June 6, 2010

Answers To Your Hair Question are Here

“How to SEARCH Killer Strands Blog”: by Nikki, Our Dear, Longest Staff Member

In the Killerstrands group, we believe in helping you learn for yourself, how to take the best care of your hair.  We encourage you to read and learn the great information Killer Chemist has shared with us. And one of the best ways is to use the blog to research...
Why read it thoroughly? Because the answer to your question is almost always written already… If you don’t remember where you read it, you just need to be familiar with how to look…

Super Simple Search:

On the TOP of the blog, above the “Killerstrands” header – is a dark blue bar. On the far left is a “search box” for the blog itself. Enter the word or phrase you need more information about...and hit enter or the click the magnifying glass to search. If that doesn’t do it, use a similar term... search. IF that doesn't work, search on the opposite term.

3 easy tips on how to learn more:

1) Find out by using the topics. Use the tags on the right side of the blog. Detour did a marvelous job of tagging the topics for the entire blog (WOW)... you can usually read down the list and find one or more that are pretty close to the key word for your questions. These links start about one full blog post down (below the first set of ads) in the right-hand column. Search this way first, as sometimes the word "I" might think makes sense (bleach) has so many meanings - "developer" is not there alone, but "peroxide/developer" is.... So don’t stop at the first one or two options – read through the list.
2) Keep reading the blog, beginning to end - and do NOT skip the notes. Frequently, some great details and many expanded explanations are in the notes. KC hasn't gotten all of the questions turned into blog posts yet. A wealth of material lurks there - including her recipe for 6 shades of ribbons for my blondish hair.
REMEMBER - as time has gone by, some of the early recommendations have been changed, as far as products. Subsequent posts note, for example, that x or Y was a disappointment. (Clairol Pro, for example - had promise but it didn't hold true to it). That's why sometimes jumping into action too soon is not good - read and keep reading… make sure.... the answers are not always immediate.ZZ048042
3) Join the Killerstrands group (you will find information on how to the right of the blog). You can search the discussions for group. And - do not take anyone's advice but KC's unless she echoes or reinforces it. There are good answers and good discussions in the group. In the early days, before the store, KC had more time to post answers there, so there are some expanded topics. Additionally, the moderators and other group members help by pointing to the answers in the blog, so you can find more information or longer explanations in the discussions. The Killerstrands group has a search box, too.
Once you’ve joined, you can go to the group’s home page:
Look on the same "row" as the group’s title, to the right. You will see a search box with two buttons after it, which will enable you to search the group. Enter the word or phrase in the box(see point 1 above – try synonyms as well). When you click a button, pick the first one “Search this group” - you don't want to search the world of all google groups for bleach and tone!
In addition to G1(Group1) , which will remain exactly the same . . . we are expanding our little hair care empire . .  with an addition of a Fee-Based PREMIUM LUXURY Group – the name? TCE – This Changes Everything    
Last tip: don’t forget to not only read, but click through and shop the advertisers. That helps KC. It makes it possible to keep the blog alive, and the readership statistics help encourage her.
killer Chemist
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  1. Definitely love that hair. The color the style everything is nice.


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