March 14, 2010

Must Wear Ways for Hair This Spring

Inside Track on Hottest Trends

My monthly hair ‘zines show up from Europe and I get all inspired, they take hair so much more seriously over there. They monthly announce new collections and style predictions, almost always using American Celebrities style to draw their hypothesis from. Not a fan of the ‘celebrity’ thing, but am sweet on the fact that they include us in on their crystal gazing.
For Spring ( is it spring where you live?) they have picked 5-6 looks – I always like about 1/2 of them – remember this is Europe and it is a strictly hair magazine…LA doesn’t count as we don’t have seasons ( which personally I abhor).
First off they have chosen
Hair with a sci-fi edge
                         w/ slicked back chic
bombshell mops196
Futurism was everywhere on the runway, it shows off facial features quite well, and in my opinion it stems from the world wide appeal of the movie AVATAR. Style in clothing and hair always takes its lead from whatever is popular in other art forms. Many times its movies….the whole Flat screen TV- BLUE RAY movies, 3-D experience is bombarding our civilization so Futurism was not at all a surprise.
I would use the combo of SUDZZ Blowout and Sebastian’s Shaper for this tricky look. By combining the 2 then emulsifying by rubbing the 2 together super quickly, you will want to apply to damp hair, then blow dry carefully for ‘structured support’ and hold that is touchable and humidity resistant.
bombshell strands201bombshell strands202
Bows ruled the runway as designers went big on kooky cool w/ bright colors
bombshell strands205 
Its funny I was talking to my youngest daughter who has so much style ….yet - doesn’t even realize it…asked her what I should carry in the store for hair accessories, I want to add a whole new category of products (hair accessories oh and scents too are on their way - my own) Before Xmas she told me “bows” – anything with bows….How she knew BEFORE the runway shows – is beyond me – but she does that a lot.  Personally these king size bright color bows are for people like Katy Perry, not your every day person . . . but you can tone it down wear smaller/ more subtle bows – in not such a bright-a_s color !  Bows were seen all over the Marc Jacobs show, so I guess its not just for K. Perry.
bombshell strands204 bombshell strands203
Messy - dressy
          Natural, soft texture and
brimming with a halo       of flyaways,
no-effort hair has never look so glamorous
bombshell strands206
This girl could be the 3rd triplet of the Olsen twins…this is the “just rolled out of bed” hair but it looks hotter than hot, and everyone has wanted this look for about the last 10 years… at least they have here in Southern California…I would say this is and has been the number 1 look by my clients for about a decade – although I never realized that until – just now. You notice I don’t carry a lot of styling products, but I really should start…. so many of my clients want /wanted this look – this or slick straight. . . . and besides serums – GLeam and a few light light hair sprays and root lift products I guess I don’t carry enough. See this whole ‘writing thing’ is as therapeutic for me as it is for you! ha ha.
Back to the subject – This look has a really nonchalant finish, complete with wispy, translucent ends, and a hint of static and shine. Its fashion forward enough not to look grungy though, its hair that’s been styled to look carefree and effortless – messy yet dressy at the same time. Corkscrew  a few random pieces, apply a texturizer + a serum and do the ‘ole “scrunch” with a diffuser on the end of your dryer..
2 …of my cocktails
                 great for this look
Combine the desired amount of SUDZZ  Zephyr and SUDZZ Lemonade Dreamz in palms and emulsify by rubbing together – apply to damp hair and distribute evenly. Volumize with a weightless touch. Perfect for fine hair {increases hold a tad}
Combining SUDZZ Aquafix (yes, I know its a conditioner – but used as a styling product its a completely different animal)  with SUDZZ  Zenyth  and emulsify, apply to damp hair and distribute evenly.  Ideal for those clients with medium to thick that want softness and control. Excellent for controlling “expandable” hair that becomes unruly during day time.
Think grown-up and groomed Amy
                     plus a little chic-cred
bombshell strands210
Bouffant is the word and we all know where it started. Yep, Amy Winehouse can’t stand up, but oh well, long live her hair – I guess is the message by their choice of this.  I mean I loved her hair at the beginning as Hair Stylists you are trained to adore ‘change’ you had to or every person that has left your chair would look like a Stepford wife.
Hair has still got guts, texture and ultra volume, but it looks less dull and haphazard don’t you think? Its an in-expensive looking version of Emmy Award hair. You need 3 tools for this look:
  1. Tail comb or teasing brush
  2. bobby pins
  3. Shaper Hair Spray ( for lift AND hold)
bombshell strands208 bombshell strands209
I feel Anna Paquin really got it right:
bombshell strands212
For the look  - -  first a little GLEAM ( have you seen what it does for split & dry ends, its crazy successful)lightly blow-dry – putting velcro rollers in the last 30 minutes all on the top of the crown – hit with hair dryer, if speed is needed, teasing brush/comb the crown - - finish off with either Airplay or Shaper and I would even use a little Lemonade …to finish off give yourself a long sweeping side fringe. WEELLLLLLLLLAAAA!
My feel from the magazine is that crazy colors are coming back, I adore them…I think they should be a staple of hair color and always be used if not in small ways….some times. They are TRUE semi permanents – NO DEVELOPER, so no damage to the hair. I was happy to see quite a few of the new Clairol line of Semi Permanents Killer Strands began carrying ordered this past week. They are such an amazing answer, if you have damaged-fried hair and just have to do something with the color / or simply if you refuse to use developer on your hair….They do not lighten hair at ALL. Which is a true Semi Permanent and I’m sure you can now see why they had fallen out of favor, 80 % of all color is lightening clients present color in the 21st Century. I’m in process of trying to get a swatch book for you on the Clairol BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION so hold tight.
Here are a couple of the shots that were so inspiring to mebombshell strands215
Semi Permanents are free of Peroxide and ammonia or the Color Touch Line is a also a super safe and gentle color option as well.  You know if hair color is applied correctly  - - it does not damage the hair at all  - -  I now have about 1200 online crib colorists with happy healthy hair that is colored. All done by some time and effort put in in reading the blog under categories
bombshell strands220
Remember Highlights are History . . .  I realize not everyone can pull off purple hair . . . you have to admit – this is subtle yet smashing . . . the color was applied UNDER NEATH, we call in a PEEK-A-BOO technique….works for “corporate-types that must pull off a ‘business-appearance’ Monday thru Friday : then on week-ends do a complete 180 degree transformation  - -
you would be shocked @ how many of these people – are in our world….a helluva lot
Spring Forward
Killer Chemist
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  1. Loooooove the photos at the end!!!

  2. Love that last picture in this post! I have a bob in level 3 color, and would love to achieve this look with the purple........any tips on how? Also, will you again be carrying some form of crazy color? Im itchin to do this purple on my hair! Thanks!

  3. My order # from my post/question above is #2120. Thanks!

  4. Yes, I have a couple different KRazy Color lines I am testing out, but one really needs heads of bleached hair to properly test. My mentor is now head of color for PAUL MITCHELL and she designed his entire color line (am not impressed with his high-lifts at all but I remember her not using them to the extent that I know clients want us to use them - she deals with 1 time hair models all the her position - I deal with people who come back to me every month and want healthy hair - so I feel obligated to produce that for them)but.......... to answer your question: She loved krazy Kolors - - - so, in using the Kolors in the Paul Mitchell line is what I am using now. I just need to get them listed in the store. If you need any color that you don't see listed, I am going to post a MISC. COLOR slot for all.



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