May 30, 2007

HIGHLIGHTS IN HOLLY- HOOD - Hefners Bombshells Ignite Trend in Hair Color

Holly, Kendra and Bridget...blond times 3.The white blond put on the map by Miss Monroe has popped back up as a popular request in Salon Colour departments in on and around LA.

Most begin as a virgin (natural) level 2-6 the road is far long and lonely if not done correctly.

The process ....Bleach and Tone -- the trick to it?

There are a few..

As always test all hair products on skin for sensitivities 24 hours prior to use - with small patch test. ( email request for directions if needed).

There are tricks to every coloring process . . those tricks are what make a great hair stylists stand out from the good' ones

Best performance: on virgin hair ( no previous color) remember color does NOT lift color. {with previously colored hair - go to professional}..


Yes, its very true..........blonds do have more fun!

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