March 17, 2011

‘Sulfate-free’ Shampoo. . .the latest “buzz” word?

My adventures in trying to find new products to carry in Killerstrands “the store” this past week, were pretty much comical. 
I called the Rep.of a certain line of hair care products I had my eye for some time, but was concerned with the ingredient list of the shampoos. I knew I liked the styling products - - - but was concerned with them not putting the ingredient list of their shampoos on the bottle. I do now and will always . . . put a lot of effort into finding just the right products to carry in the Killerstrands Store. From the very beginning of this whole whirlwind named “Killerstrands”… I have ALWAYS… sold and recommended products that I myself use and recommend to my clients. I know the gluttony of products out there and I receive many emails about trying to figure out which ones to purchase for each of your different issues with your hair.
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Its not easy, and at best - -  it is very confusing - - to know which one you should pick. That was something I truly wanted to address with the products we offer in our store…I aimed for having the first online store with exclusively SULFATE-FREE Shampoos…because that is how much I believe in them.I began my testing of that ingredient nearly 10 years ago - - and proved whole heartedly to myself and my clients that was an ingredient that should NOT be in any product you put on your hair. I could carry the newest - - hippest line of products to make more $$$, but I want you to know THAT is not what is the most important thing to me. Integrity in an online store? Yes - -  so far!
I also don’t carry Flat Irons… ( when I could make a decent chunk of change carrying them) …  because I want to express how harmful that Styling Tool is. Think of how that Tool works, you place a section of dry hair between two scalding hot plates ( most are 400-450 degrees ) PRESS them hard together and then slide the hair down and through. Then, most of you will do it again immediately following that. Have you ever burned 1 hair, smelled that smell . . . or accidentally lit your eyebrows/lashes on fire…heat is the single worst application that can be applied to the hair and I do my best to try to teach you how to care for your hair with as little as possible.
If you look at a hair strand magnified, you will see the cuticle which looks like scales almost… when this strand is flat ironed the process smoothes down those scales which then makes the hair straight and shiny  - - but when it is done repeatedly, you actually fry those scales so they will no longer lie flat they actually become frazzled and makes the ability to lie flat ( which makes for shiny hair) - - impossible.
Blow Dryers are the best tool for straightening/ styling the hair. Its the fact that the heat is dispersed with ”Air” - - that makes it less harmful for the hair. I mean, NO HEAT is the best solution. But I found I couldn’t expect all of my clients to just walk out their front door with ZERO options for styling the curly/frizzy/unstylish hair they were born with.  That just wasn’t fair. So what I do now is offer up as many tools and tricks I have found that are just coming on the market place that will deal with a Blow dryer . A round brush and a blow dryer is a million times better than a Flat Iron, and yes I know it is harder to manipulate… but again - -  what about the HEALTH –OF--YOUR—HAIR? ? Another option? in exchange for Flat Irons . . is our Thermo-straightening brush (used with a blow dryer) – and now we have a brand new brush that a couple of staffers “ LOVE”…
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Maybe none of you really understand my whole theory of how to get and “keep” a healthy – strong – and shiny head of hair. But it really is summarized by the 14 steps of 10,000HEADS which is listed on the front page of the store. Everyone “can” have a great head of hair, yes, it takes work . . . but in my opinion all things wonderful do take work to achieve.10,000heads-12
There are many lines I could carry, but I always want to keep the quality of products we carry – high. I research and test potential lines completely before they ever show up on the Killerstrands online store. I am very picky in the products I recommend, there are a zillion and one hair care lines out there to choose from, and finding the proper line to offer you all can be tricky. Many times I wonder what in the world possesses someone to want to start one more hair care line in such a cluttered category
... At times I will suspect it has to do with big headed hair stylists who think once they make a name for themselves – to plaster that across a shampoo bottle . .  . and then POOF they are millionaire's. Again my concern comes from no one caring enough to really watch over the ingredient lists in their new product line. It just surprises me that I have been talking bad about this one ingredient ( SLS ) for nearly a decade now, and finally people are listening. Why didn’t anyone else figure this out ? You know how I did? When the youth of Malibu began sitting in my chair and complaining of hair loss. . . I really began to pay attention. Why? Because they were so young. . .so I had to figure out a common denominator that both young and middle and old were using that caused everyone to have hair loss. It took about a year to come to the conclusion and test my theory about Sulfates.
When I contacted this Rep this week about carrying his line of products. . I asked about Sulfates in the shampoos. He tells me . . .” oh, that is just a buzz word right now. . . that will go away soon” . I was stunned - - then he says, “ our chemist tells us that Sodium Lauryl Sulfates are fine and it is just a fad word flying around right now. As stunned as I was, I said, “ tell me, how many heads of hair does your chemist do on a daily basis ???     There was complete silence on the other end….complete silence. Chemists deal with chemicals, they do not deal with “people”. Ever met a chemist ? They are a different breed, and I can tell you they do not get into chemistry to be around people. . . . quite the opposite. They run their tests on a group of “test subjects” . .  that they see for a day  - - or maybe for a week. But certainly not on an ongoing basis and frequently like I see hundreds of clients that I see repeatedly.   So I just do not think they have the experience with the amount of heads of hair that I do. Cosmetic Chemist – Hair Stylist is what you need to make decisions about the Ingredient List of your products.
Just know that every product you purchase with us has been combed over and through to make sure it has the most healthy and “good-for-your-hair “ ingredient list possible.
                 Killer Chemist

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