competitiveness outside the studio walls

The best part of yoga :

it is designed for everyone.....
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  1. This one made me laugh I know a yogi and he is bald so it didn't help him one bit. I'm not bashing your thought it just struck me funny. I am going through reading your articles from way back I might just learn something. :)


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