August 20, 2012

Fall 2012 'Hair' Has Fall's Most Insane & Hot Trends

Fall's Most Killer Trend is Hair "Color"  &  Hair Accessories 

Now. . .....Have you seen all the amazing headbands & jewels for the hair ?

#1.) Hair Jewelry / Accessories and
#2.) Crazy Colors in every form and color : Pink - blue -  Red - Violet ....

In all my years of doing hair I wished for a season that was as jam packed as this one we are about to embark on... I swear I would dream the ideas I now see in front of my face in the Fall magazines. . I promise you I would think now "why can't we have jewelry for the hair??? Never in a million years did I think the amount of jewelry that is everywhere this season would happen in my lifetime.

So, for all of you with some guts and even for all of you without some  . . . load up on some.....feast your eyes on the most beautiful season of hair adornment there has even been.
 Crazy colors have been in for nearly 25 years..... they come in and go out almost as fast as a hurricane does. I got used to the short amount of time they would be around a long time ago. NOT THIS TIME !
They began last spring in this new and even CRAZIER CRAZY if there is such a thing. . .but I truly Thank the Lord Up Above . . . there is just something about  having  Crazy ASS COLORS on the Runways....on the biggest stars in the world.....
(photos from ELLE magazine - seems Ms. Perry has moved up in the world)

 Don't be afraid, dive right in and wear the ideas we have with pride and with a giant smile on your face.

The whole season looks to be extremely exciting as far as everything "hair" oriented. . . just check out our own sampling of some of my favorite headbands...that I have found the absolute biggest challenge to show you . . ..
HOW CAN I DISPLAY THEM SO YOU MIGHT EVEN SEE just a TENTH of how beautiful they are. Somewhere on the web I caught the name of this couple that were from India ... who were artists themselves...sounded like they met and their separated talents were combined to make a colossal brilliant line called Deepa Gurnami - just absolutely exquisite work.

Also how "timeless" they can be...
You may wear them Pocahontas style  or  regular hairband style,
if they fit one way
 they will fit the other
so you never need to worry about that. I have tried shooting them every which way and they always look like  pieces of brown miss the hand beading , the hand workmanship period.... which isn't fair to anyone

 . . . so I want all of you to get a glimpse of our headbands and ponytails . . . our prices for each item are dollars less than anywhere I have seen. These headbands are guaranteed 100%, you will be shocked at the quality they are truly a work of art.
 Killerstrands Store / Handmade headbands

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