August 13, 2011

High Def Color Hits Hair and Explodes

OK my PAINT DRIPS...have now become universal. . . .  and no one is happier to see this than myself!
They are every color under the sun.....they are Krazy Kolors and dark with light on the top they are every variation and it just makes me wish I was back in the Salon or on a shoot doing my own take on the trend.

I will say Pink is my favorite.........but I haven't seen all the colors yet.

What I would like to say is.........many of you purchase our Pravana Krazy Kolors....which I have warned people about and they continue to purchase those over our FUDGE COLORS so I wanted to do one of my TEST projects and Photograph it for you. . . to demonstrate the quality of FUDGE. The reason I don''t like Pravana? 2 SOLID AND VALID REASONS
  1. You cannot make PASTEL's out of them ( which I don't know why?)
  2. They do not come out with VANISH or ANYTHING BUT BLEACH and lots of bleach -- but usually scissors is the only way
  3. You have to cut them out of your hair ( according to many emails I have received) They are more than PERMANENT. THEY are forEVER. I can tell you from my point of view that is the last thing you want in any hair color.........why? EVERY single hair client I have ever had :changes their mind and wants something new or even a minor tweak on their formula. If you have a Krazy Kolor that does not even come out with VANISH or cleansing shampoo or Malibu 200 Color Correct packs... that is a major problem. I would never EVER use Pravana and I don't want any of YOU using it either.
They are popping up everywhere now . . .   in ad's , editorial's and even mail order catalogs. When that happens I truly feel its invaded the general public and no longer is termed "weird'or crazy - - everything can be ramped 'up' or ramped down.  The best feature of this technique is it lasts only about 10 - 30 days depending on 5 very important things:
  • Porosity
  • When applying the color cover with foils and use mild heat ONLY ( our Blow Dryer Hair Dryer Bonnet Drying System Blow-dryer-deep-hair-conditioning-system on K/S store    for only $18. which works perfectly) process for 60 minutes....I ran a test strip leaving on much longer & it only extended how long the color lasted.
  • Shampoo frequency - if you only want it to last a week shampoo every day....and vice-versa
  • Shampoo quality - must be Sulfate-free and well made ( any of our shampoos qualify)
  • finishing technique with a pH balancing application that also LOCKS IN COLOR......... ( such as In-TENSIVE) which helps more than you will locks-in color.
I call these Pastel or Ice Cream Drips. The colors are so yummy you want to eat them.
The latest Urban Outfitters catalog they had a model that just made me yearn to be back in the studio/salon to be one of the Stylists coming up with the next greatest and most innovative color technique. I just love this look & wish I had someone in my chair - tomorrow - whom I could either duplicate or produce my own variation on the technique. It must have been 15 years ago that I was bleaching men clients -hair - white ....then painting on this white background......various tattoos with either black or various Krazy Kolors and a paint brush. I remember doing four leaf clovers for an Irish fellow, flames for a gentlemen that wanted them to match the flames on his car. . . and so on.
I know this probably seems crazy and yes I am from Los Angeles and well aware of the rest of the country's strange look at us...but when I see what makes me excited as far as style-design & taste I don't think I could have been raised in any other state and been as happy as I have been most of my life.

What is completely funny - is the timing of it. . . as I just brought you the new "Universal Terminology" that has been declared on this type of technique as "OMBRE".  Ombre is french for melting darker into light or vice versa.

We had the TV on "accidentally AFTER our morning  show we leave on for news and new fads, trends etc.... and this lady who was about 50 and the LEAD on the show had a couple NAVY BLUE Flashes of Color on the ends of her hair.... OMG it looked unbelievable. Very - "ON - Trend" . I hope to see this more on more.

I challenge all of you to try it. Just use Fudge and the colors can come out quickly if  you worry about that.  They also can stay in Longer, you will get a tip sheet for my tips on how to achieve all these tricks - they are easy I promise!

This Group of photos were from the latest URBAN OUTFITTERS Catalog . . . .I just love the ICE CREAM Colors

 Love this Coral number, this is the mixture of 3 of the Paintbox colors. If you are interested in mixing and applying any CUSTOME COLORS such as this pale CORAL .... Now with all orders of the FUDGE COLORS from our store just as for KC's personal directions on How to make YOUR color. They will be included with your order. To make Coral just buy 3 tubes of Color and submit your Request Color in the "NOTES" section at Check-Out.

Styling tips:
which you can mellow out if you so please
See how her Front fringe area is sticking almost straight up and is staying there? I do this with HEMPZ Haute Mess Dry Shampoo ( or their Dry Conditioner) - use our new teasing brush to 'tease"  - - yep we are back doing that again...first, then using the largest round brush your hair will handle and spraying it with either Aquage hair Spray or Shaper Hair Spray....lightly.

These are just FLASHES of Color and you will want to bleach the area first (  if you have super dark area such as the model below you will want to bleach the area may request up to 8 FOILS (FREE) per tube of color you Purchase

Checkout the Leopard print applied to a shaved hair, what will they think of next? Above is Leopard Print on top of a Flash of Bleach. Amazing. Simply Amazing

These pretty much speak for themselves...............

Repeats of photos I have showed before but they fit this POST....I was trying to show as many as I could to inspire you all !

Cotton Candy!

Flash of Lavender

Hair Color Trends Follow Celebs - Like it or Not
Especially crazy Rock-stars

You can thank.... LADY GAGA...........KATY PERRY............and NICKI MINAJ start with ....for these latest trends although to be perfectly honest I have been applying both Renbow Krazy Kolors AND FUDGE PAINTBOX CRAZY COLORS since I was in HAIR ACADEMY - 18 years ago  ! I've had every color in the pallet on my own head....always just a Flash ( 1 or 2 thin FLASHES of color that peeks out....   At that time we hadn't thought of this method of application ( Drips and the pastel colors). These colors were BRAND new back then and were considered really TRULY CRAZY !

 So what once was thought a passing FAD, now has made its way into the recurring Hair Color Classic Hair Color technique's 

  Seen on European CATWALK

 Japanese VOGUE Last month

 This is my favorite of them all  . . .  it uses 3 ( maybe even 4!) techniques in 1
  1. the "Ombre" technique (dark root to light ....then to darker again - - on top of it all !
  2. along with the dark root display  ...........
  3. along with the most beautiful display of Candy / Ice Cream PASTEL Crazy Colors  I have seen yet.............gorgeous

 Oh, did I mention she is Pixie Geldof of the richest kids in all of Europe - maybe even all of the world....look how the rich get to roll in Europe - - boy are we stuffy  ( her father actually is an amazing man - wonderful philanthropist).

the reason I brought that up? I was trying to figure out how much that Salon bill must have cost . . . my guess......
Close to $1500 . . .maybe even $2,000.   Look how dark her hair is. 
Took at least 2 days 
at least
Many of you are purchasing Pravana Crazy Colors because of Rhianna, she is using Red right now and for that.............many people are thinking they are copying her. Remember, she wears "weaves"......that hair is not her own. So when she is tired of that color she just buys new weaves and will not suffer the major problems that happen along with the use of Pravana color.
People started, I did some research and am going to discontinue the line. i WANT TO SWITCH EVERYONE OVER TO fudge.... THE COLORS I KNOW, 
Following is link to FUDGE and we will be discontinuing the Pravana line - slowly (Remember you have to CUT IT OUT of your hair......Vanish does not work on it, harsh shampoos don't  about the only thing that sometimes works is........multiple applications of bleach....I am told. I will not use it. Also, it does not make pastels. I find no redeeming qualities about it...

Look below I finally did some "TEST SAMPLES" of 3 of the FUDGE COLORS on some of my virgin hair samples I had....look below if you want to see IF they get bright or not..............

My Goal with these photos and test strands was to show you how vivid & bright the colors of the FUDGE brand...are....
 My photography really sucks for the first time..... and I DO apologize... But I hope you get the idea.
I like to use the darker colors.... like I used Purple haze here as  opposed to the "Whiter Shade of PALE" which is a light Lavender...why??? You can make it last longer and you can use it dark AND light...the light one you can ONLY use it Light. I promise you in person it really is a beautiful color

I just realized there was no color chart on the FUDGE Page........HOLY MOLY BATMAN!

Thank you,
3 comments on "High Def Color Hits Hair and Explodes"
  1. Hi. I am a hairstylist and have been for 14 years and I wanted to comment on what you are saying about Pravana. Their Vivids line is beautiful and can absolutely be made in to pastel colors if you mix it with clear or conditioner. Also they now have a Pravana Pastels line. As far as removing it it can be removed with bleach but also with the pravana color remover. It does not need to be cut out.

  2. You know, I am glad to hear another viewpoint....that's great to know. But, I used Renbow crazy Colors for years then these came out right around my diagnosis, the responses I give were 100% of answers and experiences from the many hundreds of people who have written me. I am kind of the middle guy anymore . My Blog is headed toward Crib Colorists most of whom are 1st timers. Would you recommend these people use Vivids? This is not a hair stylists Blog, if it was I would speak a completely different way. I watch out for CRIB COLORISTS. . . for all of you hair stylists who chew me out.

  3. Pravana Vivids are actually incredibly easy to remove lol. I personally have used their Color Extractor to fully remove mine and on others for about 7 years now. You can also mix their 000 Lightening Booster with 20 volume to remove them with ease. As for pastels, start with clear and add a dot of Vivids at a time to create beautiful pastels. Pravana is fabulous if you know how to properly use it.


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